planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

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planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby OGIHR » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:36 pm

... So I currently have no real alternative to using the rules made under the previous license.

My campaign premise does build on my limited understanding of the current "Dark Imperium" plot points of the transition from 7th edition into 8th, but until Wrath & Glory is available (either for external playtest or for public consumption), I have to use Rogue Trader as the basis for my game.

I'm not especially knowledgeable about the lore, though. And I would like to put my campaign premise document up on a venue that's friendlier to my admittedly verbose nature than a Facebook group's formatting is.

Since FFG's forums died before I ever tried running their games, this is the best place I can think of.

But would it be a breach of etiquette?

Someone, please enlighten me?
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Re: planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby Eric USNA » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:26 am

You're welcome to discuss older games here. After all, we're selling them now, so we don't mind. :)

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Re: planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby OGIHR » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:47 pm

Thank you, sir.

WARNING: Brevity is not one of my skills. At all. 

The campaign premise is as follows, and I invite all critique, particularly with regard to any areas where my knowledge of the 40K lore is lacking.

And a note to all readers: if you see anything here you want to make use of in your own works (paid or otherwise), please feel free. I hold no intellectual property rights to this content, and I enjoy contributing to a better story/game for all.


The fortress world of Cadia has fallen. The Great Rift has torn the Imperium asunder, and spilled forth marauding Daemons within reach of thousands of inhabited worlds, even while the light of the Astronomicon was catastrophically obscured. Leaving trillions of souls with no hope for rescue.

But Eldrad Ulthran's machinations have born incredible fruit. A portion of Ynnead, the Eldar god of death and rebirth, has awakened. Yvraine has been reborn, and around her the many splinters of the once-great Eldar civilization have found hope of restoring what was lost to them long ago. 

These Ynnari have come to the Imperium's aid in its hour of need, and reminded the most legendary Mary Sue in history, Rowboat Girlyman (not the approved spelling) that he's too pretty to stay dead. 

And so, the only Primarch perfect enough to father the Ultramarines has stood up from his grave to personally take command of the entire Imperium, and launched a new crusade to reunite the galaxy under the rule of his perfect wisdom. Bringing with him an entirely new generation of Space Marines bioengineered to be even better than the Emperor's own handiwork, and bearing new weapons and armors engineered to be even better than the Emperor's own handiwork. Fruits of technological labors apparently started in the midst of the Horus Heresy, and only completed -- by sheer coincidence of course -- when the Primarch who commissioned them was back to check on their progress.

It is a time of wonders, with bold new technologies, a new breed of warrior to stand against humanity's enemies, and a whole new spirit of cooperation between mankind and the Eldar. Many have deep reservations, of course. But for possibly the first time since before the Horus Heresy, there is good cause for people to have hope that a better future is just around the corner. 

And somewhere deep in the Warp, Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, smiles...

‎On the far side of the Great Rift, where the Noctis Aeterna blocked out all Astropathic communications (and even the light of the Astronomicon), each of humanity's worlds and starships suddenly found itself very much alone. Trying to survive amid the sudden surge in Daemonic activity. 

Enter a Rogue Trader (who can be a PC) who drew a great deal of attention to himself by continuing to travel the Warp in his flagship, suffering only a fraction of the difficulties that every other ship faced. 

This singular ship, The Affirming Flame, is a true relic of antiquity, lost in the Warp for many thousands of years, and only having found its way back thirty years ago to find its current Captain. This grand cruiser possesses many technologies properly classified as Archaeotech, or even Heretek. Most notably a machine spirit which thinks for itself to an unprecedented degree, and even uses hologrammatic projections to assume the form of a man in order to speak directly with its crew.

But in the immediate aftermath of the Great Rift's opening, the Flame's most extraordinary capability was a navigational system incorporating elements from before the creation of the Astronomicon, thus allowing the system to (somewhat) function without its light.

With the worst of the Noctis Aeterna passed and Astropathic communications somewhat restored, news of this technological feat has spread all the way back to Mars; and the Mechanicus have ordered an Explorator delegation to study this Archaeotech device and find a way to replicate its capabilities for the rest of the Imperium's many battlefleets. 

