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Any interest in reviving the Fief's thread from the FASA forums?

I'm sure I could pull together a few new ones and still have all of my old fiefs to share. Did anyone grab them the entire thread from the board before it disappeared?

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Re: Fief's

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I will search. I may have a few things.

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The old FASA forums are still up for now. I have left the company so I don't know for how much longer.

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D’an Drop Barony

Overview: The. Hazat have had little success making inroads and acquiring lands on Kordeth, Dan Drop is one of their few successes. The small barony has struggled to establish a foothold since its creation two centuries ago. The fief is a minor blip on the Hazat and al Malik social scene; both houses generally deem it unworthy of little attention.

Relations: The “Baronness” Richelle Estancia try’s to be up to date on the latest in Kordeth Court gossip, attends many regional balls, and holds a locally attended gala’s once a year. She actively gathers gossip from the small Kordeth social scene and doles it out to any Hazat visitors to her fief. As one of very few Hazat nobles on Kordeth her events are inter-house affairs with nobles from three or four other houses as well as League and Church Representatives.
Visiting Hazat relations are few and far between. Passing Hazat nobles are drawn here; occasional adventurers, traders, and roaming nobles visit in search of profitable trade routes and adventitious relationships.
Since the Emperors coronation, contact with the lady’s Sire, Don Iacopa Pio Hazat de Aragon, has become an annual event where a lone traveling knight acts as representative. Usually this is a young Hazat between family duty’s doing an abbreviated tour of the Known Worlds, these messengers bring little to the fiefs knowledge of the happenings back home other than rumor and stacks of the Town Criers papers from Aragon.
Lady Richelle has actively worked with the local guilds and has been accommodating in making mining agreements with the local prospectors. The local Orthodox Priest, Leif Ortiega, has been aggressively trying to preach the gospels to the Ukari. While they respect their attempts they have been little accepting of human religion.

Description: The toxic wastes of Kordeth’s Sui’amali Lowlands hold the tiny fief of Dan’drop. The nearest link to the outside world is the 3rd railhead on the Porol-Ansing rail line. A long road and tunnel leads from here to the rural fief. The minor town of D’an Drop is home to a thousand humans and another thousand Ukari; all living together in a series of four cliff-side maxicrete square-ish buildings along the edge of the Tormaline Lakes.
The facilities of D’an Drop provides access to the natural reservoirs of Bismuth Oxychloride, Bithmuthinite spires from hydrothermal vents, and frequent veins of tourmaline gems. D’an Drop has become a key exporter of these commodities on Kordeth as well as responsible for the processing and extraction of these materials.
The “lake” level processing facilities are sprawling mazes of interconnecting workshops, airlocks, and garages. Miners dressed in bulky hazardous suits carry elaborate masks down wide halls next to refinery workers in heavy yellow coveralls. As one walks they pass by workshops filled with jewelers grinding wheels, chemists distilling odiferous concoctions,
The Engineer, Armane Fausse, runs the largest manufacturing facility in the fief. His extraction and refining operations produce bismuth oxycloride. Vats of these bithmuth compounds are refined and prepared for export to League facilities across the known worlds.
Most miners and collectors are freemen and minor guilders who pay taxes and rent to the Baroness. Dan’Drop has about 200 serfs inhabit the fief running the hydroponic farms, conducting maintenance, or hired out to guild operations.

History: The lands that make up the barony of D’an Drop were granted to this family as a result of a daring expedition by the Estancaia, Sir Saul Dan Hazat de Valles, during the short reign of Regent Maria-Villet Castadas Hazat de Vuldrok in 4793. Granted as the result of successfully quashing a local rebellion (with a small personal retinue and not Regency troops) the lands were considered of marginal economic value and likely only good for “supplemental income” for the Estancaia family.
Sir D’an de Valles was determined to make his remote landholdings into a true and profitable fief. The Estancia knight personally surveyed his territory and oversaw the tunneling crews who linked the lake to the Porol railhead. Construction of D’an Drop’s first permanent structures took the better part of three decades. In the meantime he raised a large family in a string of temporary construction camps.
When Sir D’an died in 4838 he the fief passed to his son Sir Andre D’an Hazat de D’an Drop. Sir Andre and his six siblings were able to realize their fathers dream; bringing the rural mining facility to true fief status. The population increased from a few hundred to more than a thousand by 4900. When Andre married the Dowager Baroness Lü Li Halon (his 2nd marriage) the family was granted the title of Baronets by their liege’s the Pio Hazat’s.
Baronness Richelle Estancia de Fingrin Run came to inherit the fief as a result of the deaths of her father and aunt in the horrific Sabzal Spring Ball train disaster in 4988. The incident, that killed twenty three Kordeth nobles returning to Porol, was highly publicized on and off world. The fifteen year old inherited a fiefdom without any on-world family except for an elderly cousin and a pair of 2nd cousins working for the guild in Porol.

