TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

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TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:33 pm

This will be where I recount for the viewing public the trials, tribulations and treachery that my group of intrepid players shall encounter in their missions against the High Lords whom have invaded our homes.
Or more prosaically I invite everyone to laugh as they demolish my plots and throw me curve ball after curve ball while I scrabble to keep ahead of them.

As my players kept cooing over all the new options that were available for their characters we agreed that each player would create two characters, though each mission would only involve one of them. With only 3 players this was still a manageable number.
This allows for a changing group dynamic each mission as well as plenty of banter between players back at their base of operations on the Azores.

I will post the cast list next and then each session will follow as I get them typed up.

Feel free to comment on the posts. Suggestions, critiques, areas you enjoyed and anything else are all welcome.
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:38 pm

Dramatis Personae

Leesa Feng
An International Cat Burglar originally from Hong Kong, though has spent significant time in Egypt. Whether due to the companionship she found there or the plentiful opportunities to use her professional abilities she does not disclose.

Her Moment of Crisis came during a jewellery raid on a high rise apartment in Shaghai when a Jiangshi outbreak occurred. She claims that she only dropped the jewels to save herself. Recovered CCTV of the Jiangshi being drawn off by a shadowy figure as a young family escapes suggests otherwise.

Jared McIntyre
Lead Actor on Ad Astra, the highest rated American TV show for the last 2 Seasons, known for his extreme preparedness in researching his characters and their skills. An All American hero of the small screen he was promoting the latest season from the International Space Station when the first Maelstrom Bridges hit. Large billboards advertising the show can be found decaying across the East & West coasts.

His Moment of Crisis came when the Space Shuttle he was returning in, ‘Resolution’, hit the living land axioms and its crew disconnected. Calling on his training for Ad Astra and the promotion mission itself he successfully took control and brought her in.
((This is actually a character the player used in my last TORG campaign 15 years ago, clearly a veteran of the wars))

Onishi Shizu
A decorated member of Japans elite STAR unit (Special Tactics And Reconnaissance). Shizu was amongst the first responders to the initial Jiangshi outbreaks in Tokyo. After the decimation of her unit it was absorbed into the new corporate pacification forces being set up and Shizu found herself working for the Kanawa Corporation. After a couple of months Shizu decided that the Corporate life of a Kanawa employee was not for her. Though sad at having to leave the only other survivor of her original unit she is sure that the Kanawa Corporation is hiding something and being away from it is the right call.

Her Moment of Crisis occurred on Day One. As one of the few member of the STAR unit to open fire at the infected citizens swarming towards her she not only saved herself, but a lot of innocent civilians. How long it will take for the mental scars of this action to heal remains to be seen however.

Roxanne Sohrabi
Student, Rebel, Hacker. An everyday student of PSL in other words, apart from the being Belgian. Swept up in the protests against the Cyber-Papacies suppression of any other religions in their domain, she came to attention of the authorities as known dissident meaning her constantly having to keep moving to stay ahead of them.
Her Moment of Crisis came when she was badly injured trying to prevent a Mosque being destroyed and awoke to her true power as a Witch shortly after she had been fitted with a Cyberarm to save her life. Life in the Cyber-papacy being too hot she followed a long European tradition and went into exile to join the forces that would one day liberate her homeland.

Archibald (Surname currently undecided)
A true epitome of the Victorian Great White Hunter, Archibald had led many expeditions into the Dark Continents beyond Victoria’s shores. When General Avery called for Brave Men to join his expedition to this strange new world, Archibald was one of the first to step forward, fully convinced in his ability to aid the Unfortunate Natives of this ‘Earth.’ For a man as headstrong as Archibald however it did not take long to fall out with the leaders of the expedition and he soon struck out on his own to bring succour to the locals.

His Moment of Crisis came in the new land of ‘India’. Rescuing a young Native girl who stumbled into his camp one night by driving back the Horror which had chased her using the very power of the Sacellum he had always believed in. Taking the girl as his Ward he has followed her clearly divinely inspired Visions out of the territories occupied by the Gaunt Man and into the greater fight.

Tisha (Surname unknown)
A precocious child during her childhood in central India, she always seemed to be one step ahead of the adults around her, often literally. That childhood ended in One Night. Her natural instincts screamed for to hide and when she crept out from where she had sheltered for the night, there was nothing left of her family. Nothing identifiable anyway. As the Days passed she found herself hounded across the countryside by… something. Though the lights of villages beckoned her she knew if she entered one she would find only temporary respite while bringing to them the destruction that followed her.

