"You have not enough Jumpkeys"

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"You have not enough Jumpkeys"

Postby admiralnlson » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:37 pm


I'm having a hard time figuring out how a PC group who owns a spaceship but very few jumpkeys is supposed to move through the jumpweb.

Assuming a PC group includes a Charioteer pilot and owns a (cargo) spaceship,
How would this group typically make a 3-jump trip with their ship, when they (the Charioteer due to its low rank in the guild) only own the first jumpkey but not the other 2?

Would a low-rank Charioteer be able to expect special treatment from his guild mates and, rather than being refused passage, be allowed to go through a gate for a fee? I read a FAQ which mentions the option to bribe the officer in charge of the gate queue, but that does not seem like a reliable method, unless such bribes are common practice and accepted within the guild.

If not, would the PC group have to land on the planet after the first jump they are able to make, and then find one or 2 NPC Charioteers on it (Charioteer guild hall in the main agora?) who own the right keys and who's/are willing to make a several-days one-way trip to the next planet on board their ship (for the sole purpose of keying the gates, not piloting it)?
If yes, would such 'for hire' Charioteers typically be
- directly reachable from space or while docked to the planet's starbase (i.e the group remains docked, while the Charioteer gets shuttled in)
- found in the starbase itself (because such requests are frequent),
How much would this 'for hire' Charioteer be likely to make the group pay for such service?


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Re: "You have not enough Jumpkeys"

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:51 am

Charioteers receive a Jump Key each rank but that's not the upper limit they're allowed. A charioteer can buy a key off a charioteer down on his luck or off the Black Market if he's feeling reckless. More likely if a Charioteer is trying to get to a planet he doesn't have a gate-key for he'll rent it. He can hire a charioteer who has the key he needs to make the hop, cleaning the halls or taking care of passengers just to get him where he's going. It's not ideal but if they key isn't for sale he has to find a way.

Hiring a charioteer for their Jump Key is part of what the Guild does. You could radio in to the Boatswain at the Space port from the gate and have a Charioteer with a contract flying up in a shuttle as you enter orbit. Charioteer ensigns are good with this arrangement. It's essentially a chance to interview for a position on your crew and regular work. In our game a Rank 1 Charioteer with no remarkable skills to negotiate earns 18 FB on a jump (Plus food and board) If you're hiring them for their key and the pool of available crewmen is small they might ask for double that price, after all you're going to dump them on a planet with no connections, that's not unreasonable.

Charioteers can't bribe their way through a gate. It's a literal key. Without it you can enter the gate but likely won't emerge from the other side.

A low ranking charioteer generally wouldn't have a ship. The smallest of freighters costs more than the estates of a lesser lord, more than most Charioteer Captains make in their life. It also represents a massive ability to generate money. Just having a share of interest in a small freighter would be grounds for promotion for a low ranking Charioteer.

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Re: "You have not enough Jumpkeys"

Postby admiralnlson » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:38 pm

Thanks for the great answer! :)

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Re: "You have not enough Jumpkeys"

Postby OccumsRazor » Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:59 pm

Agreed; Great answer.

But..... The one jump key, one ship, one jump solution is not the only one. For that matter it is directly contradicted by, well... almost every piece of recent cover art for the series. Multiple ships can make the same jump at the same time from one system to another. Military fleets and merchant ships. So should we allow for the "convoy" method of travel through the gate. Multiple ships in a fleet are slaved to one master jumpgate system. Lead ship opens the gate, other ships just broadcast the essential code and jump engine is set to the correct.... I don't know frequency?

Post Emperor Wars this could be a more popular in order to increase the speed and volume of commerce.

My two cents.

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Re: "You have not enough Jumpkeys"

Postby Angelman » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:03 pm

Ships can also "tag along" another ship. My memory is rusty, but I THINK ships can be literally towed through a jumpgate (the connected ships becoming part of the same jumpengine system, so to speak). Don't ask me for a reference in canon for this, 'cause I cannot remember, but it is definitely there somewhere :)

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