It is hoped by all those involved that implementing this rediscovered technological wonder will allow that various forces at the Primarch's command to not only drive back the Daemonic forces besetting the galaxy, but furthermore provide a solution to the Shadow in the Warp created by the many Tyranid bio-fleets scattered all across the galaxy by the opening of the Great Rift. 

The Eldar of the Ynnari have even offered the aid of their scientists to help achieve this goal. It is commonly rumored that their assistance comes at the Primarch's personal request, but more cynical minds have observed that the Ynnari's greatest hope is for their newly-awakened god to grow in power, and "helping" the Imperium to throw its military weight at the forces of the other four gods in order to weaken them for Ynnead's benefit would certainly be in keeping with the character of the Eldar as a race.

...But for human and Eldar alike, hope is a dangerous thing. For the hope of a better future is a belief in change, and that feeds the power of Tzeentch. 

Tzeentch knows that Ynnead's entire existence is presently devoted to destroying Slaanesh, and that the Yncarne provides a concrete focus for the Eldar to worship, more readily building Ynnead's power to a level where he might succeed in destroying Slaanesh's claim over the souls of the Eldar. And so Tzeentch has put in place certain schemes to assist Slaanesh against Ynnead (in exchange for Slaanesh's aid against Nurgle elsewhere), but he has also put in place other schemes to ensure that if Ynnead triumphs over Slaanesh and achieves the full potential of his powers as a god of the Warp, then Tzeentch will lose much less of his own powerbase than either Khorne or Nurgle do in the process. 

And the player characters in this game shall, unbeknownst to any of them, be pawns within one of the latter schemes (as well as Ynnead's of course).

For several millennia ago, Tzeentch plucked a great starship from the Warp, and hid it away outside of the flow of time. Preserving it for when it would be of the most use. A time when imaginations would push against the boundaries of the unknown, and the tech-heresy of progress would bear such fruit that mortal souls could not help but believe, however briefly, in the promise of a brighter tomorrow. If only they had a proper object of focus to lend concrete shape to that hopeful sentiment.

The Affirming Flame is one of Tzeentch's pawns, as are each of the science-monkeys that have come to study it. But this is a long-term scheme, and I promise the only potential source of Corruption Points to be natively found aboard this ship (not counting enemy boarding actions or Psyker PCs getting Perils) shall be radiation burns for people who get too close to any unshielded drive plasma. 

PCs will be built on 13000xp (the minimum to achieve Rank 4 in Rogue Trader; but using another branch of the franchise to model a particular skillset is a valid approach), and they shall be allowed access to resources commensurate with that higher Rank (including their Heretek flagship). Character concepts should fall into four basic groups:

One - the Rogue Trader and his/her entourage who seek their fortune across the stars, emboldened by the Warrant of Trade giving them a license to flee the jurisdiction of whatever crimes they commit (just try not to pick a fight with anybody who has galaxy-wide authority, like an Inquisitor). Standard Rogue Trader rules, with no particular restrictions in mind.

Two - the agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus sent to study the Archaeotech systems aboard the Flame, . Proper tech-priest characters can be built using either Rogue Trader's Explorator or Only War's Enginseer (player's choice, and I don't know Dark Heresy's classes to offer them as an option), ‎and if anyone wants to play some other type of character attached to the Mechanicus delegation I will be happy to work with you to model the skillset in question. 

Three - the Eldar delegation aboard ship to assist in the research; Craftworlders built using Lodge Blackman's Eldar Character Guide and Commorites built using The Soul Reaver (although I need to synthesize rules for Strength From Death in either case). They can be either scientists or support staff at the player's choosing. 

Four - anything else which a player can talk me into including in the game's story as detailed above.

I am very much a fan of intraparty dramatic tension (with words rather than gunshots), so I intend to award extra XP to those players who actively look for ways for their characters to step outside the niche of build-optimization and enrich the stories of the other PCs in the group. So if the PCs that people want to play are (examples off the top of my head) the Rogue Trader him/herself, a Tech-Priest Enginseer who dabbles with Xenos weaponry, a Ynnari Dire Avenger seeking to evaluate the dangers these humans might pose to his kin, and an Arch-Militant who befriended a Fenrisian Wolf many battlefields ago... I would be eager to see the interactions that emerged. 

So, that's the premise. Questions? Comments? Lynch mobs?
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Re: planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby SamRichardsNo1 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:38 am

After finding out that you can play Orks I was very excited :) and then I thought of this campaign. Let me know what you think?

