Torg Eternity Stretch Goal Summary

Here is a running list of everything that has been unlocked on the Torg Eternity Kickstarter:

See the Add Ons above for a more detailed description of the Day One Adventures. Note that if we hit these Stretch Goals, everyone gets the PDF versions free, but you can get the print version now as an Add On (we’ll send you the PDF as well, of course).

  • $10,000 – Aysle (PDF): Guard a tour bus of children in Trafalgar Square as hideous things burst up from the Underground! And where does that trail lead to?
  • $13,000 – The Cyberpapacy (PDF): Resist as the Antipope updates everyone’s mobile phones to the God Net in France, heralded by holograms of fluttering birds and choirs of digital angels!
  • $15,000 – The Living Land (PDF): The attack begins at CitiField during opening day of Major League baseball!
  • $18,000 – The Nile Empire (PDF): A tourist trip to the pyramids becomes a tourist trap as Pharaoh Mobius’ forces descend on Egypt!
  • $21,000 – Orrorsh (PDF): Race to a wedding in rural India as the landscape devolves into madness.
  • $25,000 – Pan-Pacifica (PDF): Flee before the rampage of the hopping vampire outbreak in Tokyo, and discover the secret of Kanawa!
  • $30,000 – Tharkold (PDF): Fight as Russian Special Forces during the cyberdemon invasion of Moscow!

  • $35,000 – More Cosm Cards (Print + PDF): We’ll increase the Cosm Cards in every Drama & Destiny Deck set from 64 to 80.
  • $40,000 – More Destiny Cards (Print + PDF): We’ll increase the number of Destiny Cards in each Deck from 50 to 60.
  • $50,000 – Original Art for Every Card (Print + PDF): Identical cards such as “Action” have the same art. If we hit this Stretch Goal, every card will have its own unique art!

  • $60,000 – Deluxe Map Pack (PDF): We’ll collect the maps of each cosm into a high-resolution digital packet you can print and manipulate for your campaign, or use for “Virtual Table Tops”!

  • $70,000 – High Lord Miniatures: Check out the ADD ONs section for the fantastic set of High Lord miniatures YOU unlocked!

  • $80,000+: Several of Torg’s original creators and a host of your FAVORITE RPG writers are ready to create new short adventures for Torg Eternity! Help us reach this level and we’ll show you WHO they are and WHAT they’re working on!

Returning Heroes

Previous contributors return to the Possibility Wars for new adventures:

  • $80,000 Ed Stark (PDF) Original TORG contributor Ed Stark finds adventure in the Nile Empire!
  • $85,000 Miranda Horner (PDF) Original TORG Contributor Miranda Horner spins a new web of intrigue in Pan-Pacifica!
  • $90,000 John Terra (PDF) Original TORG contributor John Terra unleashes a tale of terror for Orrorsh!

Fresh Faces

New Storm Knights you may have heard of face their Moment of Crisis:

  • $130,000 Darrell Hayhurst (PDF) New line developer Darrell Hayhurst tackles the Cyberpapacy!
  • $140,000 Ross Watson (PDF) The author of the new Living Land sourcebook Ross Watson unleashes the power of Baruk Kaah!
  • $150,000 Steve Kenson (PDF) Professional geek Steve Kenson pens a scene for the new Tharkold!
  • $160,000 Robert Schwalb (PDF) Noted designer Robert Schwalb unlocks magic and mystery in Aysle!
  • $170,000 Monica Valentinelli (PDF) Esteemed writer Monica Valentinelli explores the savage Living Land!
  • $180,000 John Wick (PDF) RPG luminary John Wick unveils a tale set in the oppressive Cyberpapacy!

Original Creators

The original creators of TORG join the fray for all-new adventures!

  • $200,000 Greg Gorden (PDF) returns to Orrorsh – Storm Knights beware!
  • $220,000 Bill Slavicsek (PDF) rejoins the Possibility Wars to tear up Tharkold!

And finally, the print version of all these adventures and more:

  • $250,000 Delphi Missions Book (Print) All 11 Celebrity Author adventures (plus more!) are collected into an 80-page hardcover book, available as a $25 add-on or included free in the Delphi Council Cargo Box!

  • $100,000 Torg Original Soundtrack (MP3): Ralf Kurtsiefer composes ten tracks-two general tracks and one track for each cosm. All pledges eligible for Digital Stretch Goals receive these tracks.
  • $110,000 Soundtrack Upgrade (MP3): Ralf Kurtsiefr doubles the number of tracks! Four general tracks and two for each cosm. All pledges eligible for Digital Stretch Goals receive these tracks.
  • $120,000 Soundtrack Upgrade (CD): A physical CD of the soundtrack becomes available as a $10 add-on, or is added free to the Delphi Council Cargo Box.

Original Torg writer Ed Stark (Hard Sell, Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Space Gods) writes three novelettes set in the new Torg Eternity timeline! Available to all backers in PDF!

  • $240,000 – The Storm Breaks, Part 1
  • $260,000 – The Storm Breaks, Part 2
  • $280,000 – The Storm Breaks, Part 3

Everyone gets the digital versions of these upgrades, so those come first! When we unlock the physical versions, they will go into every Cargo Box!

  • $210,000 Cosm Table Tents (PDF) Everyone gets a set of full-color, printable table tents with each cosm’s World Laws for easy reference at your table.
  • $230,000 Threat Cards (PDF) Everyone gets a set of full-color, printable reference cards with stats for many of the foes you might face in Torg Eternity!
  • $250,000 Threat Blips (PDF) Everyone gets a set of full-color, printable tokens that you can use at the table, especially for tactical combat.
  • $270,000 Physical Cosm Table Tents A full set of card-stock table tents goes into every Cargo Box.
  • $290,000 Physical Threat Cards A full set of printed reference cards goes into every Cargo Box.
  • $310,000 Physical Threat Blips A full set of punch-out sheets with all of the threat blips goes into every Cargo Box.

  • $300,000 – The Return of the Infiniverse!

We will commit to developing a set of web-based tools and resources that will be freely available to GMs for use in their own games, as well as tools enabling coordination with the larger story.

The specifics of what those tools will be are not yet determined, but we do have some ideas. Also, this is a long term project, with the first items probably not launching until fall. We need to take the time to make sure that each part of this system is something that is both useful and sustainable.

  • $320,000 – Character Journals (PDF) This is a set of 8 themed character sheets – one for each cosm, including Core Earth. Each one then has several pages for keeping track of your character’s story in a journal format.
  • $330,000 – Character Journals (print) The character journal pack is added to the Cargo Box and to the add-ons (at $5).
  • $340,000 – Day One Pregens (PDF) At this level, we create downloadable pre-filled character sheets for every single pregenerated character in the Day One adventures!

  • $350,000 – Expanded Counter Sheets This is a straightforward goal: Every reward level that gets physical counter sheets gets twice as many!

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