Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Zackzenobi » Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:49 pm

The +2 from Demonical Frenzy seems underwhelming considering the cost.

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Spatula » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:07 pm

Zackzenobi wrote:The +2 from Demonical Frenzy seems underwhelming considering the cost.

I agree, but maybe there's something I'm missing. It does last the whole scene, which could be rather potent. I suppose it depends how long the scene lasts. The awful part is possibly losing an attribute point, but I think realistically one wouldn't use it without having a possibility or card to keep that from happening. In that sense the cost is more "you might have to spend a Possibility/Hero or Drama card at the end of the scene". Of course, one might disconnect...

And speaking of disconnecting, the perk has a star, meaning it's a contradiction out of Orrorsh. Does that mean when it's being used that melee and unarmed attacks are contradictions?

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Spatula » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:19 pm

Street Samurai, Starting PC

They killed your gang and left you for dead... but you will have your vengeance!

This archetype was just me trying to come up with some new ideas for Pan-Pacifica characters. The original idea was a street criminal or gang member, but I thought, what makes it a PP character? I decided to include at least one Ki Powers perk, which meant going for unarmed combat and/or melee weapons. But I also wanted the character to have a gun, which turned into an issue because the PP equipment is so expensive. Hence the regular katana rather than the electric variety. But the Focused Strike perk allows the character to hit pretty hard with it, regardless.

Cosm: Pan-Pacifica (Magic: 4, Social: 24, Spirit: 8, Tech: 24)
Attributes: Charisma 6, Dexterity 10, Mind 6, Spirit 8, Strength 10
Skills: Dodge 11, fire combat 12, intimidation 10, lockpicking 12, maneuver 12, melee weapons 13, reality 9, stealth 11, streetwise 8
Interactions: Intimidation 10, maneuver 12, taunt 6, trick 6
Dodge Defense: 11; Melee: 13; Unarmed: 10
Move: 9 (27); Tough: 13 (3); Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Equipment: Katana (Strength +3/13), Lock Picks, Plexiflex Sheathing (Tough +3, Max Dex 10, concealable), SC Kyogo 144 SMG (Damage 13, Ammo 45, Range 20/40/80, Short Burst)
Perks: Focused Strike* (Take 1 Shock to give melee attack AP +4), Vengeful (When Wounded, gain Up on next action against wounder during scene)
Possibilities: 3

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby mattritchie » Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:46 am

Ella Latimer

CHA 9 DEX 7 MIN 8 SPI 10 STR 6
Toughness: 10(4); Shock: 10; Wounds: 3
Skills: Reality 2/12, Faith 3/13, Dodge 2/9, Evid Analysis 1/9, Find 1/9, Intimidation 3/13, Persuasion 2/11, Scholar 1/9, Unarmed Combat 1/8
Perks: Miracles, Storyteller
Miracles: Ward Enemy, Healing, Bless
Equipment: Kevlar Vest, Mobile Phone, Notebook PC

Born to an evolutionary biologist father and an evolutionary psychologist mother who were employed at Oxford. Both parents were staunch athiests.
Parents taught her to love books.

At 16, while sitting in the middle of a field where her father was conducting research, she was reading a book when she suddenly felt a connectedness to the world around her that she couldn’t explain as anything other than divine. After that, she became fascinated with the mystics of all traditions, particularly focused on Telliard De Chardain.

Fell in love while in school and married Samuel Latimer, who was securing a degree in business. After graduation, they moved to London where he had a modest job while she worked as a copy editor. They had one child - Faith.

On Day One, a group of lurks made their way into a grocery store where Ella was shopping with Faith. Ella turned them back drawing on her sense of divine energy, and reports of her strange power caught Delphi’s attention. She has since been training to go into the field, but her combat skills are sorely lacking.

Samuel vanished after the Day One attack. No one knows what happened to him. In the meantime, Ella and Faith have been living in a small room on the second floor of Delphi HQ in London.

Keenly analytical and prone to think through situations rather than rush into them head-on.

Though she knows that it is necessary to kill and destroy to deter the invaders, she detests the thought that it is necessary. But she is willing to work with Delphi in order to protect Faith and someday learn about what happened to Samuel.

Core Identity: A mother seeking to make the world safe for her child.

Emotional Strength: Faith in a divine energy that transcends the conflict with the High Lords and inspires those around her.

Emotional Weakness: Hesitant, she wants to have all the facts and a sense of safety before acting. She doesn’t know how to act instinctively.

Moral Strengths: People can and will come together and reclaim the Earth, every life is valuable.

Moral Weaknesses: We cannot act until we have all the information, we must choose safety and security at all costs, might stray from mission to find Samuel.

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Spatula » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:31 pm

High-Class Thief, Starting PC

Or, I wish there was a less-wealthy Wealthy perk. $10,000 is too much money!

Anyway, Pan-Pacifica has a lot of neat ninja/thief gear. Unfortunately to start with it means you need the Wealthy perk, but then you only need a few thousand dollars of it. Would be cool to spend the rest on a bike, but they're crazy expensive for some reason.

This character could double as a ninja, I suppose, but is mainly focused on breaking & entering and getting away with it. In fact, the archetype has a general lack of attack skills. Undoubtedly that would change as the campaign progresses, but in the meantime the character has some good interaction tricks up their sleeve.

