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CROM Mechanics Teaser #6 – Morale

Defeating an opponent may mean killing every lest foe, or it might simply mean breaking their spirit. Morale is an essential element in the shifting tides of battle, and a good general must consider it carefully in order to emerge victorious.



CROM Mechanics Teaser #5 – Ranged Combat


Not every foe should be faced head-on. Some enemies should be handled with care…and distance.


CROM Mechanics Teaser #4 – Melee!

The main course of any wargame! Melee is what happens once you’ve done all your maneuvering and now you’re in the thick of it. But CROM has a few things that keep melee combat fun and less of a slog.

childconan (more…)

CROM Mechanics Teaser #3 – Movement and Charging

In our last teaser we discussed how attacking is handled in Conan: Rise of Monsters, and we happened to mention charging when we did that. So in this one we’re going to talk about movement and charging and why the Scion of Set’s 12″ charge is extremely powerful.



CROM Mechanics Teaser #2 – Attacks and Damage

In our second round of teasing the mechanics of Conan: Rise of Monsters, we look at the the way that dice are rolled on an attack. This is the core of combat, so you’ll be doing it quite a bit. Luckily, it’s very straightforward. (more…)

CROM Mechanics Teaser #1 – Initiative

All tabletop wargamers know that a game can be won or lost on initiative. If anything, this becomes more true with smaller numbers of units, so initiative is critical to the flow of a skirmish game. Conan: Rise of Monsters is built with an eye towards making initiative more than just a random chance. It’s a gameable mechanic that will need to be part of your overall strategy if you want to be effective. (more…)

Gen Con Roundup

The whirlwind of chaos is beginning to subside, and we are working on catching up on all the things we have to do for our many projects (and yes, our first priority is making sure all the backer rewards are shipped). It was fantastic having members of the German and North American teams get together! I can’t even describe how much I learned about Aventuria just listening to Nico talk to customers. He’s an absolute treasure.

It was also wonderful meeting so many people and getting them excited about our various products! The response on everything has been overwhelmingly positive. While we were there, we heard many questions more than once, and there were a few new pieces of information that we decided or discovered along the way, so it makes sense for us to do a wrap-up post covering some of the most important items:


Ulisses Spiele at Gen Con!

We’re just a little over two weeks away, so I know everyone here is getting excited about Gen Con. We hope you are too!

And if you are coming to the convention, we hope that you will come visit us, talk with us, and take a look at everything we’re bringing. First of all, here’s where we’ll be:

Gen Con 2016 Map

We’re at booth 2661, one aisle over from Entrepreneur’s Avenue. And if you look at the catalog, you’ll see that we’re also listed as being at booth 103, which is the Paizo booth. That’s because our products will be selling there as well!

We have a lot of things happening while we’re there. Of course we’ll be showing off everything that we can of The Dark Eye. We should have most of the Kickstarter items printed and available for sale.

We’ll also be demoing the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, which will be Kickstarting its English edition later in August!

But that’s not all! We also be previewing Conan: Rise of Monsters by showing off some miniatures and terrain for that game. In case you weren’t aware, Ulisses Spiele is partnering to help with publishing and distribution of that game as it looks towards a Kickstarter in the early/mid fall.

And we’ll be talking about Torg, which Ulisses Spiele is working on bringing back in a new edition towards the end of 2016!

Please come talk to us and find out all the amazing things we have planned! We want to meet all our fans!