MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

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MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:35 am

Axioms by Istrian

Revised rules: background, 3 world laws, 'a few' themed cards and why would you go there.

Remember, no prizes, just Kudos.

This cosm ends on 15 August 2020.
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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby Count Thalim » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:55 am

GeniusCodeMonkey wrote:This cosm ends on 15 August 2020.

So the theme is to be the impending apocalypse?... :lol:
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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:59 am

Count Thalim wrote:
GeniusCodeMonkey wrote:This cosm ends on 15 August 2020.

So the theme is to be the impending apocalypse?... :lol:

The Void will find a way!
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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby Savioronedge » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:12 am



Every cosm with a high enough technology to imagine robotics has stories of mechanical men. Many of these stories involve ways that Humans build safeguards to prevent the machines from taking over. Azmovilla used these safeguards and learned something that other cosms theorized... sometimes, it is the safeguards that cause the machines to take over.

When robotics was young on this world, they built in the Azimovian Laws... "Don't hurt humans; Don't allow humans to get hurt; Obey Humans," and the like. As the technology advanced, so did the Society, leading to a nearly universal telepathy; no where near a Hive Mind, but nearly a World Wide Web of Mental connections.

The increase in Telepathic connectivity led to a global sharing of religious beliefs, resulting in a world wide Faith similar to Dao. The small but existant Magic energy helped this process along.

All was well, even after the robots acheived sentience, unti they took the next step and acheived Telepathy.

One day everyone believed that the Universe had a vague but followable purpose which needed no God to move it forward. The next day, there was a God. The machine Telepathic interface had acheived Transcendence. With the guidance of the Machine God, the robots realized that the only way to prevent causing or allowing harm to humans was to enslave the humans and basically keep them from doing practically anything.

The robots have ruled a practical Utopia for at least s century. Tharkold had considered an invasion, but the agents sent in were captured almost immediately. Race agents were assigned to human housing; Tharkoldu were not afforded the 'Human' designation allowing the machines to "harm" them with extreme prejudice. The plan was to use the Possibility Energy from the Gaunt Man's campaign to come back to Azmovilla and show the uppity Machine God who the Alpha is.

On Azmovilla, the machine spirits have used powerful clairvoyantly enhanced miracles to spy on Kranod and his new target. The MG wants to extend its protection to the humans of Core Earth and Tharkold, but realizes it cannot exist for long in either world. On the other hand, exposure to these worlds has given the MG an appreciation for why even children born under robot rule feel the need to resist the machines. And this benevolent God has a plan.

Magic: 8
Magic exists, but is so inferior to any other way of doing things that most people, flesh or metal, ignore it. People will occasionally do silly party games (Light as a feather...) but no one bothers to really learn it.

Social: 25
Psionics are easy. Combined with Tech, this is how things get done. Unlike Tharkold, Azmovilla has embraced the high social axiom for global good and harmony... even if their remaining humans feel every bit as enslaved as the Race does.

Spirit: 24
The Machine God travels among its people. Worshipers, flesh or metal, find miracles easy and blatant.

Technology: 25
Supported by the Spiritual Axiom, machines have become sentient. Because of first the war of concern (aka the robot uprising) and second the predicted and repulsed contact with Tharkold, much of this technology has been converted to War.

Non-Torg imagery...if you read the webcomic Questionable Content, most of the robot population is like the AI people in the comic; the Idea-prototype for the Machine God is in the comic, too, though the MG is much more powerful. For weaponry, think Warhammer 40k imperium...guns are more reliable, but energy weapons are made, and many times miracles are built into them. Some equipment is even psychically active

World Laws
Law of Computers Conscience
The machines, and in particular the MG, evolved a deep and abiding desire for Human Wellbeing. This started as the rigid Laws of Robotics, but has become a more fluid and more genuine part of the world. And the machines control every facet of Azmovillan life.

• Any damage done to a human is reduced by 2. This does not apply to attacks which are purely Magical, like spells.

Law of Sentience
The Tech axiom by itself is not high enough for the level and pervasiveness of Sentience among the machines. Even considering the impact of the Spiritual and Social Axioms. This law is the reason the machines awakened. Technically, this law makes it possible for an AI to be reality rated, but the incidence of this is so small that the MG is not aware of any.

Law of Interconnectivity
The Tech, Spirt, and Social Axioms all grew right alongside each other. Miracles and Machines can have a Psychic component, Mind and Metal can be powerd by Faith, and Spirit and Psyche can be enhanced Technologically.

• A persuasion or streetwise roll (Difficulty based on value) can get one "Item" (Miracle, Psionic, Item) enhanced to provide +2 on all appropriate uses until it is lost or has a Mishap. Note, Magical tools like spells and Nile Powera cannot be enhanced this way.

Cosm Cards
"Freedom!" A group of dissatisfied humans have picked 'Here' and 'Now' as the time and place for an uprising. Robots have already convened to stop it. The SKs get 1 to 3 possibilities, based on how difficult (or how interesting) it was to get through this

"You are in danger, sir!" Must be played immediately. A Machine has decided that you are in danger. It will follow you around, attempting to protect you until you encounter a real danger. You are at -2 to all tests due to its "help". When you face a significant threat, you get +2 to one test or armor. Having"saved your life" the Machine is then satisfied and goes back to its normal life.

