New Hello from an old Player

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New Hello from an old Player

Postby RAmaral » Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:03 pm

Good afternoon!

I'm Rodrigo Amaral, player and GM from São Paulo, Brazil. I've been following FAding Suns since its first edition, when a friend introduced it to me. I own a hardcover 2nd ed, and several supplements.

I was actively inserted in the community thanks to the now defunct Fading Suns MUSH (Hello from Vargo!), and meddled a lot in the Redbrick years. I actively followed the 3rd Edition (the unborn one), the shift to FASA, and the Revised Revised. With a few friends that have a publishing company here in Brazil, I was translating FASA to Brazilian Portuguese. Now with this shift to Ulisses, I'm eager to see, and help to localize this new version to our market.

With the seat of the Faith in the location of my Country, I'm willing to help and fact check anything related to South America.

Hope to see more from you guys,

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