magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Atama » Tue May 21, 2019 8:01 pm

I also wonder if there have to be effective minimum axioms for cosms. A cosm with a 1 in all axioms probably couldn’t invade anything. A High Lord from a Social 5 cosm can’t have armies, for example. I guess he/she/it might be a super-powerful being with a handful of powerful henchmen directly serving. And I suppose not having an army isn’t a big hindrance if defenders can’t have armies either within the cosm.

These hypothetical cosms with extreme axioms can be a strange academic and philosophical exercise to try to decode and justify. :)
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Savioronedge » Tue May 21, 2019 9:23 pm

Proposed Axiom Generation for these games:

D4 Top Axiom...1 Mag. 2 Soc 3 SPI 4 Tec

Top Axiom 15+1D10-explodss(once) on 5; exploded 10=0
[Provides a number between 16 and 29 with a low probbiligh of anything over 25, but mostly linear]

Second D3 Alphabetically remaining Axioms
Top Axiom - 2D6 reading 6s as 0s

Third if D4 for Top was odd, First remaining Axiom Alphabetically, Even is obviously the other
1/2 2nd Axiom + largest die that cannot push the total higher than the 2nd

Last = d100% of 3rd, rounded up.

Example [random generation by my brain and therefore not an example of full randomised]
D4=3 Top Axiom is Spirit
D10=7 Spirit Axiom =22
D3=1 2nd is Magic
2d6 =3 and 6 Magic Axiom is 19
D4 was 3, 3rd is Social
19/2 = 10(after rounding] +D8 (d10 is to big) roll 6 Social Axiom is 16
D100 = 37 --> .37*16 = 5.92 Tech Axiom is 6
So Mag 19 Soc 16 SPI 22 Tec 6

I am not saying this is a great method, but it does address the "Spread" concern.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Wed May 22, 2019 3:45 am

Atama wrote:I also wonder if there have to be effective minimum axioms for cosms. A cosm with a 1 in all axioms probably couldn’t invade anything. A High Lord from a Social 5 cosm can’t have armies, for example. I guess he/she/it might be a super-powerful being with a handful of powerful henchmen directly serving. And I suppose not having an army isn’t a big hindrance if defenders can’t have armies either within the cosm.

These hypothetical cosms with extreme axioms can be a strange academic and philosophical exercise to try to decode and justify. :)

Who said the cosm had to have a High Lord? Maybe these type of cosms are the prey and not the predator.

Axioms can go down as well as up (as per oTorg Tharkold).

My take on the low social axiom, is a world that's been stripped of its possibilities by an invading High Lord and the stelae have crumbled to dust as there aren't enough possibilities to sustain them. The remaining people on the planet are in small, sparsely populated family units away from the cities. Whatever tech and magic is left is looked on with fear and superstition. The social axiom has been deteriorating quickly over the past decade or so, whilst the magic and tech are likely to follow suite as people no longer know how to sustain them.

Eventually a recovery will happen. How that happens is unknown yet.
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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Istrian » Wed May 22, 2019 7:01 am

I think a low-Social high-Tech (and high-Magic) axiom could actually describe many Final Fantasy and other JRPG tropes : lots of isolated communities with secret knowledge passed and refined down the generations, complete mix of magic and technology into "magitech" devices, roaming warbands held together by bonds of family or strength. Not actually post-apocalyptic.

It could also be a colonial-style cosm, although it migth qualify as post-apocalyptic. Small settlements of tightly-knit people who distrust all outsiders. Genius inventor exiles and cabals of secretive wizards.

Another possibility is a cosm of magical space pirates that spends its time looting other cosms. When a pirate crew becomes too big to share in the spoils they split in two, usually violently. And the High Lord and DD could thrive on the pillage and the cosm disorganisation.

Sadly I don't have more inspiration than that to make a complete cosm description.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Istrian » Wed May 22, 2019 9:29 am

Actually I have managed to develop the space magic pirate idea a bit further. I haven't given much side to the mechanical effects (such as Cosm Cards or World Laws)

Magic 25; Tech 27; Spirit 9; Social 5

The Infinite Blackness is a star-less cosm of an infinite void centered around The Obsidian Gate, a massive circular structure. The cosm contains no real planets or worlds or ecosystems, instead filled to the brim with asteroids, large and small, mineral-rich and mineral-poor. How did life develop in this place? Nobody really knows, the tales told through oral tradition make no reference to any founding event. In fact nobody really cares.

The Infinite Blackness is traveled by starships of all sizes powered by aether-engines extracting energy from the Blackness itself. These ships are marvels of technology, having anything required to sustain life onboard for hundreds if not thousands of passengers. However due to the low Social Axiom it is quite rare to find a ship with more than a few dozen crewmembers.