Assets: The fief has made significantly more income since the Emperors ascension and the end of the Emperor Wars. They previously fought running at a deficit and now are looking at ever increasing profits for their goods and services.
Baroness Richelle has a pretty reliable income from the refinery’s bismuth oxycloride exports. Annual income, after expenses, ranges from 500-1000 fb per year. Independent yeoman pay 2000-3000 in mineral rights in bitmuthinite and tourmaline gems.

Men-at-Arms: Four sheriffs (Three human & 1 Ukar) patrol the the towers with a combined 16 human deputies and 5 Ukari deputies. Provided with light revolvers and long knives they patrol the entire fiefdom. The policing force has responsibility for the security, peacekeeping, taxation, and emergency services of the local population.
During the Emperor Wars the fief supplied two squads (8 ea.) of special forces trained for hazardous environment covert work for the Hazat Intelligence services. These troops have since been retired to the estate. Richelle employs 8-10 members of this team as a House Guard. In reality they act like a small veterans club. Richelle does bring them in as guards when she has visitors. Otherwise they are usually tasked with monthly patrols of the surface and emergency search rescue work.

Locals of Note:
Baronness Richelle Estancia de Fingrin Run: The “barony” would barely rate noble status amongst Hazat nobility if it didn’t sit on the wastes of Kordeth. Even then the mining fief on a non-Hazat world with limited prospects is looked down upon by other Hazat. Richelle has embraced her place with an attitude of independent determination. Her fiefs prosperity drives her decisions far more than her house ties or high minded sense of nobility.
Baronness Richelle was previously engaged to Sir Cameron Estrada de Charon of Sutek; until he died on the battlefields of Hira. Richelle has maintained that her young daughter Rene; is the father of her daughter Cameron; however his family refuses to acknowledge Rene’s legitimacy. Last year she lost her second a paramour to the Kurgan conflict when Sir Lorenzo Hazat de Obun was killed during a Kurgan assault near Eslemiel. Richelle has become quote jaded with the war on the Kurgan front as a result.

Jasque & Allicia Sweans: The husband and wife team of Engineers were born and raised on Aragon’s moon of Castille but were convinced to move to Kordeth to maintain and expand the environmental systems of Dan’Drop eight years ago. They have settled in to the barony and have so far proven more than an adequate team to maintain the facility. They often end up in disagreement on matters of expansion and new equipment with their employer over funds but are overall happy in their positions.
Jasque is a lanky man with wild dark hair often slicked back with hydraulic oil in odd fashion. He is most often seen maintaining the environmental locks and pumps with a small but loyal team of workers. Allicia is a computer specialist by training. The petite dour faced women spends much of her days in the rooftop environmental processers and control centers for each of the towers. The two recently had their fourth child, a girl, adding to the three boys they have been raising a out of their flat in the 3rd tower.

Armane Fausse: D’an Drop’s Refinery is territory of Engineer Fuasse. The broad shouldered guildsman is rarely seen out of his yellow and black protective shop coveralls. If one would, they would see the chemical burns that up his arms and chest; a remnant from his years as an apprentice in Criticorum’s chemical plants. Armane works long hours running two of the four shifts as foreman of the plant while managing everyday operations. In constant need of technical equipment and replacement parts, he keeps a small staff of supply & administrative staff to keep the facility running efficiently. He sells almost exclusively thru the Baroness to the Charioteers Guild House in Porol; however he regularly pushes the Baroness to establish alternative sales options.

Adventure Idea’s:
The 3rd Railhead on the Porol-Ansing Line: The small station in rural wastelands of Kordeth is the closest supply post for three mining stations. The Prospector owned Vern Quarry, to the north and Reeve owned Muster operated Threshold Mines, are served by the same route as serves D’an Drop. Wandering Ukar also travel thru the station en-route to the hermitage caves of the “Halls of J’hunn” that are accessed thru the northeastern valleys.
The small outpost is little more than a series of maxicrete boxes and domes; half buried under mine tailings. The station is managed by Lowell Seotorri supported by his wife Rhea and the oldest three of his eight children. The family have fully taken over one of the four habitat units linked to the station.
The Reeve owner of the Threshold Mine, June Halek, has accused D’an Drop authority’s of allowing large scale drug imports to be smuggled from D’an Drop to the poor laborers of the mine. June Halek is firing blindly as her investigations appear to have no solid evidence to support these claims. She has a long list of other issues that have nearly crippled her operation; labor strikes, equipment failures, and the hijacking of two recent supply shipments.
A passing Hazat noble (Spymaster?) is convinced that June Halek’s troubles have little to do with Baroness Richelle but are instead attacks by other guild/noble interests. He employs the PC’s cadre to visit the fief (perhaps to court the lonely Richelle) and solve the mystery behind the Threshold mines troubles and their connection to D’an Drop.

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Follow-up fief to the last one posted on the old FASA Forums. Another example of a lost moon in the outer regions of the Twilight system. Beefing the setting up for more PC play in the outer system exposing the black markets, corruption, and criminal elements lurking near Ravenna.