Her Moment of Crisis came not in one fell sweep but as a building tide of the villages she spared in her desperate flight. At the end of her strength she struggled into the camp of a strange man she had seen only in dreams, the beast mere moments behind her. The dam broke and two new Storm Knights flared into existence as one of the Gaunt Mans Horrors flared into Damnation.

((Taisha in the unusual character I have discussed elsewhere. She has the perk Axiom Increase: Social giving her an Orroshan Social Axion of 19, which is actually high enough to allow the Psionic power: Awareness natively.))
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:45 pm

Mission 1: A Beginning is a Very Delicate Time.

Lajes Air Base, Terceira Island, Azores
90 Days post Invasion

Agent Wilcox gathers his team together to lay out their latest mission.
A resistance cell in Cairo has been captured by The Scorpion an agent of the Governor, Wu Han. The leader of the cell, The Falcon, has requested assistance from the Delphi Council in freeing their members. If they succeed the Council will have gained a well positioned ally in the heart of the Nile Empire.

After a brief and occasionally heated discussion Roxanne, Leesa & Tisha were chosen to infiltrate the Nile Empire and spirit the captured resistance members to freedom. They left the briefing to prepare as Archibald continued to remonstrate with Agent Wilcox about his ward being sent with ‘those women’ on the mission.
They depart the following morning on a Free Portuguese transport plane to Cyprus from where they intend to cross to Alexandria. Tisha is uneasy after the Foreshadowing she experienced the night before, flashes of a shadowy figure standing next to her and staring into the future along with her.
Disembarking from a friendly fishing boat off Alexandria at night they were almost discovered by a coast guard vessel on patrol but manage to slip past it in the dark and disappear into the busy docks of Alexandria, it’s new Lighthouse starting to rise imposingly out to sea.

Reaching Cairo by train that afternoon they settled in to do some general recon of the now radically changed city before the arranged rendezvous that evening.
As Roxanne listened in on the military radio chatter and Leesa read through the local papers, Tisha reached out her senses to gain an Awareness of what was happening. In her mind’s eye an imposing structure barely visible through the howling sands held prisoner something that screamed to be freed. Next to her was the shadowy figure again, but this time it was not looking to the future but directly at her.
Suddenly the chatter that Roxanne was listening in on picked up. Several squads were being ordered to respond to 5th & Pharaohs Avenue at all speed. Glancing up confirmed her fears, that was their location. Grabbing Tisha they attempted to make their escape as a truck screeched a halt and shocktroopers piled out. A fast distraction by Leesa diverted their attention long enough for the party to slip into crowds and away.
Deciding they had done enough sightseeing for one day they headed to scope out the warehouse instead.

Slipping into the warehouse after a few hours quiet surveillance they took up hidden positions and began their wait for The Falcon to arrive.
Soon afterwards they heard the sound of a large truck pull up outside and shouted orders as a squad of shocktroopers disembarked. As the truck moved off the squad itself entered the warehouse and began their search.
Completely missing Leesa and Roxanne they were immediately drawn to Tisha who was carelessly watching them from behind several large crates. Surrounding her they demanded to know who she was and who had sent her. Barely giving her a chance to respond the leader of the squad began to Triumphantly Boast about how The Scorpions visions always led to his prey. After all only a week ago they had led him to that group of rebels who had found his hidden facility in the desert…

While the shocktroopers were distracted by Tisha and boasting about their boss’s prowess Leesa and Roxanne moved into position. They first the shocktroopers knew of their existence was a stun blast from Roxanne which literally floored them, followed by a crate of ball bearings crashing down and scattering its contents across the warehouse.
Tisha took the opportunity to scramble up to where Leesa had rappelled down from the rafters. As the shocktroopers scrambled to their feet and began blazing away at the party they broke through one of the roof lights and escaped onto the rooftops.
Picked out by a Zeppelins powerful search lights, hearing the sounds of more shocktroops in the alleys around them and the low roar of something else fast approaching they knew that they would struggle to escape without a distraction of some sort.
Luckily Roxane had more tricks up her sleeve as a sudden burst of EMP spectacularly blew out the Zeppelins search lights, sending glass and sparking components scattering into the streets below.
The low roar revealed itself as a lone figure racing just above the rooftops with a personal jet pack and a very stylised helmet.
Pulling up in front of the group they enquired about their handiwork above while Leesa snarked back that they were late.

