Ulisses at Gen Con 50

We’re counting down the days to Gen Con, and we are so excited about all the things we have going on this year.



You can find Ulisses Spiele/Ulisses North America in two places within the Exhibit Hall itself. First, we will be sharing space with Paizo (Booth #103). If you visited us last year, our setup will be very similar to that. However, we are excited to announce that this year we will have not one but TWO artists in residence throughout the convention, both of whom will be working on art live for you to watch.

Nadine Schäkel will be returning this year, and she’ll be joined by Steffen Brand, who is responsible for many of the maps we use for The Dark Eye. Both of them will be stationed at Booth #103.

We’ll have several other German team members as well, including Mháire Stritter from Orkenspalter TV! For the most part, you can count on finding the German team at Booth #103, but some of them may roam to our other booth too.

Booth #2634 is the Ulisses Spiele booth. As you can see from our map below, we’re spread out fairly well between our two locations, so you should visit both of our booths as you explore different sections of the Exhibit Hall. Our North American team will be stationed at both, so if you want to talk about Torg Eternity or Fading Suns or other things, just ask and we’ll point you to the best person available at the moment.

Card Gaming

As you can see from that map, we also have space in Event Hall C. This area is specifically designated for playing the Aventuria Adventure Card Game. We’ll be running free tutorials every hour on the hour for most of the convention. We’ll also be running short demos at our booths, but these tutorials will allow you to play a full duel or more.

We also have two tournaments running in this area. The first will be a pre-constructed tournament on Friday at 1pm. Materials will be supplied if you haven’t bought the game yet, so feel free to join in even if you’ve just learned the game at one of our tutorials!

The second tournament is an open tournament on Saturday at 1pm. We’ll supply pre-constructed decks if you want to just join in, but this format also allows for customized decks according to the normal deck construction rules.

If you prefer Aventuria’s Adventure Mode, you’ll want to head on over to the JW Marriott…


We are very excited this year to have secured our very own room just for Ulisses North America RPGs! Room 302 in the JW Marriott is ours for the entire convention! We have 4 tables running all day every day with a mix of Torg EternityThe Dark Eye, and the Adventure Mode of the Aventuria Card Game. Most of the RPG slots are already filled, but as always with Gen Con events, do try to show up with generics. We may have unexpected cancellations or we may be able to squeeze you in anyway. (Note – Additional players are solely at the discretion of the GM and are non-negotiable.)


The big news this year will all be happening at our seminar at 12 noon on Saturday. We’ll be talking all about our upcoming plans for The Dark Eye, Torg Eternity, Aventuria, Fading Suns, and Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory!

We can’t wait to see everyone there!

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