Hope you enjoy.

Lost Moon of Nuerastor

The Sayshel Collective controlled the great port of Nuerastor prior to the Great War of 4785. After the war control became…. Somewhat fluid….. Natural disasters, political unrest, and Nuetastor’s uncontrolled launch into the Twilight system have led to the little moons decent towards anarchy.

Once a moon of Dolorius and a factor in Twilight politics it has become a haven for criminals and marginal business activities. Since the wars of the late 48th century the Sayshel Corporations have re-established themselves here; utilizing the moon for its minimal radiation environment.

Relations: The Sayhel Collective retains control of the core of the port and has an established garrison here under Administrator General Pau. The Administrator governs from the city of Viscoll.

Sayhel corporations control the vast majority of the moons industry and economic concerns. AgriCore, Nnuelliana Metaurigical, Novoplex Pharmauticals, and Bliem Mining all have remote fortress compounds connected to Nuerastor’s spaceport. These corporations hold incredible influence with the Cooperative’s political elite as a combined body. (Un)fortunately they often fight against one another towards different goals. They have been known to trade with the Abwehr and the Delphia (as well as the Zigan’s in the past); however that trade is tiny in comparison to the volume of trade with Tsaerdik.

Abwehr and Delphia spies are common on the moon; as are Ziga rebels. Here Sayhel corporations are often teamed up with an outside power to increase their own strength and influence within the Collective. All parties compete in a deadly covert war aimed at their own survival.

Description: Once a moon of Dolorius; Nuerastor lost orbit in 4724 to settle into the L4 Lagrange Point of its parent. The mineral rich moon is covered with a thin Krypton/Nitrogen /Argon atmosphere. Temperatures are far too cold for liquid water on the surface; most surface ice is concentrated below ground or on the southern (formerly southern as the world no longer has poles to speak of) glaciers. Mountain ranges cover the majority of the southern hemisphere while a vast desert of rock dominates the northern pole.

Nuerastor has fifty or more colonies on its surface. Most are remote mining camps of less than one hundred inhabitants. Six major hub colonies collect and support the outlying settlements. While each is officially controlled by the Seyshel Collective; large corporations are the primary owners and operators. Three of these are worth specific mention.

Nnuelliana Metaurigical’s primary export from Nuerastor is Baribismithium fusion reactor casings and Hespharthium armor panels. Robotic smelters fed by slave labor produce a hundred units a month. They sell almost exclusively to Seyshel shipyards and industrial facilities. Local administrators are security conscious but still worried about the bottom line. Nnuelliana is based in the southern half of the Seyshel Collective and members of its board are wary of the intentions of the Abwehr Citidel.

Novoplex Pharmauticals is the primary drug supplier in the Collective. Any drug requiring a strictly radiation free environment to produce is manufactured on Nuerastor. The expansive Novoplex complex is located mostly underground with heavily armored “skylights” and smaller surface complexes. Anti-radiation drugs are the primary export from Novoplex’s exports (by volume); however hundreds of vaccinations, antibiotics, and other drugs are shipped to Twilight every year.

Bliem Mining is an ancient family owned company that dates back to the period when Nuerastor still orbited Dolorius. They control seven active mining settlements across the surface of the world and own a half dozen abandoned facilities. The extended Bliem family is entrenched in corporate leadership; however the successor of Bliem Minings current President Tamyra Bliem is a toss-up; eleven VP’s are under consideration. The various candidates are at each other’s throats. Some are vying for leadership, others are making themselves nest eggs, others are employing criminal elements to ensure their position in the future hierarchy.

The atmosphere of the moon has a tendency to mess up sensors inbound. Each settlement maintains a location beacon that punches thru the interference. Ionic storms often cause glitches in incoming shuttles and transport craft as well. Ships capable of accelerated entry into upper atmosphere are preferred by pilots who frequent Nuerastor.

The city of Viscoll contains the only full service spaceport on the moon. Limited ports are located at numerous outlying facilities and allow for shuttle access from orbit. Access exploited by smugglers and rebels alike. Rail lines, rovers, and hoppers move supplies rapidly across the surface of the moon.

Viscoll is primarily a massive spaceport, an outlying garrison, and sprawling storage facilities. The new city of Viscoll is an eight pointed star of centered on the administrative offices of the Administrator General and his staff. From this point large “Avenues” branch out in eight directions. The Southern Branch extends to the Spaceport, the Eastern to the Garrison, the west to the rail station, and the north to the Old City. The covered boulevards of Viscolls center is a thin vale for the poor conditions between the Avenues in the subterranean inhabitants who live in poor hovels cut into the rock strata.

Old Viscoll is a mess of abandoned sections, salvaged regions, and refitted hubs for small corporations. One wrong move here can make your destination change from the neighborhood barbershop to the brothel.

History: Nuerastor was settled by Diasporan mining parties in the late 3400’s. Most of the ancient colonies have been built over and reconstructed over the centuries.