I ended the session with them escaping to The Falcons base and a connections card being played by Leesa player. It seems she knows The Falcon somehow…
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:16 pm

[[The Falcon was originally an NPC, but I statted them up as a normal starting character to give me flexibility if we had anyone dropping in for a few sessions, which for the next two sessions we did so I passed them The Falcon to play. I've found it is useful to have a bit of flexibility built in to my NPCs]]

As the party escaped with The Falcon to their hideout in a leafy suburb she removed her mask revealing an old flame of Leesa's. Whilst Tisha & Roxanne rode in the back the two caught up about old times. And precisely whose fault the incident in Luxor 2 years ago was... Their bickering and UST would prove to be an ongoing issue for some time.
At the hideout The Falcon filled the party in on the situation, Her team had been captured after finding something out in the desert. THey were currently being held in the Tora prison to the south of Cairo and due to be taken before the Governor Wu Han in a couple of days time. She had had her people gathering what they could about the prison and the normal convoys used to transport prisoners.

After some discussion the party decided to split up. The Falcon and Leesa woudl infiltrate a Ball Wu Han was holding that night in his palace and cause a distraction, drawing guards away from the prison while Tisha and Roxanne slipped inside and broke the prisoners out.
The forged documents that would be used to gain entry to the Ball? Invitations to the Israeli Ambassadors to the Nile Empire ("If we are going to do a lie, lets make it so big no-one will believe its a lie"). Meanwhile Tisha and Roxanne surveyed the Prison in person. Tisha proving once again that she cannot pass a stealth roll to save her life was accosted by the guards who demanded to know what she was doing. A few Trick rolls later and the timely intervention of a some passing camels and they were away with the germ of a plan.

That night The Falcon & Leesa attended the Ball, easily tricking the guards on the front door and mingling with the crowd. Some taunting roleplay later after Wu Han had arrived and one of the guests was sent sprawling into a display case of some of the latest trophies from the war providing a distraction for The Falcon to retrieve their helmet & jetpack while Leesa slipped past the guards and towards Wu Hans personal chambers.
The Falcon proceeded to make a dramatic entrance, jetting up to the balcony where Wu Han had descended from and proceeding to Taunt the whole chamber with a declaration that they would strike back against the invaders and free the people from their oppression.
They had certainly succeeded in drawing attention. Shocktroopers were descending on the palace from all over the city, including the Prison.

Meanwhile Tisha and Roxanne had through rumours and judicious bribery set up a large auction of camels right in front of the prison gates. The guards thoroughly distracted by this they quietly incapacitated some guards by a side entrance and slipped in, purloining female guard uniforms from the laundry on the way. Tricking the first set of guards that they were their relief they acquired their keys and after breaking out the female prisoners headed upstairs to free the males. It was at this point that bedlam kicked off outside as the prison guards tried to clear the camels and send reinforcements to the palace.
Dealing with the next set of guards in a more brutal manner (Roxanne's GodBeam laser proving lethal) they escaped the prison with significantly more prisoners than they had intended.

Back at the Palace Leesa avoided one of the Scorpions henchmen who was heading to the Ball room and found herself in Wu Hans library. A lone harassed looking scribe anxiously asking what was happening as gunfire began to be heard from the Ball Room. Tricking the poor man into believing that it was a Rebel attack and they had to escape with the most valuable items to keep them safe Leesa snagged the 7 scrolls of Osiris and followed the scribe down a hidden passage.
In the Ball room The Falcon was using smoke grenade to cause havoc and avoid being riddled with bullets when the Scorpions henchman arrived and loomed over her. Attempting to strike a blow against the man she failed miserably and found her fist being no-sold by his palm. A tussle to and fro ensued even while the Shocktroopers continued to pour fire in to the melee.
Finally jetting over the dance floor with the henchman still holding on she maneuvered into position over Wu Han before kicking the man loose and jetting to freedom. The poor henchman crashed down towards Wu Han, who took a single step to the side and with a strike of his open palm sent the man flying into a pillar.

