Aventurian Lore Primer

We hope that many new players are becoming curious about The Dark Eye, but we also understand that the phrase “30 years of history” can seem a bit intimidating to newcomers. As with most settings, you certainly don’t have to learn everything about Aventuria right away – you can simply explore the pieces of it that interest you and gradually expand your awareness – but you might want to see a quick overview before you take your first steps. (more…)

Designer Reflection – Eevie Demirtel

This article is the first in a series of reflections by the developers of The Dark Eye. Today’s reflection is by Eevie Demirtel, who joined the team as an editor about five years ago after writing a couple of novels for Das Schwarze Auge and (like everyone else on the team) growing up playing the game.

ED_003 (more…)

Why Should I Play This Game?

A Beginner’s Look at The Dark Eye

There have been a lot of high-profile fantasy RPGs to hit the gaming community in the last few years – some light, some grim, some familiar, some not – so onlookers can be forgiven for wondering why they should consider yet another option just because it happens to be a very popular game in Germany. I’ll admit, I wondered that too.

As a new arrival myself, I thought I would take a moment to walk you through a beginner’s introduction to The Dark Eye. (more…)

The Dark Eye Kickstarter is live!


Heroic adventure awaits in the rich and immersive fantasy setting of Aventuria.

The Dark Eye Kickstarter is now live! The premier German roleplaying game—in continuous publication for more than 30 years—now in a brand new English edition! (more…)