In 4712 Dolorius’s orbit destabilized and over the next fifty years shed 20 of the largest of it’s sixty moons. Nuerastor shed all remaining pretentions for independence and rejoined the Sayshel Collective. Nuerastor deorbited Dolorius in 4720. Ground quakes and atmosphere loss caused extensive damage. When the moon eventually was caught in an erratic orbit of Dolorius’s L4 point the inhabitants breathed a sigh of relief.

The years between 4725 and 4785 were particularly productive decades on Nuerastor. The ground quakes had exposed valuable pockets of rare metals and the improved access to the L4 Trogans asteroids made for a period of explosive growth. The subsequent construction boom was spread across the moon’s surface. Rebuilding of the outer mining colony’s was sparse and the need for materials in the inner system was not excessive.
In the wake of the Seyshel – Croven War of 4785; Nuerastor was called upon to provide assistance to its home nation that had been devastated in the nuclear exchange. Automated construction machinery was shipped in mass from the outer colonies to Tsaerdik and Torga. (This is one of the reasons post war architecture on the Torga Continent closely resembles lunar domes.) In exchange they received work parties of refugees in quantities that far exceeded the ability of the moons infrastructure to maintain them.

Assets: Civil chaos and poor living conditions aside the Lost Moon of Nuerastor is far more profitable and industrially important now than it ever was in the past as a mining world. Few members of the Collective would openly agree with that statement however and actively push to increase productivity.

Underworld activities in the abandoned mining colony’s are estimated to account for over thirty percent of the total illegal activity in the outer Twilight system. The equivalent of millions of firebirds of illegal or tariff free goods are transferred thru her annually.

Men-at-Arms: A two thousand man garrison controls the city of Viscoll. They very effectively control the central core of the city but have very little control over the rest of the planet. Much of the rest is in the control of corporate and criminal enterprises. Weapons and armor very widely between unit but are generally high tech in nature. Slug guns and frap sticks are the standard armament of these groups.

Twenty four Staskova Gunships are on standby at the garrison to protect the moon. These well armed short range vessels designed for local defense. Travel by these vessels to Twilight without a tender escort would be difficult; they are unequipped with jump drives. Additional support vessels and civilian (corporate) vessels traverse the moon regularly.

Small independent ships are available for corporate/criminal interests; however their number, types, and strengths are unpredictable at any point in time. The Fight-or-Flight instinct of these organizations would also determine their involvement in any conflict.


Administrator General Richelle Ryson (b. 4969): Richelle Ryson is the scion of a political and economic dynasty in the Collective. Her once promising career in the Bureaus and Political Committees on Twilight was cut short when she was suddenly reassigned to Nuerastor. One of five members of the local committee she obviously has the most influence with the Collectives executive powers.

VP-RO Ernest Markovich (b. 4952): Mr. Markovich is the Vice President of Local Operations for Novoplex Pharmaceuticals. He is a crafty individual who has realized that he will be unable to move up within the Novoplex hierarchy. Instead he has been securing his current position and working to develop a retirement fund for himself. He has been selling excess production of medical supplies on the black market to pad his reserves as quietly as he can. In the meantime he has been a brutal administrator to the lowest level manufacturers and a friend and ally to the mid-level administrators and security staff.

Trevor Masteland (b. 4965): Officially a pharmaceutical equipment business owner (surgical instruments and needles); Masteland is a major underworld player in the Twilight system. Mr. Masteland secretly runs a moving “shadow port” around various abandoned facilities on Nuerastor. Thru these facilities he facilitates smuggling across the system and support of many black market players. Thru this enterprise he is well connected with the Zigan Resistance; mostly as a third party arms merchant.

Adventure Idea’s: Nuerastor is the ideal 1st stopping point in the Twilight system for visitors with…. less than savory intentions. Almost anything can be bought or sold here for a price. Visiting characters may be looking for a specific technology, product, or to hire a crew of mercenary’s for a specific task.

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City of Susa

Overview: Sir Soueif controls the town of Susa under a three decade long blockade by the Li Halon. The city of 650,000 is a technological jewel on the shores of the Imera Sea once known for their export of high tech consumer goods but now known to the outside world as the nexus of blockade runners from across the known worlds. The city was once a center of high tech manufacturing and commerce and the envy of other noble city’s on Rampart. It has long since repurposed its industry to ensure self sufficiency while under blockade.

Relations: Soueif has followed his great aunts hard line with the Li Halon since he inherited the fief. He refuses to negotiate with Li Halon for the release of over 30,000 refugees from the Li Halon invasion.

Many of the al-Malik have become complacent over the years to the plea of this besieged city far from al-Malik interests. The most vocal supporters remaining to his cause are natives of Criticorum and Leageheim. It is rumored that Sir Priam Fahd, Goveror of Sahab, has been instrumental in arranging blockade runs to and from the city.