The session ended with the party regrouping at The Falcons hideout to plan their next move now they had freed the prisoners and the information they knew.
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:32 pm

As the party held a debrief with the rescued resistance members the extent of what they had discovered became clear. They had been tailing a patrol of shocktroopers from The Scorpions forces back to their base in the desert. Finding a secret way in they found a large factory hidden beneath a ruined temple. Inside technicians were working at converting ancient Egyptian artefacts into the raw material for some form of large bomb.
They had fled the site of the factory but were intercepted by The Scorpions forces before they could escape back to Cairo.

Intending to strike a blow for the resistance and put a dent in the Pharaohs plans for future conquest the party decided to strike at the factory and destroy it.
Salah, who had led the original team, volunteered to accompany them as did The Falcon. After a brief argument about whether to take the camels or the truck they settled on the truck, primarily to avoid the spitting.

Arriving at the hidden entrance they swiftly dealt with the few guards present. Some by non-lethal means, one by exceptionally lethal means. The Godbeam Laser continuing its astounding damage rolls.
Leaving Salah to guard their escape route they snuck inside and immediately split the party again. Tisha and The Falcon began setting charges next to the large bombs awaiting their unknown payloads while Leesa and Roxanne headed for the vault to liberate any remaining artefacts.
For once it seemed like the party were actually competent at stealth as they slipped past guards and quietly eliminated them as they rigged the facility to collapse. Down in the vault Leesa carefully examined the vault and with a few deft moves utterly botched her lockpicking. As the door swung open she congratulated herself on not setting off any alarms.
Upstairs The Falcon noticed one of the guards answer a phone and then immediately begin scouring the factory floor from his position on a walkway above it. Deciding that they needed to deal with this guard they made their way up behind him and attempted to pitch him over the railings. Attempted being the operative word.

While Tisha hastily planted the final charge next to a large contraption of bubbling liquids and strange spherical glass contraptions (conveniently the right size to put inside one of the bombs...) the doors at each end of the factory hissed open and dozens of shocktroopers began to flood in led by a masked figure wearing the symbol of one The Scorpions lieutenants.
Finally disposing of the shocktrooper over the gantry The Falcon jetted down to join the fight as Leesa and Roxanne returned from the vault holding a necklace studded with red and blue gems.

Thus ensued a desperate fight to break through the shocktroopers and escape the soon to be destroyed factory. Tisha was grabbed by the masked figure and the others were pinned down by heavy firepower from the shocktroopers.
Grabbing one of the strange globes Tisha smashed it into the masked figure as Leesa kicked him backwards into the contraption. The shocktroopers were momentarily distracted by Leesa's loud claim to be a concubine of Wu Han and their leader screaming with white light pouring out of his mouth and eyes.
It was at this point that The Falcon decided to use one of her Frag Grenades to finish off the fight. With yet another astounding botch she successfully pulled the pins and threw a grenade into the fray. Unfortunately that left the other grenade whose pin she had pulled still on her belt...

The simultaneous explosions were sufficient to take out multiple shocktroopers as well as The Falcon herself.
With chaos ruling the players threw down both Temporary Reprieve & Captured cards. So as the factory began to collapse behind them Roxanne, Leesa and Tisha fled the scene leaving The Falcon to be captured.

And their GM now having to come up with an Act for them to rescue The Falcon... Which will probably involve a gladiatorial combat, if anyone has any suggestions throw them in.
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Fuzzy » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:52 pm

If I may suggest, public execution to send a message to the do-gooders.

Everyone knows that public executions always cow heroes into submission.

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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:56 pm

Picking up from the end of the previous session the players endured a sombre drive back across the desert. Their success in destroying the facility and stealing an ancient (Blue and red) Egyptian necklace tasting like ash at the loss of the Falcon, a loss that Leesa was taking especially hard.

The following morning Salah bursts in with the days papers. Splashed in Large type across the front "FALCON TERRORIST TO BE EXECUTED TOMORROW". Known Terrorist "The Falcon" to be executed at the Palace of The Scorpion tomorrow afternoon. Great and Good of Cairo attending lavish soiree to witness terrorists end.
Knowing that their ally was still alive the team sprang into action.