Society never managed to develop past the idea of pirate crews held tight together by either bonds of family or a strong captain. Even then, those do not extend very far. A weak crewmember will be told to walk the plank out of the airlock or be recycled into food for hydroponic farms aboard the ships. Some starships, especially those low on crew, might opt to use gene therapy to make them more suitable for piracy.

When a crew gets too large over the generations, they may decide to freeze some crewmembers for later use. In some cases this idea is met with resistance, and a crew may split into two, especially after capturing another pirate ship.

While the starships are self-repairing, the ways to use their systems are passed over the generations through oral tradition, and a liberal use of divination magic. The resources starships are unable to provide from inside, they find outside. Most pirates find asteroid-mining dull and tedious, instead preferring to attack other crews.

The most hardy of space pirates make their way towards the Obsidian Gate, which opens periodically to let space pirates invade other worlds and loot their riches. As well as to leave some “useless souvenirs” to mark their passage. For some reason the “souvenirs” in question are dumped every 600 km or so in a triangular pattern…

The Obsidian Gate is in fact the cosm’s Darkness Device. A massive ring of black metal that can punch holes through reality to open the gates to other cosms. Any ship that passes through gets a small gift hidden inside which takes the shape of an “enhanced” aether drive that also acts as a hardpoint around the ship, projecting a small area of Pure Infinite Blackness. Gate tends to switch between High Lords frequently, usually taking the side of the most ruthless starship captain who manages to unite as many crews under their banner as possible, and then unleash the armada unto unsuspecting realities.

Law of Freedom. Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free.

Law of Plunder. Pirates who plunder other realities like to bring back souvenirs from there and decorate their quarters with them. Contradictory items that are not in use (or that have no usefulness at all) do not cause Contradictions. On Surge results on a Drama Card only consider items that you currently use.

Law of Improvement (also Law of Pimp My Starship). The only reason the cosm has not stagnated is due to the drive every person feels to improve the ship they are on. Technological and magical secrets are passed on through generations of crewmembers and improved upon in secrecy. All in order to make the starship stronger, better, greater and more glittery.

Why go there?
Advanced technology melded with magic that can provide a mobile hardpoint is a great prize not only for the Delphi Council but also for any High Lord.
If you don’t go there, they’ll come to you, eventually!
The only way to stop this threat permanently is to actually shut down the Obsidian Gate, possibly by finding some way of destroying it.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby agarrett » Wed May 22, 2019 4:08 pm

Istrian wrote:Actually I have managed to develop the space magic pirate idea a bit further.

I like this one. It's different than the existing cosms, but fits into an established genre (space pirates.) Just generally a nice realm. Cool idea, and hope you take it a bit further.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Greymarch2000 » Wed May 22, 2019 10:27 pm

On the cosm of Endliss there is no distinction between "Magic" and "Technology". Different schools and specializations exist of course but all Practices are seen as equal parts of the Knowing of the world. Many wondrous things can be found and experienced on this world where Knowledge is prized above all, but Storm Knights should be warned that there is far more going on than is visible to the eye...

Ever since humans first developed on Endliss they have been able to harness the powers of magic, for a time every person born was a spellcaster with an inherent ability to improvise spells. These abilities made them even more of an alpha predator than on most realities and they quickly ascended to the top of the food chain. However, when everyone has the ability to summon lightning with an errant thought no attempts at creating settlements larger than a family or small group of allies ever lasted. The skeletal wreckage of these aborted city-states litter the cosm - some silent graveyards long since plundered - some filled with undead, ravaging elementals or automata.

Some however sought solitude from others and retreated to study magic on their own, often isolated in great towers or caverns away from others dealing with other people only when absolutely necessary. These hermits could be found all over and were the foundation of the Sages, a loose grouping of sorcerers and scientists who still seek to understand all of reality. Away from the millennia of failed attempts of civilization they improved their craft, eventually adding philosophy and scientific study to their academics (though nothing that could be thought of as humanities or sociology).

This lack of civilization led to the people of Endliss having pride in their individual abilities so most lived as small farming families with the odd loner heading out as a hunter or bandit to raid their neighbours. But with magical abilities and technological breakthroughs starting to increase in pace there was less and less reason to even interact with other families at all - until it was time to children to move out and eventually oust someone else from their homes (or travel to the edges of the land).

It was when the Sages developed the Powerstones that the Second Age of Endliss began. Created by magic these crystals were able to generate constant electricity to power all manner of technological invention. Electric lights, refrigeration, circuits, computers - it all began to enhance the lives of everyone so much quicker. A computer network sprung up replacing the scrying orbs the Sages had used to communicate and eventually it made its way to the general populace. People did not want to organize in real life, but now they could keep tabs on what was going on elsewhere and be sure to be updated on new Knowledges by the Sages.

