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High Lord Uthorion's magical cosm. It has invaded the United Kingdom and Norway.

Aysle Dominant Zone
Magic Axiom Social Axiom Spirit Axiom Tech Axiom
24 16 18 14
The Law of Enchantment
The Law of Light and Darkness
The Law of Magic


Aysle was never exactly a peaceful realm. Its various races and factions have warred against each other since the beginning of memory. Dwarves battled elves, giants chased trolls from the mountains, and the various human houses and religions fought frequent wars over land, resources, and even ideals. But the greatest threat, Lord Angar Uthorion, was not of this world. He was a servant of the Gaunt Man who eventually gained possession of his own Darkness Device and was given Aysle as his to conquer.

100 Years Ago[edit]

The knights, wizards, warriors, and monstrous races of this fantastic land proved a challenge. Eventually, the Gaunt Man loaned his own horrors to Uthorion’s army: nightmare creatures such as gospog, ravagons, and even the dread Carredon—a massive dragon-like being of pure nightmare. Uthorion’s forces marched on the Valley of the Sword, home to Lady Pella Ardinay of the Light. Ardinay was the true bulwark who had stopped the Dark One’s horrors. Uthorion could likely kill her, he believed, but that would only spur the resistance on. At least for a time. And there were other worlds to conquer.

Lady Ardinay watched the assault from her tower. Her forces were commanded by the greatest of her champions, Knight Protector Tolwyn of House Tancred. Arrayed against her warriors and allies from the dwarves and elves were a nightmare host of trolls, giants, undead, goblins, and a massive dragon-like creature called the Carredon. The battle commenced. Strange creatures, alien things sent by the Gaunt Man to assure victory, joined the fray. The heroes of Aysle seemed doomed. Ardinay attacked Uthorion, but she had no experience with the budding High Lord’s Darkness Device. She lasted longer than most, but Uthorion sundered her soul and left her a prisoner within her own body. Ardinay collapsed.

Uthorion screamed his victory from Ardinay’s balcony, hurling her body to the ground below. Then the Dark One turned into a raven and flew from the battlefield, believing his victory assured. But the fall of the Lady of Light had the opposite effect on her loyal followers. Spurred by her defeat and Uthorion’s barbarism, they made one last furious charge into the monstrous hordes. Tolwyn of House Tancred led the way. A massive storm gathered, casting the battlefield in darkness. Flashes of green sorcery and white miracles lit the violent tableau. Tolwyn attacked the fearsome Carredon in single combat, an epic fight bards would sing about for centuries to come.

Finally, the fury of the attack broke Uthorion’s horde. The remaining humans, elves, and dwarves swarmed over the fleeing survivors with reckless vengeance. The Carredon took to the sky, Tolwyn caught in its massive claws as she stabbed it with her magic sword. The monster flew into the dark clouds high above and gave what many claim was its death scream. But no corpse was ever found, neither of the Carredon or valiant Tolwyn. As the allies returned to the Valley of the Sword, Ardinay rose, broken but alive. Despite her grievous wounds, she walked among her battered champions. They cheered her strength and hoisted their blades in her honor. None of them realized that her broken body was occupied by the soul of Uthorion.

In the aftermath of those dread days, often known as "Uthorion’s Rage" the Dark One’s armies regrouped. They dared not attack the Valley of the Sword again, but turned to the ancient elves. Uthorion burned their forests and shattered their ancient cities. Below the earth, his hordes all but destroyed the mighty dwarves. The allies appealed to Ardinay for aid, but she did not respond. The foul sorcerer could enter her body at will, leaving her weak and confused when he was absent. As Ardinay he turned the races against each other and goaded the great houses to murder and treachery. Aysle entered a bloody age of deceit and betrayal unlike anything it had ever known. The queen’s mages, physicians, and priests believed her condition was the lingering aftereffects of her terrible fall from the tower. She rose from her bed to hold court when some important matter was at hand, but the land suffered. The humans huddled in their fortresses. The surviving elves disappeared to some unknown retreat. The dwarves were all but gone. Truly, these were dark days.

Day One[edit]

After long years, the Gaunt Man sent for his former servant. He had discovered a new target, a world so rich in Possibilities all others paled in comparison. In fact, it was so rich it would take multiple High Lords to conquer. Uthorion was assigned a portion of this rich prize, and warned to prepare. Aysle is a strange disc-shaped world with various layers and a hole in its middle where the sun passes. It was in the darkness of the “Land Between“ that Uthorion had so devastated the dwarves. While there he discovered other strange properties of the Land Between as well. Angar and his disciples planted inert stelae at certain junctions of the Land Between and placed a powerful enchantment on them. Finally, the Gaunt Man gave the signal. The day of the invasion arrived.