As Leesa headed to infiltrate The Scorpion's palace Tiasha & Roxanne went looking for ways to get themselves an invite to the soiree beforehand.
Consulting the local equivalent of Debrett's peerage they identified a young heiress who would be being invited and so headed to her villa to scope it out. Whilst there they discovered she really wanted to be with her paramour, a lowly driver for another family. Seeing an opportunity to help true love flourish and get the invitation to the party they arranged for the lovebirds to elope in secret, while they would delay any pursuit by using the invitation and pretending to be the heiress at the soiree. Very noble of them.
They did at least dissuade the couple from fleeing to the romantic city of Paris and suggested that maybe Rome would be more suitable.

Meanwhile Leesa had snuck into the Scorpion's Palace and was scoping the place out. As well as sabotaging the guns in the Armoury.
She wasn't able to break into the cells, their being heavily guarded by the Scorpions henchmen, but she was able to find where The Falcon was due to be executed and recovered her jetpack. The rest of the night was spent was spent preparing a few tricks for the following day.

The following day Tisha & Roxanne attended the event in disguise with their acquired invitations as Leesa hid in the rigging high above wearing a replica of The Falcons mask.
On the stage The Falcon was contained behind a shimmering forcefield as the assembled dignitaries took their seats. The Scorpion appeared, his medallion seemingly cracked from last time they saw him before his henchman was killed at the factory. He began his monologue about how the Falcon would meet his end today as a trapdoor on the stage opened and a giant scorpion emerged to threaten The Falcon. (Some confusion did occur during the game over The Scorpion and the scorpion, emphasis on The Scorpion was needed).

Naturally this was the point that the players felt the need to play the card 'Suddenly...'. :o I already had the main players in position and I didn't want to throw more shocktroops at them. So I threw in Ninjas, complete with black pyjamas and all the weapons and Teenage Ninja Turtle could want. Crashing through the skylights and abseiling down to the stage, their leader loudly proclaiming that they were taking The Falcon as their prize!

The ensuing fight was... complicated. Three factions, all fighting each otherwhile the audience panicked and tried to flee.
Some highlights:
    Tisha causing a chandelier to crash onto one of The Scorpions henchmen.
    Leesa, dressed as The Falcon, pretending to use The Falcon's jetpack to reach the stage while actually sliding down a rope.
    Leesa rolling a mishap, disconnecting and going hurtling uncontrollably round the auditorium as the jetpack triggered.
    Roxanne getting hold of The Scorpions medallion and throwing it into one of the scorpions claws.
    the scorpion rolling a 46 on it's next attack and crushing the medallion, causing a magical explosion which pretty much ended the fight.

The Scorpion chose this point to flee the scene. Hotly pursued by Leesa and The Falcon through his study and subsequently down a secret tunnel. They really didn't want to give up the pursuit.
Tisha and Roxanne mingled with the fleeing crowd and slipped out past the guards to their car.
The Scorpion attempted to make his escape in an Autogyro from the roof. Roxanne took a shot with her Godlaser, which amazingly missed for once. The Falcon blasted away but only clipped the Autogyro. Which left Leesa with one chance to inflict at least 2 wounds on the autogyro to prevent The Scorpions escape.

Numerous cards and a possibility later the autogyro was sent into a tailspin to crash with a satisfying explosion.
On which the final Cosm card was played: Inevitable Return The players haven't seen the last of The Scorpion...

The last part of the session was wrapped up in an epilogue as they finished up in the Nile Empire and headed back to the Azores. Where they passed over what they had recovered about Mobius' Reality Bombs to the Delphi Council. Some side banter about whether they should be handing over such dangerous information was dismissed with a 'Nah, it's super science, they can't make them if they wanted..." Internally my reaction was "Bwahahaha"

Next up will be the adventures of Jared, Shizu & Archibald in the Living Land as they track down a Ranger team that has gone missing.
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Spatula » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:45 pm

Death by scorpion, sayeth The Scorpion! Love it.

So who were those mysterious ninjas, and why did they want the Falcon???

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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:09 am

Spatula wrote:So who were those mysterious ninjas, and why did they want the Falcon???

I have no idea. :D I guess they will find out when they next return to the Nile Empire as I think I like these guys.

For now I need to shift my mental gears as I don't think the wacky hi-jinks of the NE are appropriate for the Living Land.
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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:30 pm

Been a while since I updated this, my group can be a bit inconsistent about timings for games. Real life and kids can get in the way surprisingly often.

