Beta Clearance Primers

By popular demand, here are the Beta Clearance Primers for Torg Eternity, which provide additional Perks, resources, and a summary of the large scale events of the rest of the first year of the Possibility Wars.

Note that these are still previews, and the contents may yet be updated.

Beta Clearance GM’s Primer

Beta Clearance Player’s Primer

3 thoughts on “Beta Clearance Primers”

  1. Green Dragon says:

    I’m starting to get suspicious. LL and NE put the year one map up in the first preview. The GM primer has CP, TH, OR, PP (barring any surprises in France, or a new realm – such as PP secretly invading SoCal). But where is Aysle?

    From the text, we know which directions they didn’t expand. The Tharkold map shows that Aysle didn’t move into Central Europe.

    I’m dying here! Help me out Ulisses! Please.

    1. Deanna Gilbert says:

      Nothing sinister is involved. It’s just that Aysle actually has barely changed as far as its borders have gone. Some previous Mixed Zones are now Dominant but that’s about it.

  2. Green Dragon says:

    OK Thanks. I obsess about these things.

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