Aventuria Card Preview – Hero Actions

(This article contains mild spoilers for one of the adventures in the Aventuria base set.)

The Adventure Mode in the Aventuria Card Game has two phases. First, there is the story, in which the text of the adventure is read and the heroes face skill challenges that can improve or worsen their overall position on the way to the final conflict. A typical adventure chapter has about 3 to 4 skill challenges during this phase. Then comes the combat, in which the heroes fight against a combination of Leaders and Henchmen. The abilities of the Leader and the specific Henchman drawn provide quite a bit of variety in the combat experience, but there is usually even more going on. (more…)

Aventuria Card Preview – Bandit Thief

Aventuria has two modes – a Duel Mode in which heroes face off against each other, and an Adventure Mode in which heroes team up to face challenges and defeat villains in combat. Henchmen make up a large part of the combat in Adventure Mode, so let’s take a look at a typical henchman card, the Bandit Thief.



The Aventuria Kickstarter is Live

The Aventuria Card Game Kickstarter has now launched! Come join the adventure!

We’ve talked before about the structure of the pledge levels, so you already know what to expect. Now come help us make this great game and unlock some amazing stretch goals!

CROM Mechanics Teaser #3 – Movement and Charging

In our last teaser we discussed how attacking is handled in Conan: Rise of Monsters, and we happened to mention charging when we did that. So in this one we’re going to talk about movement and charging and why the Scion of Set’s 12″ charge is extremely powerful.



Announcing the Aventuria Card Game Kickstarter

Arm yourself for battle! The Kickstarter for the English edition of the Aventuria Card Game launches this week!


The official launch time will be Thursday, September 15th at 10:00am Eastern Time (14:00 UTC, 16:00 Germany).

As we had mentioned in our previous post, you won’t need to make a lot of add-on decisions or worry about shipping right at first. However, if you feel like jumping into the deep end, there are a very limited number of pledges at our highest level, which is something very special indeed. We expect those to be snapped up quickly.

The stretch goals won’t be visible at launch, but we will be watching very closely. We’ll start posting stretch goals once we reach our funding target.

Come join the adventure this Thursday!

CROM Mechanics Teaser #2 – Attacks and Damage

In our second round of teasing the mechanics of Conan: Rise of Monsters, we look at the the way that dice are rolled on an attack. This is the core of combat, so you’ll be doing it quite a bit. Luckily, it’s very straightforward. (more…)

Crafting a Kickstarter: Aventuria


We’re getting close to being able to announce the official launch date of the Aventuria Kickstarter. There are some final details to be worked out, so some things are still subject to change. However, we thought it might be good to give you a little overview of how we’re approaching this Kickstarter. (more…)

CROM Mechanics Teaser #1 – Initiative

All tabletop wargamers know that a game can be won or lost on initiative. If anything, this becomes more true with smaller numbers of units, so initiative is critical to the flow of a skirmish game. Conan: Rise of Monsters is built with an eye towards making initiative more than just a random chance. It’s a gameable mechanic that will need to be part of your overall strategy if you want to be effective. (more…)

Gen Con Roundup

The whirlwind of chaos is beginning to subside, and we are working on catching up on all the things we have to do for our many projects (and yes, our first priority is making sure all the backer rewards are shipped). It was fantastic having members of the German and North American teams get together! I can’t even describe how much I learned about Aventuria just listening to Nico talk to customers. He’s an absolute treasure.

It was also wonderful meeting so many people and getting them excited about our various products! The response on everything has been overwhelmingly positive. While we were there, we heard many questions more than once, and there were a few new pieces of information that we decided or discovered along the way, so it makes sense for us to do a wrap-up post covering some of the most important items:


Teasing Torg

We’re getting ready to start Day 3 at Gen Con, and the fan response has been amazing! We’ve loved meeting many of you who are The Dark Eye Kickstarter backers, fans of our German products, and new fans just learning about us!

We’ve gotten some great compliments on the physical products for The Dark Eye, the demos of Aventuria, and the prototypes for Conan: Rise of Monsters. However, we have to admit that the largest number of what I would call “eyecatch” conversations from random folks walking by have been about Torg. People at Gen Con see that banner and immediately stop to find out more.

We have been running demo sessions on and off the schedule because there are so many people that want to try out our updated version of this classic game. Our demo team even ran a private game with a few invited guests. And everyone wants to know, “When is it coming?”

What we can say for now is that we are currently eyeing early 2017 for the Torg Kickstarter. The rules are in good shape, but we want to make sure we have enough other products ready to go so that we can run a Kickstarter campaign on a grand scale, much like we did with The Dark Eye. That level of product support and turnaround is what we are striving for, because we want to make Torg fans happy!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Markus Plötz and Shane Hensley on the road to Gen Con, looking over the current drafts of the Torg rules…

Markus and Shane