Uthorion’s maelstrom bridges crashed down in Oslo, Norway, and Warrington, England. But he also triggered his terrible incantation. The inert stelae planted throughout the Land Between came to life just as the maelstrom bridges crashed down on Earth—and thundered up from below! The caverns, tunnels, and catacombs of Aysle’s Land Between shifted dimensions and merged with Earth’s “Underground,“ forming a network of passages between the two worlds. Great chasms, depressions, and sinkholes riddled the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and parts of Denmark and Finland. Ancient tombs of Aysle linked with English subway tunnels. Crypts in Wales joined with the dark dungeons of insidious liches. Basements in Helsinki gave way to the dank lairs of goblins and other fell humanoids.

As the people of Aysle listened to rumors of Uthorion’s invasion, a strange thing happened. A lone rider appeared on the road in the Valley of the Sword. She rode to Ardinay’s castle and said that she was Tolwyn of House Tancred, returned after these long years from some hellish limbo. Ardinay’s attendants took the Knight Protector to the Lady of Light, hoping it might restore some of her former strength. But as Tolwyn approached, the queen rose and thundered with rage. “YOU!“ Her voice sounded suspiciously like the bark of the Dark One. Tolwyn drew her sword at once and plunged it deep into Ardinay’s breast.

“Thank you,“ said the Lady of Light, her voice once again her own, as she fell to the stone floor. Tolwyn waited in the dungeon for a day before the door creaked open. It was Pella. “You have freed me, my champion,“ she said softly. Her wounds were already healed and her skin was lively and full once again. Uthorion had been cast out. “We must help those I have failed,“ Ardinay continued. “I need you to ride once more, Tolwyn of House Tancred.“ The knight did not hesitate.

Ardinay and Tolwyn put together a column of knights, mages, priests, and those few elves and dwarves who remained allies. They battled their way through the Land Between and arrived in England, offering to help the beleaguered humans there. After some difficulty—and a visit by Quinn Sebastian of the Delphi Council, who vouched for her—the Ayslish forces were welcomed. Now the Core Earthers battle Uthorion’s forces where their reality remains, such as the London hardpoint, while Ardinay teaches transformed humans the ways of magic.

Day 90[edit]

Three months into the invasion, Aysle on Earth is a realm of dark magic and terrible creatures. It extends from the United Kingdom and Ireland through Norway, Sweden, Finland, and parts of Denmark. Viking raiders, necromancers, trolls, giants, dire wolves, wights, undead, and ever-hungry dragons roam the surface lands or lurk in the underground tunnels beneath. The Dark One maintains castles throughout Aysle, with his main stronghold in Oslo, Norway, surrounded by a vast fleet of Viking longships, their veteran crews, and sorcerous skalds.

London remains the largest Core Earth hardpoint in the realm. Storm Knights gather here to exchange information, heal, and restock supplies before setting out on dangerous missions to the towns, villages, and other cities, or delving into the treasure-laden depths of the Underground which is said to connect all the lands—if one knows where to look. Aysle’s transformation of Ireland has taken on a different nature. Fairies, both benevolent and malign, run rampant. Scholars from Trinity College are fascinated by the way Uthorion’s reality has intermingled with their own folklore to create a hybridized, mythical history.

Giants, trolls, and goblins roam the Scottish Highlands. Numerous towns and villages have already been raided, forcing locals into ancient castles and keeps long used only for tourists. Uthorion’s raiders, Viking-like warriors bolstered by giants, attacked over the maelstrom bridge in Oslo, Norway. After initial success due to the axiom wash and failing technology, the people of Norway managed to counterattack and push the raiders all the way back to their bridgehead. The attack was a distraction, however. Hordes of undead (including zombie trolls and giants!) emerged from the Underground near Karl Johans Gate and attacked the rallying Norwegians from behind. Fresh waves of Viking raiders supported by sorcerers and necromancers then crossed the maelstrom bridge and joined in the bloody fray. Most of the once beautiful city is now a ruined necropolis. It is said Uthorion returns there often to raise fresh corpses for his endless hordes.

Regional Subdivisions[edit]

  • Norden
  • The Channel
  • The Faelands
  • The Graves
  • The Kingdom
  • The Underground
  • The Viking Sea

Points of Interest[edit]



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