What to Expect in the Torg Kickstarter

As we mentioned last week, the Torg Eternity Kickstarter will be launching before the end of this month. Since we are mere weeks away, we know that a lot of fans want to know what’s going to be in it.

Obviously we can’t tell you everything yet, but we can give you a broad overview.

What’s Included

We’ll be selling the main rule book, of course. You’ll be able to get that digitally and in hardcover, as well as in one or two special edition covers. (We’ll be announcing more details on those as we get closer.)

But because this is Torg, you’ll want accessories too!

You will be able to buy decks, Possibility Tokens, and Dice Packs as add-ons, but you can also get some of those basic things as part of the GM Box. This box is featured in all but the “just the book” pledge levels, and comes loaded with everything you need to run the game, including dice, tokens, decks, character sheets, and even an adventure.

Our various pledge levels are built around how you want to buy the book (digital/hardcover/deluxe) and whether you just want the book or the book and some extras.

And then we have our “Best Deal” levels, which will include one of every purchasable add-on – even the ones that get unlocked during the campaign! Some of those (like the GM Screen) are not part of the GM Box, so if you want everything, that’s the way to get it.

Stretch Goals

Our stretch goals lean more towards bonuses for everybody with a few very nice purchasable add-ons in the mix. Obviously we want to keep most of this list as a surprise for now, but we think you’ll be very pleased.

Old Torg Bundle

Finally, we’ve gotten a few questions here and there asking whether backers will be able to pick up the entire digital library of previous Torg releases at a special Kickstarter discount. The short answer is – yes. We’ll have more details soon, but you can count on this happening.

Things are going to start happening quickly, so make sure you are keeping an eye on our Facebook and Twitter!

5 thoughts on “What to Expect in the Torg Kickstarter”

  1. Juan Ward says:

    >>Some of those (like the GM Screen) are not part of the GM Box

    Um, if someone buys the GM box to run the game, why WOULDN”T you give them the screen? Seems like you want them to have to upa pledge to buy the “best” deal…

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Not everyone uses screens these days, and including it would raise the cost enough that some people might not decide to purchase the box. The GM Box includes the things you absolutely need to run the game (decks, dice, possibility tokens), plus some bonus items that are not available any other way, so we want to make it as affordable as we can.

      The GM Screen can be purchased as an individual add-on, so you definitely do not have to pledge at a “Best Deal” level just to get it. If you want the GM Box and the screen and that’s all, you can do that.

  2. Danilo says:

    I am from Brazil, and the import fee taxes are very big for “toyboxes” while books have a more reasonable import tax fee. Will it be possible to pick a Gm box and screen and receive the book(s) in separate mail packages, to pay a reduced import tax for the books/screen?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      That is something I will have to check into. I’ll have to see how much you’ll save on taxes by separating them compared with how much more you’d pay in shipping.

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