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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

For Black Friday we have all of our game titles on offer for you. Have a look and come back Monday for more!


Spotlight on the new professions in Gods of Aventuria

It is time to get excited about the new crowdfunding starting in less than a week. So as this week’s topic, we will look at the new professions in Gods of Aventuria and we’ll introduce you to one of the servants of a demi-god, the Blessed One of Kor.


A GMs Preview of the Theater Knights Campaign (Spoilers!)

The Theater Knights campaign pits the players against evil conspiracies and puts them in the center of the fight for the Bornland’s future. Your heroes will have to use diplomacy, stealth, and knowledge to prove themselves on the field of battle and in the halls of politics to achieve their goals. But there is even more to the story. In this preview, we will tell you more about the background of the campaign and what happens in the last three books. If you do not want to be spoiled, you can skip this one and join the crowdfunding on the 21st of July. 

If you choose to continue, we will reveal to you some of the secrets of the Theater Knights. 

Spoilers ahead! 


Expanding your Blessed One with Gods of Aventuria

Even if you have been playing a Blessed One since the release of the Core Rules, Gods of Aventuria will have a lot to offer to you. It will give you new liturgies and the option to expand existing ones. Special abilities and new rules concepts will help you round out your blessed one and give them new goals to strive for in their adventures in Aventuria.


Vistas of the Theater Knights

The Dark Eye - LogoIn the Gods of Aventuria crowdfunding, you will be able to get the last three volumes of the six-module campaign about the Theater Knights. The stakes are rising from intrigue and conspiracy to open war. You will take the fight to the enemy and usher open the door to a new era for the Bornland. There are a lot of exciting areas to visit along the way.


Gods of Aventuria – Tradition Preview: Efferd

Efferd is one of the new traditions introduced in Gods of Aventuria, which you can support in the next The Dark Eye Crowdfunding. (more…)

Gods of Aventuria Crowdfunding

In the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for The Dark Eye, it is up to you to bring the Gods of Aventuria to your table, to finish the fight for the fate of the Bornland in the grand finale of the Theater Knights and to unlock numerous new treasures.  (more…)

Updates, updates, and New Releases!

This week is a busy time for Ulisses Spiele’s english game lines! Here are the updates for each game line:


Streams, streams, and more streams!

We’ve kicked off an aggressive streaming schedule with more to come! Subscribe and follow our Twitch and Youtube channels to get notified when we go live and when VOD’s get uploaded.

TODAY 11am Pacific! Join Robert, our social media manager while he STARTS the Conspiracy of Mages Solo Adventure for The Dark Eye today at 11am Pacific on Twitch! Help him make decisions for our budding mage.After years of homework, tests, and a life dedicated to becoming the best mage who ever graduated from the prestigious Lowangen Academy of Transformation, you now face one last hurdle: the final exam. Something sinister haunts these learned halls. As a young student of magic facing an unexpected challenge, can you solve this mystery and still manage to graduate?

Schedule 4/6-4/12/2020

Each show has a playlist on Youtube for watching video on deman, check them out!

Saturday: Aventuria Solo Play
Sunday: Fading Suns – AlloyedClavicle Playtest
Monday: The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages Solo play
Tuesday: Fading Suns – Heretical Musings Lore Chat
Tuesday: Fading Suns – Annals of Antioch Actual Play
Wednesday: The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages Solo play
Thursday: Myth: Tales of Legend Campire Tales
Thursday: Fading Suns – Annals of Antioch Actual Play
Friday: The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages Solo play

Stay Home and Play The Dark Eye

We know a lot of folks are at home right now and we want to give you something to do, something where you can be creative, or just distract you for a moment. The Dark Eye core book and two Solo adventure are FREE to download right now (technically Pay What You Want). In addition we highlight more free or inexpensive offerings for fans and new players to play online. (more…)