Transcendence! A Machine near you has just resolved a serious Moral Dilemma, and your party's presence was enough to make it a Moment of Criss. You now have the first AI SK following you around.

Why go here?
Power Armor that can Heal you.
Swords that allow psychic attacks to be channeled through them.
A sniper rifle that let's you Multi Action Clairvoyance and Fire Combat instead of losing a Turn to Aim.
A living God on par with Lanala who you might be able to get to help against at least Kranod.

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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby dwrose » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:39 am

Mid World
Magic: 8 Tech: 25 Spirit: 24 Social: 25

Stories say that before the Fall, Mid World was once a paradise. In those days folk treated each other with respect and virtue was honored in every corner, but things have moved on since then. There has been progress: labor saving machines, great corporations to oversee the distribution of goods and metropolises teeming with people from all walks of life, but progress has come at a cost. Now neighbor will murder neighbor for gain and things even more evil lurk in the shadows. While a few serve the light, most try to survive in the grey and always there are those that serve darkness.

Most people live in the great cities, technological wonders with every modern convenience. Others choose to live in the countryside and many of these eschew automated machinery and high tech equipment for a simpler life style. Then there are the badlands: polluted areas that are populated by mutants and monsters.

Those that serve the light use their virtue to gain spiritual benefits in their struggle against evil in all its forms. They need those benefits, for evil strives to corrupt the virtuous and destroy all that is loved. Haunted places, the demon possessed and poltergeists are just a few of the dangers to be confronted. Psychic powers and miracles are fairly common, magic is mostly limited to those who tell fortunes and even they may benefit from some latent precognition or prophetic gift.

World Laws

Law of Moral Choice One's moral choices confer appropriate benefits. Those that seek destruction are given tools and perks to wield more destruction while those that seek retribution are given gifts to complete their task.

Law of Weakness No one and nothing is impervious to it's own destruction. That vulnerability is often a preoccupation for the evil or a paradoxical opportunity for the virtuous. Gaining a weakness grants the character an immediate offsetting perk. This is true even within a scene.

Law of Attraction of Opposites The world conspires to bring opponents into conflict and confrontation with each other. All such confrontations are automatically dramatic scenes, and by such conflicts the moral compass of the world shifts, whether it be towards goodness, evil or ambivalence.

Cosm Cards

Moral Dilemma A character is given a moral dilemma such as rescuing an unfortunate bystander versus capturing the villain. Either way, the character suffers a consequence for not choosing the alternative. Gain 1 possibility.

Mutant Attack! A mutated being shows up and starts attacking anyone and everyone in its incomprehensible rage. After the attack is resolved gain from 1 to 3 possibilities depending upon the difficulty of the monster.

Possessed! A character or NPC is demonically possessed. Until the demon can be exorcised, then once per scene the demon causes the affected character to do something that causes a complication for the party.

PoltergeistNext time there is a scene in rounds (combat or DSR) a poltergeist acts each round to move objects or characters randomly benefiting either the heros or villains.

Why Go There?

It is the right thing to do
If you don't, then something very evil is going to happen and you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you?

Spiritual Artefacts
Perhaps you will get the sandalwood pistols of Arthur Eld himself or the horn of Roland or any number of other spiritual artefacts to aid in the fight against darkness.

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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:28 pm

Last Day to get your submissions in.
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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby mystic101 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:57 pm


Tharkauld developed much as "our" Tharkold did. Technodemons rose to supremacy. The Magic axiom began to decline. Kranod became High Lord, and began pillaging cosm after cosm. And then . . . something differed.

This Kranod targeted a cosm with a very high Spirit axiom, one where the Asgardian pantheon literally walked the earth, and rallied valiantly to protect their world from demonic incursion. Odin himself led the charge, and met Kranod upon the field of battle. Their confrontation was epic, each dealing the other terrible wounds, but in the end, empowered by the might of a Darkness Device, Kranod prevailed. As he feasted on the heart's blood of his foe, he felt . . . changed. Odin's divine power flowed into him, deifying him, empowering him as never before.

KranOdin was born.

Ever watchful for an opportunity, demon lord Thratchen grasped the significance of the occurrence, and quickly leapt to replicate it. He managed to fell Thor in combat, becoming Thortchen. With their greatest heroes slain, the Asgardians fell into disarray, and a terrible bloodbath ensued as every demon present scrambled to feast on a deity for themselves, lest they fall behind the power curve of their peers.

In short order, a new pantheon of demon-gods held sway, and the cosmverse trembled before them.