Merchants of Susa retain strong guild ties. Scavers and Charioteer smugglers are a lifeline to the outside world and are much admired by locals. Muster teams, primarily Tech Warriors, are on the fiefs regular payroll. Engineers still operate numerous factories in town, producing small think machines, producing bio-chemicals, or prosthetics that are smuggled off world.

The long blockade has also hindered relations with much of the Orthodox Church. While clergy are able to traverse the blockade freely, there are far fewer church members concerned for the welfare of the cities inhabitants than in years past. Meanwhile many of the local population have shown increased adherence to church teachings. Preachers of Amalthean, Preceptor, and even Incarnate beliefs have appeared in the city recently. Susa authorities have tried to suppress these street teachers but their beliefs are spreading in the lower echelons of society.

The city is a densely populated and has grown more so since implementation of the blockade. The city is broken up into nine districts (East to West; North to South); Irad’s Bay, Itzair, Harun, Waterfair, the Inner Ward, St. Kynon’s, Jin Point, Almalar, and Kholes Terminal.

The cities small port is in Irad’s Bay. The region was devastated on K-Day by the resulting tsunami and rebuilt in the 47th century which resulted in a significant number of Regency style buildings in comparison to the rest of Susa. It also led to it being developed to include the earliest hydroponic facilities in the city; developed to feed the city in the dark years that followed. The port is home to numerous speedboats and submersibles used to smuggle goods to other shores.

Itzair and Harun used to be residential and light industrial area’s before the blockade. They have since transformed; where once consumer goods were produced for the residents of Parlsburg and Vasilgrod now advanced hydroponics grows food. The blocky minimalist buildings here appear to end abruptly as they reach the edge of the city; old orchards north of Harun were once highly prized for their fruit but now are better known for border conflicts between the Li Halon and the city guards.

The skyline of the Inner Ward is dominated by the Tower Stellar an 80 story terracite tower of 2nd Republic design. Home of the Lord of Susa it also serves as the center of the city administration. Surrounding it is a dense concentration of lesser towers of varying architectural styles which house the cities elite and upper classes.

St. Kynon’s Cathedral dominates the neighborhood of the same name. This region of the city was once noticeably lower tech than the rest of the city. Filled with five story brick & stone housing blocks the neighborhood has become home to many of the refugees the Li Halon want released. Father Victor Silver ministers to the masses from the Cathedral.

Jin Point was reinvented after being destroyed by Kung-1 as a massive shuttle port able to land dozens of orbital shuttles that were used to bring in relief supplies to the ravaged cities on the eastern shores of the Imera Sea. Almost abandoned in the 49th and 50th centuries the shuttle port is again a hive of activity. Much of the surrounding district is poor residential and warehouses.

The Almalar neighborhood retains the industrial nature of its roots. While not the soot spewing factories of Parlsburg; Susa’s factories were once titans of industry producing high tech electronics and biochemical wonders. Today high quality micro electronics are still produced to be smuggled off world and for use within the city. Home to the city’s main power station it is regularly patrolled by troops.

Kholes Terminal, the old rail hub of the city was once the center of commerce for thousands of travelers and tons of goods daily. Now it is primary a military post and the surrounding area a garrison for troops and supplies.

The farmlands, forests, and orchards that surround the city have become sparsely inhabited due to regular harassment by the blockaders. Those that do live and work outside the city are often arrested by Susa police as spies or Li Halon as former Academian’s.

History: The city of Susa was founded on the Avaneir – Parlsburg tram line during the early days of the Second Republic as a planned city funded by a corporate conglomerate who desired a manufacturing city with port and aeronautical connections to Avaneir. The city eventually became home to Monlox Stellar Industries headquarters during the later part of the Second Republic.

With the fall of the Republic, Susa first became an independent city state before allying with the Peltan Oligarchy. Local members of the al Malik remained large landholders out of politics for these years. When famine broke out they gained further influence lands and wealth which they used to ensure Susa remain an independent city state as the worlds other major cities became hubs of Academian power.

Kung-1 struck New London in 4715 changing the fate of Rampart for centuries. Susa itself saw nearly a quarter of the city destroyed and thousands dead. Aid from the Criticorum al Malik flowed into Susa within weeks after the asteroid strike. As aid began to stream in from Ost in 4716 temporary landing fields were constructed to accommodate shuttles and landing craft on the coastal flats to the south-west of the city.

When the Li Halon invaded Rampart in 4990 the al-Malik run city was seen as a refuge for many fleeing the fighting. Hundreds of merchant ally’s of Lady Inva al-Malik flocked to the city in the immediate aftermath of the invasion. Late in 4991 the Li Halon instituted a blockade of the city demanding the release of all refugees. Inva al-Malik died in 4993 after an extended illness. Hence Sir Soueif came to inherit the fief under siege.