Wrath & Glory – Ork Campaign Idea

Planet: Dasos Prime
Affiliation: Imperial
Xenos Presence: Feral Orks
- 3 Major Clans
o Krusha Klan – Specialise in body modification
o Dakka Mekz – Only known clan to have excessive firepower due to their resident Mek
o Choppa Skwad – Largest number of standard Orks, limited Ork tech
Class: Imperial Frontier World
Landscape: Forest World
Providences and Capital: 5
- Darum (Capital Province, Hive Daru)
- Lusvion (Trade Province, Spaceport Karkarom)
- Ulber (Industrial Province, Sector XV)
- Alder (Forest Province, Tarka)
- Baltom (Mountain Province, Nova)
Major Imperial Presences: 2
- Imperial Guard - 34th Dacian Front
- Legiones Skitarii – Volk 34 Alpha
- Re-colonisation by the Dacian Front and Volk 34 Alpha very successful. Integration of native population leads to prosperous start.
- Records of a ship prior to re-colonisation, talks of a Green Menace plaguing the forest and mountain provinces (Alder and Baltom).
- First contact with Orks, superior armour and weapons result in successful eradication of Orks from Alder. Orks retreat to Baltom, no successful missions have been launched into Baltom.
- Records of infighting and civil war between ork clans lead to their numbers being kept in check. Those that did gain sufficient numbers were easily contained once they reached Alder.
- Arrival of Magos Violga, chief Xenobiologist and observer of the Ork presence .

Clan’s Beginnings
• Starting off as Feral Orks, your clan’s task is to take down all the other clans banners.
Get Da Guns
• An imperial drop ship ends up in your territory, get to it before the imperial guard do and use their very guns against them.
Mekboy Wants Da Best Guns
• The guns are alright but they’re not the best ones around, the Mekboy knows of an outpost his Gretchins have been stealing from but it’s not enough. Better go take it for him or he’ll stop making the vehicles we need.
In N Out
• A contingent of Adeptus Mechanicus under the protection of the Imperial Guard have captured our Mad Doc. If the clans going to survive we need him to make us better. Drive the trukks into their base, cause as much mayhem as possible and get the Doc out.
The Message is Out, We’s Da Bestest Orks
• The Mekboy and Mad Doc have built quite a formidable force, now’s the time to test it. Take down the Imperial Stronghold and set up Da Big Base.
Kommandon Konqur
• Assist Kommando Ironcleava in assassinating a new Commissar that’s been posted on the planet to bolster the remaining forces. He’s heavily protected in the Fortress known as Wardhurst Fortress. Sneak into enemy lines and set the trap.
Da Weirdboyz is Weird
• Rumours are that there is a small clan up in the mountains which have been causing landslides; also flying boulders. Looks like we’s got some Weirdboyz, can you convince them to join our WAAAGH! Or do we gotta bop them on da head.
Let’s Get Off Dis Rock
• The space port is the last remaining resistance and our ticket off dis here rock. Aerial patrols and siege bombardments make it very hard to get through to them, word is some bigger humies are on the way so times a ticking and Boss knows it.

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Re: planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby MitchellTF » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:54 pm

Sam, your second idea sounds like a great plan...but you do need to make one big thing before fully fleshing it out. Plan for module breaks and frak-ups. Especially playing as Orkz...expect the players to just do something INSANE. Like, you know, Krummping the Mad Doc cause he talks back. Or stealing the guns for themselves...

Or killing the Big Boss in scenario one. But the scenarios THEMSELVES are gold. I like 'em. You got a good escalating war going.

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Re: planning to run a 40K RPG soon, but the new system isnt out yet...

Postby SamRichardsNo1 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:21 am

Hey Mitchell,

Cheers for the feedback, definitely something to consider with Orkz :lol:

Obviously as we don't know all the archetypes so I might change some of the ideas around to suit the people I regularly DM for. So far the scenarios are just baseline ideas so if there is some hilarious Orky frakkup or series of unfortunate events I can work my way around it.

I also like the idea of the failing forward technique that W&G seems to be promoting and less of the "you all die" scenario :mrgreen: I've tried instituting it into my Only War games recently and it seems to work really well :)

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