Migratory Birds

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Re: Migratory Birds

Postby Pneumonica » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:34 am

Savioronedge wrote:These things are plot devices, not actors. If your story needs 5 out of a V of 8 ducks to suddenly cease to exist, then they do, for whatever reason you need.

While I understand this sentiment, I don't agree with it. Although the physics of the world exists because we say it does, if it isn't consistent then the players can't reasonably rely on it. After all, protagonists are plot devices, not actors. The actors are the people playing them.

I'm settled to the fact that there's no answer provided. It's readily worked out, I just wanted to know if it's ever actually been addressed.
A mathematician, a scientist, and an engineer are asked: "Say you define a tail as a leg. How many legs does a horse have?" The mathematician says, "5." The scientist, "1." The engineer, "You can't do that!"

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Re: Migratory Birds

Postby Atama » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:52 pm

I think a cool story would be that the colony collapse problem with honeybees was part of an advanced plan for the invasion. Now they’re on the verge of extinction and it’s up to Storm Knights to find a way to save them (maybe allied with sympathetic Edeinos or Lanala herself).

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