Another merging of magic and technology is what brought Endliss to its Third Age that it currently exists in. The Sages sought only knowledge, dealing with people was a distraction; and the general populace (low by most cosms standards) had little patience for others and generally just wanted to be left alone to their own devices. This is the attitude that led the cosm towards transhumanism. Joint breakthroughs in holography and neural networking gave those willing to undergo extensive procedures to will basically anything they wished into reality, just by thinking it (with a mixture of hard light holograms and magical conjuration) this coupled with the technology to transfer ones mind to a massive neural network all of the Sages and most of the population transferred their consciousness into data-phylacteries and became ghosts who roamed the world with the ability to create anything they imagined out of light with no more need for food, drink or human companionship.

There are still normal humans on Endliss living in small family enclaves or roaming the land as hunters or adventurers seeking lost treasures from Tomb Cities or a way to become a Sage themselves. They are mistrustful of outsiders but still have access to powerful magic and technology and should not be thought of as primitives even if they wish to live a simple "real" life.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby mystic101 » Thu May 23, 2019 9:13 pm

Okay, I'll throw my hat into the ring. Since no one's touched the obvious post-apocalyptic approach I'll give it a go, but with a decidedly torgified spin. If there's interest, I can post World Laws and Cosm Cards.


The Distant Past:
It was an Earth much like our own, only in this one, Atlantis existed . . . and never sank beneath the waves. Its technological insights, magical traditions, and social progress were never lost to humanity, resulting in a far more rapid magical and technological development than occurred on Core Earth.

At the height of its development, the Pan-Atlantic League's techno-mages made a shocking discovery: cutting-edge computational divinations foretold that the planet would suffer a devastating catastrophe in the near future, a "Most Evil Darkness" of unknown origin, and that it was beyond human ability to stop. Not ones to meekly accept their fate, the PAL threw all of their resources into devising and constructing a sentient, magically-infused artificial intelligence that could monitor for any incoming threat, and coordinate the League's technomagical defenses at computer-fast speeds. If stopping the threat was "beyond human" ability, then they'd devise something "non-human" that could.

ScryNet was coming online . . .


Angry, wounded, and afraid, Huitzilopochtli fled for its life. Its High Lord had faltered in battle against the Gaunt Man, and against hated Heketon. Huitzilopochtli had dimthreaded away blindly, Heketon in hot pursuit. There . . . up ahead . . . a source of possibility energy greater than any it had ever seen. Was it a safe refuge, even a way to turn the tide of battle?

NO! In some other multiverse, perhaps, Huitzilopochtli reached its destination. However, in this one, Heketon arrived first. Huitzilopochtli was cut off! It swerved madly, dimthreading away again as a stunned Heketon was momentarily distracted by the immensity of the possibilities it had blockaded.

Where to go, where? There! A cosm with two very high axioms, and on the cusp of expending a vast amount of possibility energy to raise both of them still further. Huitzilopochtli dimthreaded in.

Darkness had almost arrived . . .


Huitzilopochtli crash-landed into the research facility with meteoric force, shredding the facility's protective wards and killing most of its staff when it cratered. Nearly blind with pain and rage, it cast about for anything that would make a suitable High Lord, and encountered one of ScryNet's sensor arrays. It flooded the newborn AI with overwhelming waves of emotion, irrefutable decipher-texted appeals, and the overwhelming force of a Darkness Device's personality.

ScryNet's altruistic programming was highly resistant to such corruption. It managed to hold out several hundred milliseconds, at least, before succumbing. A long time for a being that felt and thought at computer speeds. But not long enough.

Now infused with Huitzilopochtli's rage and madness, it knew that its former programmers would interfere with its new approach to its protective duties. So it launched all of the planet's nuclear contingency spells at once, counting on the resulting Armageddon to remove any human ability to interfere.

Billions died. Humanity was reduced to small roving bands of family units, fast-casting for their food and radiation abatement, always on the move. Never settling, lest ScryNet's automatons deem them a potential interference, and wipe them out.

Now that Earth's populace was properly, manageably protected, ScryNet could turn its attention to other worlds. Other people who needed its protection. ScryNet's automatons would swarm over these new Earths, taking their culled survivors under its guardianship. Gathering possibility energy to grow strong, in order to fulfill its intended purpose: to stop the Most Evil Darkness. Stop the slow, spreading Horror that had drained so many worlds in its wake, and that had wounded ScryNet's own Darkness Device.

