W&G Example p2

5 thoughts on “W&G Example p2”

  1. Lyam Trainor says:

    This is looking great. I can not wait to play this with my group.

  2. Loptr says:

    Looks really interesting, can’t wait to see how you are handling psykers (and everything that entails) with this system, since it causes big problems in other games.

  3. Mr. Anonymouse 007 says:

    so the extra effects are only granted with extra exalted (aka 6’s)?
    so if he rolled 4 fives he wouldn’t get the door open any quicker or with any extra information?

    1. Larchus says:

      He does say Exalted icons specifically, yeah. In this case he got three exalted icons. one went towards the test success itself, the other two will grant the bonus effect.

  4. Nicholas Valencia says:

    I kind of wish bonuses weren’t just based on 6s. It’s cool that they are worth more, but as someone pointed out in the comments already, I could have 10 dice, get 10 4s & 5s on a difficulty 3 and get nothing extra with 10 successes. While another person could get a 2 6s and a 4/5 and get something extra. Point wise my first example is 10 icons and the second example is only 5. Yet the one with half the successes gets a better reward. I don’t love that. It would be nice if it was just for every 2 icons over you got a bonus.
    2nd, I do like the failing forward concept. Seems like it could keep things in track.

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