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Jump in for a quick sparring match against your companions, or team up to tackle terrible villains and vicious monsters. The Aventuria Adventure Card Game offers both a dueling mode (one-on-one or team vs team) and a cooperative story mode that can even be played solo. Choose from 4 famous Aventurian heroes, and then add the expansions for even more heroes and quests!

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  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Deck Customization - As you become more experienced with the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, you may start to notice that there are things you like and don't like about your favorite decks. Maybe you notice that you really never play a particular card, that certain things are always your first choice to play as Endurance. When you reach that Continue Reading
  • Replacement Rivets - Did you purchase the Aventuria Card Game and discover that you could not put all of your life wheels together? Then this post is for you! As we began our fulfillment of the original Aventuria Kickstarter, we discovered that a few people had experienced a packing error either in the base set or in one of the Continue Reading
  • Gen Con Wrap Up - The 50th Gen Con has wrapped up, and this year was bigger than ever for Ulisses North America! Some of the highlights from this year: The Aventuria Card Game sells out! We managed to sell out of all our boxes of both the base set and the expansions! Retail sales are coming soon, so keep Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Tournaments at Gen Con - Next week is Gen Con! We'll be teaching people Aventuria throughout the convention, both at our Event Hall space and at our booths. (See our Gen Con post for more details.) We will also be holding two different tournaments, and there is still plenty of space at both! One thing we want to make clear Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Adventure Ranking - Once you've started to dive into the adventure mode of the Aventuria Card Game, you will quickly see that there are many choices for how to run your group through the various scenarios. Obviously any individual adventure will vary in difficulty depending on what Time Scale you use, but the adventures themselves also vary in both Continue Reading
  • Ulisses at Gen Con 50 - We're counting down the days to Gen Con, and we are so excited about all the things we have going on this year.    Booths You can find Ulisses Spiele/Ulisses North America in two places within the Exhibit Hall itself. First, we will be sharing space with Paizo (Booth #103). If you visited us last Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Endurance - The Aventuria Adventure Card Game is now in the hands of our Kickstarter backers, and we're going to be selling and playing the game at Gen Con, so this seems like a good time to start discussing some of the finer points of strategy. I'll be posting a few articles over the coming weeks talking about Continue Reading
  • Ulisses North America YouTube Channel - We are excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel! This will be the official English-language YouTube presence for all our product lines. You'll be able to find official videos as well as external reviews. Right now we have mostly Aventuria and The Dark Eye, but we'll be adding content for Conan: Rise of Monsters and Torg Continue Reading
  • Aventuria at Spiel ’16 - If you are going to be in Essen this weekend for the largest boardgame convention in the world, you will have plenty of opportunities to check out Aventuria! In German, there will be events running all weekend non-stop. Demos will be running at the Ulisses Spiele booth (Hall 2, C-114). In addition, designers Michael Palm Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Card Preview – Tjalva Garheltdottir - Thorwal is the land of harsh and frozen seas, and it breeds strong warriors. Among them is the legendary Tjalva Garheltdottir, famed for both her ferocity and her giant stature. This hero is featured in Ship of Lost Souls, the second expansion for the Aventuria Card Game. As you can see, Tjalva does not use magic. Continue Reading

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