Aysle Preview #5 – Miracles

Aysle Preview #5 – Miracles

Today we examine the faiths and miracles of Aysle.  There are many deities in Aysle, divided into five main pantheons.  Each pantheon has a representative god or goddess associated with it, though there are many others.  The pantheons include:

  • Exemplars of Light (Dunad)
  • Exemplars of Darkness (Corba’al)
  • Outsiders (Rak)
  • Racial dieties (Elmiir, the elvish god)
  • Theomagicians (Shali)

Each pantheon has an associated miracle list, though the GM is encouraged to modify the lists for other dieties of the same pantheon.  Here’s an example:

The Deities

The five representative dieties are detailed, including a summary of who they are as well as the tenets and methods of worship their followers have. Here’s Shali:


Finally, the Miracles chapter includes…miracles! Here is one that is on the Outsiders miracle list:

Many of these miracles include upgraded versions of less powerful ones, including doom, an upgrade of the curse miracle.

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Cleric art by Bien Flores and Unique Soparie

8 thoughts on “Aysle Preview #5 – Miracles”

  1. richard says:

    on the previous torg, when we were linked to an Aysle divinity, we had a few little skill bonuses.
    is that still the case?
    Thank you for your work anyway.

    1. Deanna Gilbert says:

      No, it isn’t, at least not right now. Though I can certainly see something like that being a Perk in the future.

  2. Green Dragon says:

    Based on Racial Deities, I’m assuming there will be more than just the five listed here.
    Old school we had 6 Light, 6 Balance, 7 Dark, plus a Satyr god from the short story collection that sounded like a Light god. (so 20 total)
    What can you tell us about how the new pantheon will compare?

    1. Deanna says:

      There are more deities listed in the book, but I don’t want to go into additional details in the comments section.

  3. Green Dragon says:

    I was mainly curious if we were gaining or losing any.

    1. Deanna says:

      Only the elvish god and the dwarven gods (or the are detailed in depth, since those are the ones that player characters would go with. Some of the other ones are mentioned as well briefly, but I don’t think there’s a one-to-one correpsondance with what was in the original book.

  4. Green Dragon says:


  5. Dominick Riesland (Rabbitball) says:

    The system as outlined will enable a GM who wants to use all of the original Aysle deities to find an appropriate pantheon for them, but does not mandate their use.

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