Assets: Susa used to be a city of industry and commerce. It is now a city isolated and besieged. Sir Soueif’s annual income is less than a thousand credits, tiny fraction of his family’s pre-blockade income. He does have significant assets and credits off world to pay for incoming goods. Influential and wealthy family members in al Malik space also regularly send him assistance.
Smugglers have established numerous methods to maintain trade with the city; stealth shuttles, fast boats, and smuggling submarines being the most common methods. The city still produces a wide array of starship and personal computing equipment, as it did prior to the Li Halon invasions that it sells to the smugglers in trade for essential supplies.

Men-at-Arms: Lord Soueif maintains a large military force that maintains and patrols the perimeter. He has at least two thousand men at arms at any time and a reserve militia of at least the same. They are all well armed, have sufficient artillery, and have a secure established perimeter. Fifty armed sentry towers have been built along the perimeter over the last decade. Each has automated weapons systems; sophisticated sensor packages, and monitors the border for undesired intruders.

Lord Soueif has an elite core of Think Machine and Tech specialists who have very effectively hampered any Li Halon surveillance of the city. They have also wreaked havoc on high tech weapons and vehicles that have been stationed nearby. Hovertanks have lost control while patrolling the perimeter, periodically every Martech rifle in a camp will bleed thru a fusion cell, and communications units on the border will randomly start spewing bad poetry.


Sir Soueif al-Malik (b. 4948): The Lord of Susa is Sir Soueif al-Malik. Sir Soueif inherited his position from his great aunt in 4991 just two months after Rampart capitulated to the Li Halon. He had spent the previous five years as her deputy learning and preparing to take over one day, unfortunately that day fell after the city was under siege. Per the inheritance laws of the ancient fiefdom he must inherit his title, Viscount, from Duke Hakim in person; something infeasible due to the siege.
Soueif is popular with his serfs, he maintains the balance with the local guilds, and church. His rule is still generally accepted by most of the populous regardless of the years of hardship.

General Eion King (b. 4953): Eion was a lowly house guard when the siege began. Child of a Shaprut born freeman unable to remain solvent Eion was given to the al-Malik to be trained as a House Guard and sent to Susa to be trained. Proving a capable soldier and leader he was assigned to manage a ragtag team of Tech Warriors at the start of the blockade. He turned that team into an effective force whose tactics have frustrated the Li Halon for nearly two decades. The antics of his team proved to the amusement of Lord Soueif who has promoted him over the years to lead the armed forces of the city. While he has never seen real combat he has proven a competent commander. He regularly takes issue with Muster employed in the city.

Father Victor Silver (b. 4941): A scion of the Hawkwood Silver family Father Victor has remained in Susa even though he has been guaranteed free travel by the Li Halon. “Who will protect and nurture the reflective souls of the city should I abandon it?” Father Victor has endorsed a negotiated peace many times over the years only to see negociations fall apart. Many believe that he sides too strongly with Sir Soueif and not with the church. A capable administrator and minister to the poor of the city he is a poor orator and an even worse singer. Lucky for the inhabitants of the fief a number of Deacons have tried to take over most of his services.

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The Asiri Barony

Overview: The Criticorum based Asiri Barons are masters of subterfuge, once leaders of the Criticorumiyy secret services they have maintained their expertise even after losing favor of the ruling al-Malik families. It has often been said that the Asiri are Criticorumiyy first and al-Malik second.

The Asiri Barony is located in the center of Acheon, the interstellar hub of Criticorum’s economy and place of intrigue. Spanning every level of the city the fief is something of a a microcosm of Acheon society.

Relations: The Asiri Barons are members of just about every civic organization on the planet. They are frequent guests at local events held by all branchs of the al-Malik family’s. Knowingly partial to the Criticorumiyy family, they have worked hard of late to promote their ties with the Kordethiyii, Alyoniyii, and Siraziyii.

The Asiri Barons maintain good relations with the major and many of the minor guilds. They host many galas primarily as Guild events where guilders are meant to meet and convort with select nobility in search of patrons. They themselves are reknown patrons of the Wordswrights Guild and backers of Masque productions.

Acheon branch of the Rota is largely dominated by the Asiri Barons. While eclipsed by the larger more influential branchs in Tabrast, Ost, and Istahan the Acheon membership are have considerably more offworld contact and trade relationships. The Baron hence has significant offworld intelligence assets at his command. Firuz takes the traditions of the fraternal society quite seriously. Under his guidance membership has thrived and numerous efforts to bring wealth to post war Criticorum have come to fruition.

Description: The fiefdom is centered on the Asiri Tower in the Klinton Borough. A bridge on the 14th story spans from the tower high over Berlin Street to connect to the Ganbara Hotel Tower on the edge of Songhey before connecting to the Emerald Mansions.
The Asiri Tower is an eighty six story tower rising from Berlin Street into the Centertown Strata of Acheon.

