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Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter Preview

We’re trying something a little different with the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter, which will be launching next Friday, June 23rd!


Preview – The Blue Tome

The first volume of the Theater Knights adventure series, The White Lake, is now available at DriveThruRPG and!

We are steadily working on the second installment in this six-part series, titled The Blue Tome. This adventure contains one of my personal favorite pieces by art director Nadine Schäkel, but I can’t tell you which one because of spoilers.

However, there are a few parts of the adventure that we can share, so here’s a preview of one of those pages: (more…)

Starless Sky Preview #4 – “So Dark the Night”

This week’s Starless Sky preview offers a look at how the Starfall tests the faith of even the most devout. In this story we see a Blessed One of Praios struggling to make sense of what has happened. (more…)

Starless Sky Preview #3 – “The Sphere of Heaven”

In today’s preview from Starless Sky, Eevie Demirtel offers a vivid description of the Starfall from the perspective of a scholar’s young assistant. Here’s part of her story, “The Sphere of Heaven”:


Starless Sky Preview #2 – “The Zorganer Fragments”

This week’s preview from Starless Sky is from one of several stories in the collection that examines why the Starfall came as a surprise to even some of the most learned scholars of Aventuria. Many of them failed to foresee the catastrophe, and there are usually very specific reasons for those failures.


Starless Sky Preview #1 – “Of Brothers and Friends”

The Dark Eye takes place in a living world. For 30 years, that world has grown and changed through events that have marked it in a variety of ways – some minor and some more dramatic.

One of the most dramatic developments of recent years is the Starfall, which is the direct cause of the harrowing repercussions in Arivor’s Doom. But the Starfall is even bigger than that. Its effects are felt throughout the continent of Aventuria and even beyond. There are many more stories to tell.


Arivor’s Doom Bonus Preview

We’re so excited about the upcoming adventure Arivor’s Doom that we just had to post another preview. (You can see the first preview here.)

This adventure shows such a pivotal moment in Aventurian history, and we just know many people are going to be eager to play it. We wanted to show you the moment in the adventure when everything takes its first big dramatic turn, where the story becomes very powerful and real…


Arivor’s Doom – Early Look

We’ve reached a quiet moment for The Dark Eye. Over the next couple of months we will be fulfilling two Kickstarters, but not starting any new ones. Instead we will be focusing on turning out new products to expand the line while we look towards growing community of fans.

As we continue to develop things behind the scenes, we’ll be previewing some of those upcoming products so that you can get a sense of what’s coming soon. Today we look at Arivor’s Doom, the next major adventure release for The Dark Eye roleplaying game.


Almanac Non-Backer Survey

Two days ago, we wrapped up the Kickstarter for the Aventuria Almanac. We are very happy with the results – nearly 700 people backed for over 1200% of our funding target. That’s nearly half as many people as backed the Core Rules, which is fantastic for a setting supplement!

But because the number is nearly half, and because at least some of those people may have been backing our products for the first time, we know that there are many of our fans who chose not to participate in this Kickstarter. There are many reasons why people choose one Kickstarter or another (or no Kickstarters at all). Rather than speculate why you made your decision, we want to ask you directly.


The Dark Eye Core Rules Second Printing

The Dark Eye Core Rules Kickstarted last spring, fulfilled at the end of the summer, and became available to retail distributors only this past month. In that time it has sold so well that Ulisses Spiele is already going into its second printing!