Ramping up Torg and Ulisses Social Media

Starting today, we are going to be increasing our social media presence for Ulisses North America as a company and for the Torg Eternity product line specifically.


Since Gen Con, we have kept news of Torg fairly quiet, and many fans are eager to know what’s coming next and, more importantly, when. To help spread that information, we are beginning to add accounts for both the Torg brand and for Ulisses North America on a variety of social media venues. For right now, we have

Torg Facebook site

a Ulisses North America Facebook site

and a Ulisses North America Twitter account.

The Torg section has also been opened up in the Ulisses-US forums, so please join us and start your discussions!

Buttons for all these locations have been added to the relevant pages here on our main website, and more accounts will be coming soon!

Up until now, much of our information has been focused around The Dark Eye plus a bit of Conan, so it has made sense for our primary communication steams to be attached to those specific brands. Moving forward, we want to be able to focus our information in a few places while still allowing people to find us and share in a community based on their favorite brands. We will generally try to avoid cross-promotion (though it may happen sometimes), so make sure you follow the Ulisses North America accounts for information on ALL our product lines. This includes information about Fading Suns as that becomes available.

We’re tying this announcement to Torg specifically because we also want to tell you that very soon we will be releasing the Torg Eternity Quick-Start rules!

We’ve had quite a few requests for playtest and demo information, and we’ve decided to make our next phase as public as possible. We’re going to be opening up the Quick-Start rules so that everyone can try them out and tell us what they think. Keep watching here and on these social media accounts for that announcement!


7 thoughts on “Ramping up Torg and Ulisses Social Media”

  1. Carmen Sbordone says:

    Been waiting forever. Cant wait.

  2. Darth Mauno says:

    Quick-start rules coming soon? Yes please!

  3. johnomar says:

    I feel like I’ve waited 20 years for this! 🙂

  4. Will Arnold says:

    Get on Google+ where all the roleplayers are!

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We will be as we get a little farther along. Probably after the New Year. 🙂

  5. Eric Simon says:

    Note – The developers have updated their decision on the Quick-Start. They were just not satisfied that we could make a streamlined product that would represent the game. Check here for more details:

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