Ratcon Panel

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Ratcon Panel

Postby Eric USNA » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:56 pm

Here is the full video from Ross Watson's Ratcon panel:


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Re: Ratcon Panel

Postby schoon » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:42 am

A quick summary for those who may not have the 40 minutes to watch the whole panel (though it's worth watching):

  • 8th Edition background has movement and possibility - Wrath & Glory mirrors this
  • Tone will include both the desperate strife and rays of hope from current events - a perfect setting for heroes who can affect the fate of worlds
  • Ulisses is working with GW's writers on developing material
  • Ulisses wants to go places and develop things not covered before
  • Game mechanic is a d6 dice pool, designed to be smooth, fast, action oriented, easy to learn, and not rules intensive
  • Game mechanic borrows from TORG Eternity (primary influence), and the feel of Savage Worlds, D&D 5th, and Savage Rifts
  • Core book will have: (1) game system; (2) character generation; and (3) general 40K background
  • Core book is a basic system that can be applied to a broad variety of campaigns. play styles, etc. - Ulisses will not follow the more narrow-focused books of the past edition
  • Character advancement will be open, with the exception of some more restricted iconic abilities
  • The system will take diverse power levels into account, and allow play from gritty to epic
  • The systems supports a great variety of play styles, from combat to diplomacy to social
  • The system will have something like "Fate Points"
  • Psychic power system allows channeling variable amounts of power; more power = more dangerous; high risk = high reward
  • Ecclesiarchal abilities help resist corruption - priests and Sisters of Battle will have access to these
  • Campaign sets will include: (1) Linked adventures like Pathfinder Adventure Paths; (2) Setting detail books; and (3) Character option books
  • 1st Campaign will be Imperium Nihilus
  • Imperium Nihilus Campaign will focus on the diverse characters of the Imperium that can respond to the crisis, and thus may include very different characters in a ragtag group
  • 2nd Campaign will be Eldar (possible name = Doom of the Eldar)
  • Other Campaigns may include: Orks, Tau, Necrons
  • Adventure concepts they'd like to explore include: visiting the Black Library, hunting fallen Phoenix Lords, speaking with Exodite World Spirits, fighting in the pits of Commorragh, and other big concepts
  • There will be a beginner box that supports new players, with pre-gen characters, an adventure, etc.

...and just to have all the information in one place, this interview with Ross gave us:

  • Current planned release date of GenCon 2018 (August 2018)
  • Approximately 1 release per month thereafter.

...and from the GenCon 2017 panel (Ross starts at the 30 minute mark), which really only adds one salient point beyond what was presented at RatCon:

  • Starships and vehicles will be part of the "broad and inclusive" core framework

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