Cosm: Pan-Pacifica (Magic: 4, Social: 24, Spirit: 8, Tech: 24)
Attributes: Charisma 6, Dexterity 10, Mind 9, Spirit 8, Strength 7
Skills: Computers 10, dodge 12, find 11, lockpicking 12, maneuver 11, reality 9, stealth 13, streetwise 8, trick 11
Interactions: Intimidation 8, maneuver 11, taunt 6, trick 11
Dodge Defense: 12; Melee: 10; Unarmed: 10
Move: 10 (30); Tough: 9 (2); Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Equipment: Backpack, Caltrops (caltrop-based Maneuver is Favored), Chameleon Clothing (+4 Stealth when stationary), Combat Knife (Strength +1/8, Thrown), Electronic Lockpick, Filter Mask (immune to inhaled toxins), Flechette Ammo (AP 3 vs. some armors), Glock 9mm (Damage 13, Ammo 15, Range 10/25/40), IriMesh Clothing (Tough +2), Lock Picks, Multi-Tool, Smoke Pellets (x5) (Trick interaction, smoke (Concealment -2) in 5m radius), Wall Crawlers (DN 10 to climb even smooth surfaces)
Perks: Stalker (Test Stealth vs. highest Find to ambush opponents), Wealthy (Start with $10,000. Persuasion and Streetwise are Favored when purchasing)
Possibilities: 3
Wealth: $7,460
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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Atama » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:09 pm

The unused cash might work for bribes or to pay off informants for a bonus using Streetwise.

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Spatula » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:47 pm

The Unhittable Halfling, Starting PC

Just messing around with what one could do with the keefee species and its slightly higher-than-normal Dexterity maximum. The character has a turtle shell shield, a knife made from a fang, and a blowgun with a lot of poison darts. But more than that, they have really high defenses (20 or 21 with the size penalty factored in) and great Dexterity-based skills without even any ranks. So it's more of a support character... although with the high combat skills, getting BD on the otherwise low-damage attacks should be fairly common. And the high defenses are rather crucial, as the character's Toughness is so low.

One weird side effect of the high Dex is that the short guy is super-fast! I'd be inclined to reduce keefee movement speed by -2 or -4, and apply the same penalty to tests in a foot chase.

A further thought: a keefee transformed to a gun-using reality would be quite deadly. Right now the big limit on damage is the max 6 Strength and primitive weapons. But give one a .38 revolver (it's a small weapon, so the keefee can use it), maybe in the Nile with Super-Attribute and Super-Skill, and you'd have a gunfighting monster.

Cosm: Living Land (Magic: 1, Social: 7, Spirit: 24, Tech: 6)
Attributes: Charisma 6, Dexterity 14, Mind 6, Spirit 8, Strength 6
Skills: Dodge 15, faith 10, find 8, first aid 8, melee weapons 15, missile weapons 16, reality 10, survival 8, tracking 8, unarmed combat 14
Interactions: Intimidation 8, maneuver 14, taunt 6, trick 6
Dodge Defense: 16 (1); Melee: 17 (1); Unarmed: 16 (1)
Move: 14 (42); Tough: 6; Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Equipment: Blow Gun (Strength +0/6, Ammo 1, Range 10/20/30), Bone Knife (Strength +1/7, Fragile, Small), Creature Shell (Def +1, Min Str 6+), Darajen Venom (x6) (Stymied), Holy Totem, Shield Bash (Strength +1/7), Unarmed Strike (Strength +1/7)
Perks: Fortified by Faith (Use Faith when testing for Fear), Jungle Blessed (+1 unarmed damage, melee/unarmed defense w/o armor, hard to restrain)
Possibilities: 3
Special Abilities:
  • Size: Can't wear normal size armor/clothes or use most weapons.
  • Unique: This Storm Knight is the only member of this race in the campaign.
  • Very Small: -4 to be hit.

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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Postby Spatula » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:15 am

Dr. Montana Smith, Starting PC

Watching the Indiana Jones movies on Netflix brought about this...

Of course, it's hard to capture an accomplished solo character as a starting PC in a group RPG. I thought the character should be well-rounded which is good in some respects and not great in others - group RPGs tend to reward specialization. Still, the character (I think) fulfills the social niche well enough and can hold their own in a fight as well, without any glaring weaknesses.

Cosm: Nile Empire (Magic: 14, Social: 20, Spirit: 18, Tech: 20)
Attributes: Charisma 8, Dexterity 8, Mind 8, Spirit 8, Strength 8
Skills: Beast riding 9, dodge 10, find 10, fire combat 10, land vehicles 9, melee weapons 10, reality 9, scholar 11, unarmed combat 10
Interactions: Intimidation 8, maneuver 8, taunt 8, trick 8
Dodge Defense: 10; Melee: 10; Unarmed: 10
Move: 8 (24); Tough: 9 (1); Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Equipment: Bull Whip (Strength +2/10, Reach 3), Healing Draught (restores 1 BD Shock, 1 Wound), Leather Jacket (Tough +1, Max Dex 12, Torso), Matches, Notebook w/Pencil, Spectacles, Unarmed Strike (Strength +0/8), Webley Revolver (Damage 14, Ammo 6, Range 10/25/40)
Perks: Famous (Persuasion is Favored when not hiding ID, can add Connection card to hand 1/Act), Linguist (Can communicate simple concepts without Language skill)
Possibilities: 3

  • Brawler perk
  • Dumb Luck perk
  • Trademark Weapon perk (either Bull Whip or Revolver)
  • Natural Leader perk
  • language skill (various ancient languages)
  • streetwise skill
  • trick skill
  • persuasion skill

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