Level -7 thru -1: Machine rooms, master cistern, and sewage treatment
Level 0 thru 3: Loading docks & Lower Asiri Markets; regulated marketplace primarily for bulk grocers and mercers looking to supply basic goods to the upper levels. The St. Julio Chapel is located on Level 3.
Level 4 thru 10: Housing: Undertown factory workers. Scaver and Purger factory managers. Guild office for both Marcel Purgers family and Ibirico Scavers are on Level 6.
Level 11 thru 12: Housing: Taxmen, building maintenance, and security
Level ‘13’ thru 14: Gateway to the Emerald Mansions via the Ganbara Tower, Centertown security checkpoint, training centers/gymnasiums, Lower Flitter parking garages,
Level 15 thru 30: Lesser Guilds; Workshops and housing for minor guildmen; coopers, town criers, mercers, clothiers, and bookbinders.
Level 31 thru 50: Greater Guilds; Mixture of Guild workshops, housing, and storefronts; electronics, jewelers, metal smiths, Level 40 includes the Upper Flitter parking garages. The Chapel of St. Helena is located on Level 42.
Level 51 thru 74: Engineers Workshops; Level 70-74 are now owned by a mixture of Reeves, Engineers, and Charioteers; penthouses line the exterior floors, interior is used as a large common area. The St. Edisto Chapel is located on Level 54.
Level 75 thru 79: Knights Court; housing al-Malik & other minor landless nobles and small arcade of upper class shops.
Level 80 thru 82: Grand Lodge of the Rota for Acheon
Level 81: Asiri Family Suites
Level 84 thru 86: The Gardens of Asiri; Upper Cistern’s

The Hotel Ganbara lies across Berlin Street from the Asiri Tower and lies in the shadow of the larger Emerald Mansion. Billed as“A Centertown hotel in Undertown Strata” the Hotel Ganbara is a high tech establishment whose primary clientele are guildsmen who have business in Undertown. Equipped with positive atmosphere, its own armed security, and high tech luxury the hotel provides for travelers of distinguished tastes and means. The Upper Lobby (Level 12) is home to the skyway that links the Asiri Tower and the adjacent Emerald Mansion. The Top Floor (Level 16) is home to a three story Atrium (and air processing equipment). The Baron maintains a penthouse on the 15th floor for use by his family and close associates.

The barony extends beyond the tower to the east and northeast encompassing another eight buildings. The largest of these is a recycling factory operated by the Ibirico Scaver family. The factory processes trash collected from the better part of three Boroughs in business with local Purger families. The recycled materials it produces feed businesses and workshops throughout the Klinton Borough.

The remaining seven buildings are typical tenement blocks used in housing the masses while providing additional locations for offices, peddlers shops, and small workshops. Each building has its own Manager for the Baron who employs their own security. Currently they are operated by various members of the Ibirico Scavers, the Blood Raven street gang, and a down on his luck former member of the Buerocrats guild Herman Zizcel.

History: The Asiri barons date their history back to Khanlar Asiri’s [4202-4298] (al-Malik) rise to power within the court of Ahmet the Dragon. Khanlar Asiri served in the intelligence branch of Ahmet’s Red Guard rising quickly thru the ranks to become an assistant director by 4258 when the Decados invaded. During this period he amassed considerable wealth and influence in what is now known as the Klinton Borough. He disappeared into the confusion of the Decados invasion only to resurface in the employ of Duke Nobungana Li Halon in 4259.

After his reemergence onto the Acheon political scene, Khanlar claimed to be of noble descent trying unsuccessfully to procure the marriage of his son Henrique [4248-4351] to a Li Halon noble. The dismissive attitude of the Li Halon noble’s spured resentment in Khanlar. When the Li Halon duke died Khanlar again switched sides to support General Sorhab’s rebellion in 4262.

Henrique married Reza Caspari, whose family was of indisputable al-Malik bloodlines, in 4269. Consolidating his power in the renamed Asiri tower, Khanlar spent the rest of his days securing his familys legacy. When the Regent Sorhab died in 4299 the Asiri joined other al-Malik familys in declaring their control of the planet.

The family saw the peak of its power and influence during the reign of the Criticorum Dukes (4593-4827). From 4598-4620 Baron Mohsen Asiri was head of the Awan branch of the Mutasih. His nephew, Hassan Asari, ran the Mahir from 4640 till 4648. Other family members stints in the organization between 4650 and 4827 did no see the level of success of these earlier family members but led to the familys reputation.

Since the return of Istakriyii rule the Barony has seen some setbacks. Lady Mala Asiri was sanctioned by the court of Regent Roxana al-Malik in 4871 after an embrassing blackmail scheme was exposed. Firuz’s grandfather Ali later lost a substantial investment in the Emerald Mansion Tower Block when it was handed over for the Shirazi refugees. His son’s (Ali II) subsequent public outrage was remembered during the Emperor Wars were the Istakhriyii governors watched him closely for any sign of disloyalty. He and Firuz subsequently returned to the governors good graces by supporting large troop levies and reporting on disloyal members of the family during the Stigmata Invasion.

