Aysle Kickstarter Pledge Levels

Aysle Kickstarter Pledge Levels

The Aysle Kickstarter launches July 2, at 10am Eastern Daylight Time.

Prices Will be in Euros: There is one thing we want to give a heads up on…because Ulisses International’s HQ is in Europe, we have to do the Kickstarter in Euros, instead of US Dollars.  We’ll be posting everything on the Kickstarter in both currencies.

Pledge Levels: So what pledge levels can you expect?  The base tiers are as follows:

  • Digital (~$40): Similar to previous Kickstarters this pledge level will get you all of the following in digital format:
    • Aysle Sourcebook (PDF only)
    • Aysle GM Screen and Archetypes (PDF only)
    • Revenge of the Carredon adventure (PDF only)
    • When Cosms Collide adventure (PDF only)
    • All Unlocked Digital Stretch Goals (PDF or other digital formats)
  • Player (~$50): At this level you will get print and PDF copies of the Aysle Sourcebook, plus the rest of the items of the Digital level. It is also eligible for Add-ons.
  • Treasure Coffer (~$200): The Aysle version of the “Cargo Box” will be fulled of all sorts of goodies including print copies of the first four products listed under the Digital level, all unlocked digital stretch goals, the Treasure Coffer box, and the usual goodies including Threat Cards, Threat Blips, Aysle Possibilities, and the Revenge of the Carredon soundtrack. Additionally, all unlocked Treasure Coffer stretch goals will be included.

The Treasure Coffer will be a deal, as it includes a print copy of the When Cosms Collide adventure (more on that tomorrow!) but the price of the Treasure Coffer is only $20 more than the Living Land and Nile Empire equivalents.

No GM Level: You’ll notice that there is no GM level this time around. For those, just pick the Player level and add the print products you want as add-ons, or pledge the amount you plan to spend in the manager later on.

Special Pledge Levels: Finally, there will be three special pledge levels, but we’ll talk about those in a couple of days.

Shipping in the Pledge Manager: In previous Kickstarters we had shipping as part of the pledge, but this time we will be collecting it in the Pledge Manager at the end.  The amounts are about the same, it’s just the process we’ll be doing is a bit different, and we wanted to give everyone a heads up about that.

If you have any questions, head on over to our forums!

Art: Bien Flores

5 thoughts on “Aysle Kickstarter Pledge Levels”

  1. Doc Gordon says:

    There are still seven (7) days remaining between now and the beginning of the Kickstarter; hopefully, I will be coming into some money between now and then… I don’t KNOW it, for sure, but it would be nice.

    1. JetstreamGW says:

      The amount of money you have at the beginning of the Kickstarter doesn’t matter. It’s the money you have available at the end of the Kickstarter. You don’t get charged until then.

  2. Przemysław Rymer says:

    I am delighted with this system, ideas and adventures. But please … invest in better graphics. The current ones are quite weak and very uneven in quality. It looks bad.

  3. Green Dragon says:

    Suggestion on the Aysle Poster Map. If they aren’t already at the printer, why not mae a slight scale adjustment, and make it a Europe Invasions Map? Include Southern CP and East TH.

    Likewise, OR and PP could share a map.

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