Living Land Preview #2 – Kaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baruk Kaah is the High Lord of the Living Land, and if you consider him a joke, he’ll smash your city just for spite and make you watch, then personally crush you in his bare hands. He may be a primitive lizard,  but that does not mean that he’s stupid. Just because he’s all about brute force doesn’t mean he isn’t surprisingly cunning too.

He is second only to the Gaunt Man for the oldest High Lord, and there is a good reason. The reasons are littered all around the Living Land.

The Great Saar

The Living Land source book goes into some detail regarding the personality and goals of Baruk Kaah, as well as his relationship with the goddess Lanala, and the other High Lords.

Baruk Kaah is one of the few High Lords who is willing (and in fact, enjoys) getting his hands dirty with dealing with pesky Storm Knights. He’s known to personally put himself into the fray when Storm Knights known for Glory seeds are found in his territory.

The Delphi Council recommends running if this occurs.

Here is Baruk Kaah’s statblock, and right off the top we acknowledge that he is not a character who Alpha, Beta, or even Gamma Clearance Storm Knights can expect to take on and succeed. The only way to truly expect to defeat Kaah is to sever his connection to his Darkness Device, Rek Pakken.

Stelae Defenses

Speaking of Glory seeds, the loss of a few zones in the last half of the year has pressed Kaah to develop new defenses for his stelae. You can expect other High Lords to have similar cosm-specific defenses for their stelae as well.

Reality Spikes: A new defense developed by the High Lord’s craftiest gotaks, these sharpened bones are blessed with lavish spiritual energy and react violently to a rush of Possibility Energy. If a Storm Knight attempts to Last Ditch Effort the Dramatic Skill Resolution to uproot the stela, the trap is set off. For the rest of the round the DN to uproot the stela jumps up to Near Impossible (DN 20) as a base. In addition, all creatures friend and foe within 20 meters of the stela suffer 10 + 2BD damage.

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2 thoughts on “Living Land Preview #2 – Kaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Dave McWhorter says:

    I’m glad to see Kaah returned to his glory! He was made fun of in the original system, when most seemed to forget that Kaah was smart enough to convince other conquered races to join his cause. Only Gaunty was the other to do so. Living Land was first presented as the most dangerous realms because you couldn’t simply shoot everything to survive. I’m glad to see the savagery has returned!

  2. John Wilson says:

    This is how Kaah should have been in the first edition. I had always portrayed him as a dangerous and crafty foe, responding with brutal force when challenged directly, but with cunning traps for the unwary.
    He planted Stelae behind enemy lines, then staged troops to focus a battle, and activated the stelae to disable the modern weapons and slaughter the army. Well played, Saar, well played.

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