Anyway, while the first team was in the Nile Empire the second team was called on to help the US military make contact with a Recon team in the Appalachians who got a message out about some kind of encampment where humans were being held as slaves.
Given the team consisted of Jared, the all-American hero; Shizu, Japanese Ex-Special forces; and Archibald, Great White Hunter it was actually the members the US military would have chosen if given the choice.
I threw in some comments by the General about what kind of micky mouse operation the Delphi council must be running with some of the other dossiers they had seen. Tisha's only a kid, goddamit.

Flying into the Aircraft Carrier USS JF Kennedy stationed just off the coast they were provided with a small wooden skiff with an outboard motor and several oars.
After navigating the storms and inquisitive Moarsaurus they made it to the Rappahannock river and headed upstream to Remington.
The city was deserted though strange chanting could be heard ahead, investigating they found a single heavily decorated Eidinos (Or Saurian as they love to call them) chanting over what appeared to be graves in a park.
Cue Zombie film as the Gospog began to claw their way out of the soil and shamble at the direction of the Gotak.

The heroes weren't standing for that and with excessive use of both fire power and actual fire dealt with the Gospog and their Gotak.
As more Gospog emerged from the deserted city Shizu & Jared held them off long enough for Archibald to finish giving last rights (and a judicious bullet where needed) to the remaining graves.

A few days trek through Chester Gap to Front Royal they found themselves being stalked by an unknown adversary. After a game of cat and mouse they encountered Sgt Berry (the DPC for my intermittent player), a member of the Recon team who had gone native. Now a member of a hunting party for Clan Usa, complete with flag and sergeants stripes war paint.
She brought them to the Lt who was trying to keep his team together and work out how to deal with the Eidinos who had set up camp outside an old mine. They had been rounding up the locals and using them to dig for something inside the mine. Meanwhile another Gotak had been burying the bodies of those who had died in a field just outside the camp.

Deciding they needed more information on the mine the party headed into the nearby town to search the records office for plans and information.
While there they intervened in a battle between some Eidinos and group of militia on Japanese Quad bikes. The leader introduced himself as Jack Maher, part of the Storm Front militia. They were taking the fight to the Lizards as the government was useless.
With information on the emergency exits from the mine and new allies prepared to launch an assault on camp once the prisoners were safe they infiltrated the mine during the night and looked for what the Eidinos had been looking for.

Deeper into the mines the passages opened up into a series of large crystal caverns. Several crystals of which held strange creatures, apparently perfectly preserved.
The largest crystal was apparently being worked on, crude scaffolding surrounded it and mining tools was scattered about it's base.
Within it was held a giant dinosaur.

Having identified what the Eidinos were after they returned to the main passages to ambush the working party as they came in to begin work.
I gave them a surprise round which they proceeded to use to eliminate several guards while Jared gave an Inspiring speech urging the slaves to rise up against their guards. An Inspire card and some good rolls later they added a glory and began an uprising.
While they evacuated the non-combatants the way they came in their allies launched an attack on the camp outside.
Joining in they caught the Eidinos in a pincer action and swiftly dealt with the living enemies.

As Jack Maher was boasting about how his team had driven the Scalies off, the party were worrying about where the Gotak had gotten to. A question soon answered as the 1st & 2nd planting Gospog shambled from the tree line and attacked the camp, where the players, Jack and his team and the miners were now the defenders.
This was a slightly tighter battle than I had anticipated. Even with giving them a couple of NPCs for them to use. The Gospog ability to ignore shock can really add up if you have a group of them...

A hard fought battle later finally ended when they had Jack crash a Quad into the last group while Shizu shot and blew up it's fuel tank as he rolled out of the way.
They threw in pretty much everything they had at this. I think it was a Possibility and Hero, Drama & Coup de Grace cards.
Unsurprisingly it was another 60+ roll and so they tossed their last Glory in.
Jack stood up a Storm Knight (Or Stormer, we will see...) from that stunt. It just seemed appropriate.

I wrapped up the evacuation of the civilians with the Recon team and left the Mission with Jack telling the players he was heading for Nashville. Apparently his backers had gotten some juicy info on the place.
A couple of the players have read the Near News Now feed, put 2 + 2 together and went "Oh, S**t, we know where this ends". But as the characters know nothing of this, they wished him and his team well and parted on good terms.

Right, this should have been done sooner. I've just wrapped up the 3rd Mission with the team. A raid on a Godnet hub in Portugal. I'll try and get that up faster.
Comments welcome.
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