Aventuria Introducing the Treasure Hunter + Demo

In the upcoming Aventuria – Extraordinary Heroes crowdfunding (launching next week on Game On), we are including four Hero Sets. Each one is devoted to a single hero and provides all the cards you’ll need to start playing that hero right away. Each box also includes a themed solo adventure built specifically for that hero.


Myth: Dawn of Heroes Demo

We are excited to announce a public demo for the upcoming Myth: Dawn of Heroes!

We want everyone to get a chance to try out some of the updated rules, and since we couldn’t do that in person at Gen Con this year as we had originally planned, we decided to make the demo available digitally.


Design Spotlight: The Apprentice

The Apprentice is the classic “glass cannon” hero. Most of what he does is unload damage, but he’s also very fragile and liable to draw attention. It wasn’t hard to keep that feeling, so instead we leaned into it with the Dawn of Heroes version. At the same time, we did find a couple of things to improve with how the Apprentice plays.

Design Spotlight: The Soldier

Dawn of Heroes Design Spotlight: The Soldier

In many ways, the Soldier is the core hero. She works well because she is flexible enough to be played in a variety of ways with a party, but also strong enough to play alone. She isn’t too focused on any one thing, but that also means she’s never a bad choice to have around. The Soldier does not change much in Dawn of Heroes. That makes her a perfect hero for talking about how we can further fine-tune the things that already work well in Myth.

By taking a fresh look at Myth, we can clarify many of the things that work fine but may be confusing to newer players.


Myth Dawn of Heroes Design Spotlight – the Brigand

Unlike some of the other heroes, we never felt the Brigand was broken or hard to use. But that didn’t stop us from wanting to make the Dawn of Heroes version even better! As with all the heroes, we want this to be a fun hero for new players, but we also want to provide opportunities for experienced players to practice and optimize their strategies.


Design Spotlight The Hunter

Last time, I talked about the Acolyte, a hero we have been trying to make a little more challenging to play. This time, I talk about one we wanted to make a little easier. The Hunter has always taken a bit of time to set up, but once she gets there, she does a lot of damage. We wanted to keep this feeling but make it a little clearer to new players.


Dawn of Heroes Design Spotlight: The Acolyte

Dawn of Heroes is still deep in playtesting, but we have been making excellent progress. Although many things may yet change, I wanted to share some of our specific thoughts about individual heroes. As I indicated in the movement article, my goal is to clarify, differentiate, and balance the elements of Myth. I do not want to change how they feel to play, except to make them feel MORE like that.

Movement and Action in Myth: Dawn of Heroes

One of the unique traits of the Myth boardgame has always been the way it handles movement and stances. The idea that different kinds of movement provide different bonuses, penalties, and restrictions is built right into the mechanics and the cards themselves.

When we began addressing movement in Dawn of Heroes, we knew that the feel of this gameplay needed to remain, but we had a couple of additional goals:

  • Clarify and distinguish the effects of the stances even further, and
  • Build a system that provides for more non-movement actions.

Let’s talk about how we’re doing that.


Designing a New Dawn for Myth

My name is Eric Simon, and I am the line developer for the Myth board game under Ulisses Spiele. If you have been following Ulisses and are wondering what this is all about, Myth is a cooperative miniatures adventure game with a deep lore and richly varied gameplay. If you are a fan of Myth from its previous releases, then no doubt you are wondering what we’re going to do with it. That’s what I’d like to talk about today.


Myth Update: Last Chance for Printed Materials

We are in the last week for you to contact us at myth@ulisses-spiele.de and get your name on the list for the printed materials fulfillment we’ll be starting soon. I know many of you have questions, but don’t worry! As long as you contact us at least once by February 9th, you’ll be on the list. You don’t have to have everything finalized by then.

We’ll have more details on how the fulfillment looks by the middle of next week.

We know some of you have had questions outside of the scope of this wave, particularly about the “Over the Top” add-on. It’s true that the main things we are printing right now are the new miniatures. However, as we move into the next phase of Myth, many of the old miniatures are being reprinted, which gives us an opportunity to fill the rest of those orders. That is likely to be on a different timeline than the other pieces, and so we are looking into as many options as possible. We will work with the backers to develop the best solutions we can with the resources at our disposal.

Dawn of Heroes

Depending on where you get your news, you may have spotted some teaser information about a playtest that we ran at our corporate meeting in Las Vegas last week. We played a short game of Myth: Dawn of Heroes, the new base set we’re developing.

We’re just getting into playtesting, so we can’t tell you too much about it right now, but keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks and months. What we can say is that you should plan on coming to Gen Con if you want to try out the new version yourself before it heads to Kickstarter.

We’re very excited about the future of Myth, and much of that is because of you. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm!

Eric Simon – Myth Line Developer, Ulisses International