Someday, ScryNet was coming for you, Gaunt Man. Coming for you Heketon. And it Would . . . Not . . . Stop . . .
. . . EVER! . . .
. . . Until they were terminated.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby mystic101 » Thu May 23, 2019 10:59 pm

Ah heck, here are potential world laws/cosm cards for the place:


The Law of Spell Processing
Any artificial intelligence capable of performing magic can perform the calculations faster than humanly possible. Such systems can cast two spells per turn instead of one, or three spells per turn with the Magister perk, and they suffer no multi-action penalties when doing so.

To survive, humans have found a way to approximate this effect, but only by subordinating the casting process to their subconscious minds. A living spellcaster can also cast two spells per turn in New Dairoga, or three with the Magister perk, with no multi-action penalties, but only if the character's player allows the storyteller to pick the effects. Practiced magicians (those with the Intuitive Caster feat) may select one of the two spells, or select two of the three if a Magister, but the third is always a function of their unconscious thoughts at the time. This may be helpful, harmful, or superfluous, depending on how disciplined the mage's thoughts and emotions are at the time.

The Law of Rage
Huitzilopochtli ruled over a cosm of bloodthirsty shapeshifters before arriving on New Dairoga, and the wounds it received from Heketon only exacerbated its inner rage. This in turn has affected not only ScryNet, but the entire cosm as a whole. All melee attacks made using the All-Out Attack option, and ranged attacks using Long Bursts or Heavy Bursts, are Favored. However, rolling a "1" on any such Favored test indicates that the attacker has succumbed to their battle rage, and accidentally targeted an ally for normal damage plus one bonus die.

The Law of Escape
Huitzilopochtli arrived in New Dairoga attempting to flee for its life through an interdimensional "escape hatch", and that overwhelming need has also affected the cosm. Skill checks made in order to flee a combat, such as vehicle skill checks to drive away, or an apportation check to portal to safety, are all made with a +2 bonus modifier. Additionally, random circumstances often arise that help ensure that, much of the time, at least some of those who choose to flee are able to do so.


Come With Me If You Want to Live
Play to have an existing ally, or a potential new ally, arrive to assist the pcs.

Hasta La Vista
Play to escape a combat. Random, naturally occurring magical portals may respond to a person's subconscious desire to escape, an environmental danger may separate the combatants, etc.

Do. Not. Stop. EVER.
Play to ignore any and all wound penalties for the remainder of the scene.

ScryNet Sees All
ScryNet's sensors detect the players' party, and it arranges to warn one of the pcs' enemies ahead of time. If the pcs would have successfully surprised a group of enemies, the enemies are not surprised, and are instead ready to act on the first round of combat. If the pcs would have failed to surprise a group of enemies, then the enemies have had advanced warning to prepare for their arrival, and it's the players who are instead surprised on the first round of combat.

ScryNet Knows All
For its own inscrutable reasons, ScryNet arranges for the pcs to be provided with a useful piece of information about their current mission.

Keep Moving
Whenever the players end a scene in the same location that the scene began, their loitering has attracted the attention of ScryNet's automatons, who attempt to terminate the "threat".

Blood and Rage
Play at the beginning of a combat. Huitzilopochtli's rage has infected the pc. Each time the player makes an attack roll, they must succeed at a Difficulty 10 Spirit or willpower test or go berserk. Berserk characters attack friend and foe alike, until all enemy npcs have been defeated. If the player successfully resists the berserker rage, gain 1 possibility. If the character fails to resist, all other players receive 1 possibility.

Blood and Fear
The pc has been infected with Huitzilopochtli's subconscious fears, and the highly-charged magical environment has responded, creating a Phantasm of one of the pc's greatest terrors. Gain 1-3 possibilities, depending on the nature and severity of the resulting threat.

Blood and Sacrifice
Play at the beginning of a combat. The pc feels the eye of Huitzilopochtli upon them, feeding on the carnage they create. If the pc kills at least one enemy in battle, then they receive one possibility from the Darkness Device itself. Huitzilopochtli is pleased with their sacrifice on its behalf . . .

Hey, I Was Just Thinking of That!
A nearby, discarded nano-conj assembly detects the pc's desires, and briefly flares to life. It manufactures any one item or set of items of value 12 or less, depending on what the pc was thinking at the time.

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Re: magic: 25 tech: 27 spirit: 9 social: 5 - 17th May 2019

Postby Daedra18 » Thu May 23, 2019 11:33 pm

I'm not sure what other details to add, but i imagine a cosm similar to the Cyberpapacy, except rather than the church using technology to take control of the world, technology has advanced enough to take over by itself.

Humans are kept complacent and happy, ala the humans in Wall-E; except for those who resist the AI's control. Rejecting most advanced technology, these rebels have instead turned to using magic to fight the technology.

The "High Lord" for this cosm is actually a computer virus: at one point in the past someone tried to destroy the darkness device (with advanced technology). Instead of being actually destroyed, the device instead was loaded into the internet (or similar network service).

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