Aventuria Card Preview – Zombie Pirates

Now that we’ve spent some time with Brother Hilbert in the Forest of No Return, let’s examine some of the things that make our second expansion, Ship of Lost Souls, special as well. The Henchman deck for this expansion includes a zombie pirate crew that is used in all three chapters of the title adventure as well as the short adventure “Rietholtz’s Treasure,” so you’ll get to know them fairly well.

This is great for me, because they are some of my favorite minor characters in the entire card game.


CROM Mechanics Teaser #6 – Morale

Defeating an opponent may mean killing every lest foe, or it might simply mean breaking their spirit. Morale is an essential element in the shifting tides of battle, and a good general must consider it carefully in order to emerge victorious.



Aventuria Card Preview – Martyr’s Blessing

In our last card preview, we looked at swarms, one of the new mechanics introduced in the first Aventuria expansion, Forest of No Return. In this preview, we’ll examine liturgical chants, the other new mechanic introduced in that expansion. Liturgical chants are a new to type of adventure card that are (so far) unique to Hilbert, Blessed One of Peraine.


Aventuria Card Preview – Swarm of Bats

There are a number of new rules in the two expansions that have been release for Aventuria, Forest of No Return and Ship of Lost Souls. In our next few previews, we’ll be looking at some of the cards that introduce those new mechanics.


Aventuria Review from Nerds-Gegen-Stephan.de

The following is a review from earlier this year of the German edition of Aventuria. We have included pictures from that review to make this translation as faithful as possible. You can find the original text here:


Review by Philipp Lohmann

(Translated by Eduard Lerperger, edited by Kevin MacGregor)


CROM Mechanics Teaser #5 – Ranged Combat


Not every foe should be faced head-on. Some enemies should be handled with care…and distance.


Aventuria Card Preview – Suffocation

Today we’re going to focus on a simple one-shot card that helps us explain in more detail a number of the mechanics and design principles of Aventuria. This card, Suffocation, is from the hero deck of Mirhiban Al’Orhima, the Tulamydian Mage.



Aventuria Videos

We have now finished posting a plethora of videos on the Kickstarter campaign, and we are excited to share those with you.


Aventuria Card Preview – Time Scale Cards

If you read our first card preview, the Bandit Thief, you may have noticed some cryptic text towards the bottom and wondered, “What is this hourglass thing doing here?”

That hourglass is a Time Counter, and it’s part of the mechanic that makes Adventure Mode combat challenging but also flexible. To explain more, we’re going to talk about the Time Scale cards.

wildensteindifficultycards_page_1 (more…)

CROM Mechanics Teaser #4 – Melee!

The main course of any wargame! Melee is what happens once you’ve done all your maneuvering and now you’re in the thick of it. But CROM has a few things that keep melee combat fun and less of a slog.

childconan (more…)