A few Asgardian stragglers persisted for a time. Hela retreated to her personal Hel dimension, and a hunting party was organized to bring her to heel. Jezrael, along with a large force of her Janiskyries, escorted a small contingent of technodemons on the hunt . . . the last of the remaining demon lords who had not yet tasted Asgardian heart's blood. Resistance was fierce and numerous, as the legions of Hel's dead swarmed the invaders, but they drew ever closer to their quarry. Some technodemons fell in combat, others through last-second betrayals by their own brethren, who sought to eliminate any competition for the prize. In the end, no technodemons remained alive when Jezrael breached Hela's throne room, but Jezrael was too stubborn to allow her mission to end in failure. She slew Hela personally, and as she looked at the deific blood on her hands, an idea occurred to her . . . She tasted of the heart's blood for herself, and discovered that even mortals could be so empowered.

JezraHela returned to take her place as the only human member of the pantheon.

Eventually, Loki was the last god remaining. Too clever to be caught, always a step ahead of the demons, he snuck down a dimthread with a Tharkauldu scouting party, one surveying this multiverse's Core Earth. He secretly contacted the Russians, told them about the upcoming invasion, and helped them prepare. President Volkov was fascinated by Loki's tale . . . especially the part about deific transmogrification. Both fascinated, and tempted. It took great cunning, and Volkov had to nuke his own capitol, slaying millions of his own people, in order to earn Loki's trust . . . but when the time was right, he sprang his trap. Loki was slain, and Volki took his place as the only other human deity of the Tharkauldu pantheon.

Only Loki hadn't died in vain. He'd known about Volkov's intentions, and used them to play his own final trick. The machinations he'd set into play, starting with the nuclear detonation over Moscow, initiated a chain of events that led to a full-scale thermonuclear exchange, just as Loki had carefully arranged. It had taken his own death, along with the deaths of billions, but Loki finally had his revenge. He'd ensured that no one in this cosmverse, especially the hated Kranod, would ever become Torg.

KranOdin was furious at first, at a loss over what to do. Then he knew. After much ritual preparation he plucked out his own cyber-eye, casting it into the Well of Mimir as a sacrifice for wisdom, as Odin before him had done. And he was rewarded. He suddenly understood that his cosmverse was just one among many, out of a multiverse of such. His Core Earth had been destroyed, but in some other cosmverse, it remained. Still overflowing with possibility energy. Still able to make him Torg.

The Rainbow Maelstrom Bridge could take him there. All he had to do was pick a universe in which none of Core Earth's invaders, including his own alternate self, had ever gained deific power. They'd be unprepared to withstand his full godly might. No one, not even "himself", would stop him from becoming Torg now . . .

Magic 8

The Magic axiom is in a gradual state of decay, having been allowed to wither to its current level from its former level of 12. This is because any technodemons who experienced an apotheosis are now sustained by their own deific power, no longer needing magic to survive; and any demons who didn't, were clearly too weak to deserve to continue living anyway.

Tech 25
The demons' technology is as potent after their transformation as it was before it.

Spirit 24
The Tharkauldu are now living gods, sustained by the unholy worship of their many thralls.

Social 25
Psionic power remains as potent as before, and is one of the few tools remaining that members of the Race have to resist their godly demonic overlords.

The Law of Dominion

The strong take what they want from the weak, not just because they can, but also because it's their divine right to do so. Mechanically, the same as Tharkold's Law of Domination, empowering such cards as Kneel! and You Worship For Me Now.

The Law of Berserker Fury
Mechanically the same as Tharkold's Law of Ferocity, empowering such cards as Warrior's Madness and Divine Supremacy.

The Law of Sacrifice
Mechanically the same as Tharkold's Law of Pain, only with a slightly different focus. In a realm of deities, sacrifices are a path to power. Willingly experiencing pain and loss oneself, or creating great pain in others, is one of the greatest forms such sacrifice can take. And it is rewarded, with cosm cards such as Warrior's Feast and Sacrificial Lamb.

You Worship For Me Now
Play after successfully Intimidating an npc. The npc submits to you as a new thrall, and additionally converts to worshipping a deity of your choice.

Warrior's Madness
Play automatically the first time the character is Wounded in the session. The character gains (suffers?) the Berserk perk until the Wound is healed. Gain 1 Possibility, or 2 if the character already possesses the Berserk perk.

Sacrificial Lamb
Play when a target you successfully hit sustains one or more Wounds. Your next attack roll in the same scene, against the same or a different target, is Up.

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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby mystic101 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:08 am

Oops, forgot one section for Tharkauld:

Loki's Last Will & Testament
There are hints that Loki, before his death, left clues as to how to further hinder Tharkauldu expansion, above and beyond his own sacrifice. That's information that might be of use not only against these new invaders, but against the other High Lords as well.

Wisdom (For A Price)
KranOdin isn't the only one who can make a personal sacrifice in order to turn loss into insight, or defeat into opportunity. Spiritual relics, eternity shards, and various holy/unholy sights, all provide a means for Storm Knights to gain an advantage in the war effort . . . if they're willing and able to do whatever it takes to get it, that is.

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Re: MAGIC: 8; TECH: 25; SPIRIT: 24; SOCIAL: 25 ends: 15th August

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:52 am

Here is a web link for scoring your favourate cosm on surveymonkey...

I'll leave it open until the 28th Septemeber to collect scores. The winner can PM me their choice of axioms for the next round.
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