The Dark Eye Core Rules Second Printing

The Dark Eye Core Rules Kickstarted last spring, fulfilled at the end of the summer, and became available to retail distributors only this past month. In that time it has sold so well that Ulisses Spiele is already going into its second printing!


Distributors and stores should have enough stock to serve current demand, and we are holding on to enough copies to cover Kickstarter add-ons for our current set of crowdfunding campaigns – especially the Aventuria Almanac. However, by as early as January 2017 we expect to need to begin restocking and resupplying, so we are initiating our process for a second printing immediately.

In addition to this second hardcover printing, the new digest-sized softcover edition of the Core Rules should be available in January! In the meantime, the Core Rules continues to be available digitally through DriveThruRPG.

We are thrilled at the reception The Dark Eye has received so far, and we are excited to expand the world of Aventuria over the coming months and years. Thank you so much!

3 thoughts on “The Dark Eye Core Rules Second Printing”

  1. Hi Eric, are you guys handing out review copies of The Dark Eye? I’m going to put a link to my youtube channel below, in case my reviewing style is appropriate, for what you would look for in a roleplaying game review.

    Abraham Zetina

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Sending a private email now!

  2. John Polack says:

    Hi Eric I too have a you tube channel and do honest reviews and such, while I already own the core book anything you would like to send over for a review I would be happy to do…also just saying huge TORG fan…hint hint 🙂

    my you tube channel:

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