Assets: The Asiri Barony is a wealthy fief. Hundreds of thousands of firebrands are collected in rents each year and hundreds of thousands of firebirds are spent each year in maintenance and salaries of its workers. While the Baron has typically reinvested heavily in maintaining his fief, he has access to vast cash reserves that he could utilize to further his ambitions or in expanding his holdings.

The Baron keeps a collection of devices useful in the spy trade separate from those provided his security services. These tech gadgets may be lent out to agents in his employ for special projects. The Barons prize possession, known to only a few of his most trusted confidents, is a think machine linked to the pygmallium brain of an A.I. of 2nd republic design. Designed to sort thru vast amounts of sensor data the baron feeds from hundreds of listening devices and cameras into the AI in search of secrets.

The Baron maintains a small fleet of vehicles for his personal use including a small number of starships. The Barons personal ship, an armored fast courier named Khanlar’s Dragon, is berthed in a private hanger on the edge of the airport. He also has a number of freighters and escort vessels in his employ. They also maintain two orbital hoppers and a half dozen luxury flitters available for the family.

Men-at-Arms: Based in levels 10-14 of the Asiri Tower the baron maintains a substantial security force to maintain control. The force is broken up into three primary groups. The Asiri Guard is responsible for protection of the Baron, his family, the Knights Court, and the Grand Lodge. The Tower Guard manages security at all checkpoints with access outside of the tower and hotel. The Asiri Police are primarily responsible for security within the tower but have branchs charged with tax collection and external security investigations. All three are rumored to have intelligence divisions that report only to the Baron.

The Ibirico Scaver family provides security for the factory and tenements they manage. These typically consist of thirty to fourty enforcers and watchmen armed with light revolvers and batons. The Baron would be unlikely to call on the scavers for assistance in security manners. They do however provide reports to the Baron on activity in the bounds of his fief as a stipulation of their lease.

The Blood Raven’s are supported by the Asiri estates security teams. The gang can be called on to do the Baron’s bidding if insentivized properly. This is expecially true if it is in the service of the Undertown Strata inhabitants of the fief. The core of the gang consists of approximately 50 gang members. About 1/3rd are armed with light handguns, the rest are armed with long knifes and batons.


Baron Firuz Miraza Criticorumiyy al-Malik: The current head of the Miraza family, Firuz is a slender bearded man with noticeable Acheon accent. Firuz is a sharp talking figure whose aristocratic style and stern gaze has been known to quelch conversation in social clubs. True to rumor he runs a substantial intelligence operation out of his fief with devices and operatives spread across Acheon society, both high and low. He is a member of most social lubs in the area and the leading patron of the Criticorum Rota in Acheon as were his forefathers.

Baroness Parisa Asiri Criticorumiyy al-Malik : Parisa married Firuz in 4992. Raised at her father’s fief on Aristotle she escaped via marriage to Acheon. The intelligent and witty Baroness was considered lanky and plain in appearance however after the birth of her two children has filled out considerably. She is a fixture of society functions in Acheon.

Parisa is secretly a psychic. Her father discovered this young and managed to hide it from the rest of the family and church. She was trained over the years by a number of Favayna hired, in trade for safe shelter, by her father. Not particularly skilled in using her powers she does everything in her power to hide it from Known World society.

Lady Jehan Asiri Criticorumiyy al-Malik (b. 4992): Firuz and Parisa’s eldest child received regimented education from the best League tutors. Besides the formal education in mathematics, history, literature, law, and sciences, she shows a special affinity for electronics.
Jehan has a small private workshop on the 53rd Level of the Asiri Tower her father has established under a secret identity to facilitate her studys into engineering. Under instruction to assist in

Sir Parviz Asiri Criticorumiyy al-Malik (b. 4994): The younger son of Firuz and Parisa is developing a reputation as something of a playboy in Criticorumiyii circles. The dark haired, tall knight has recently completed a four year service in the service of Governor Yusef abn Rahim. It is rumored he is looking for a posting in the Ambassadorial Courts on Byzantium next. Inheriting his mothers psychic affinity, Parviz was privately trained as a spy and infiltrator by his parents since childhood.

Rear Admiral Aliraza Asiri Criticorumiyy al-Malik (b. 4947): Baron Firuz’s uncle is a veteran of the Emperor Wars having served for thirty years (4972 – 5004) in the Critcorum System Fleet. He saw battle during the Gwynneth invasion, the Battle of the Deathly Honors, the Stigmata Garrison Invasion, and the Brawl of the Lion and the Dragon. Serving his last years at the Tabrast Dock Yards he was promoted to Rear Admiral and retired. Aliraza gets regular visitors from his days in the navy.

Herman Zizcel (b. 4949): The Buerocrats Guild removed Mr. Zizcel from there ranks in the aftermath of a corruption probe at the spaceport in 5002. Herman retreated into undertown in disgrace. Three years later he purchased the lease on the Entreprenant building from Baron Asiri and has been running it quietly ever since. In actuality he is working for (under blackmail) the Mutasih, put in place to keep an eye on the Asiri and general ongoings in the Klinton Borough.

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