Aventuria Adventure Card Game

Jump in for a quick sparring match against your companions, or team up to tackle terrible villains and vicious monsters. The Aventuria Adventure Card Game offers both a dueling mode (one-on-one or team vs team) and a cooperative story mode that can even be played solo. Choose from 4 famous Aventurian heroes, and then add the expansions for even more heroes and quests!

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  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals - For Black Friday we have all of our game titles on offer for you. Have a look and come back Monday for more! Drop into our DriveThruRPG store and get any of our PDF's on sale through Monday! Torg Eternity products on sale! The Dark Eye products on sale! Fading Suns Classic Products on sale! Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Introducing the Treasure Hunter + Demo - In the upcoming Aventuria – Extraordinary Heroes crowdfunding (launching next week on Game On), we are including four Hero Sets. Each one is devoted to a single hero and provides all the cards you’ll need to start playing that hero right away. Each box also includes a themed solo adventure built specifically for that hero. Continue Reading
  • Streams, streams, and more streams! - We've kicked off an aggressive streaming schedule with more to come! Subscribe and follow our Twitch and Youtube channels to get notified when we go live and when VOD's get uploaded. TODAY 11am Pacific! Join Robert, our social media manager while he STARTS the Conspiracy of Mages Solo Adventure for The Dark Eye today at 11am Pacific on Continue Reading
  • New and Bundled Products for The Dark Eye and Aventuria - It's time to shop! We have several ways to buy products for The Dark Eye and the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, and we want to share them all with you! The Dark Eye on Bundle of Holding First, if you are new to The Dark Eye or just curious about it, then there has never been a better time Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Rowena’s Bornland Investigation - Last month I meant to post a solo play for Ship of Lost Souls, which hit stores in November. I even played through all three chapters of the eponymous 3-act adventure. But it turns out Tjalva Garheltdottir is just too strong. Even after a shaky start (failing all of her skill rolls in the first chapter), Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – The Power of the Blessed One - The Aventuria Card Game and its first expansion, Forest of No Return, should be hitting stores this month. (You can get them now on our web store.) I have talked quite a bit about the strategies, characters, and adventures in the base set, so today I'm going to move on to Forest of No Return. The first Aventuria Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Solo Adventure Challenge Part 2 - Last time, I talked about diving solo into the first chapter of the longer adventure in the Aventuria Card Game base set, “Legacy of Wildenstein.” That was definitely a challenge, but eventually Mirhiban Al'Orhima won out and made her way towards Castle Wildenstein to claim her heritage. This time, things went a little better. Let's talk about Continue Reading
  • New Products in the Web Store! - Earlier this year, we held a quiet opening of the Ulisses Spiele International web store, where we are selling many of our products directly to North American customers. (Note - we will ship worldwide, but our warehouse is based in the US, so international shipping may be expensive.) Today we are raising the profile of Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Solo Adventure Challenge - I have played several of the Aventuria Card Game adventures solo, but previously only various one-act adventures. For your sake, I decided to challenge myself by digging into the full-length adventure, "Legacy of Wildenstein." Not only that, but I set out to do it (twice) with characters that are not as good at soloing. Here's how Continue Reading
  • Aventuria Strategy Blog – Deck Customization - As you become more experienced with the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, you may start to notice that there are things you like and don't like about your favorite decks. Maybe you notice that you really never play a particular card, that certain things are always your first choice to play as Endurance. When you reach that Continue Reading

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