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  1. Joshua Israel says:

    Alternating turns; shifting additional successes into selectable additional effects.

    Very much following Modiphius’s example (just using a Shadowrun-style dice pool instead of the 2D20 roll-under base mechanic).

    Could certainly do worse.

  2. Mr. Anonymouse 007 says:

    Is his las gun (proven 7) or is that how it’s going to be for every weapon. Is there only 3 different damage outputs this gun can do without spending a exalted icon?

    Also it was 2D10/percentile dice/1D100

    1. DreadSpark says:

      Given the type of system it is, I’m going with all weapons being like that. Each weapon having a base damage, then increasing by the number of icons in the test.

  3. Oryan_Winter says:

    I hope by the fact that it is called a Hantrael Pattern lasgun that we will see more variants of weapons. Like a Eylessen, Cadia and Death Corp were some would do more damage and others have other effects.

    1. Mr. Anonymouse 007 says:

      an Elysian lasgun needs to be a carbine variant (for the droptroopers), cadian should be inaccurate but powerful (why do you need to aim with all that chaos/orks coming at you), death corp should have a heavier stock that deals extra damage with the bayonet (so their charges are slightly less nuts)

  4. Witch Hunter Sol says:

    I have a small issue with the initiative system. I’ve played as a dm and as a player in dungeons and dragons for a few years now. I could see there being problems with using the system of “let the players decide’. That would slow game play down to a stand still, lead to some confusion if not arguments at the table. Most of them boiling down to ‘ I should go first because x’

    Alternatively and the first thing I will house rule when I pick up Wrath and Glory is have my players roll 2d6, the players with the highest amount I will go first followed by alternating between the enemies and the descending order or rolls. If two players get the same number I would then have them reroll one of their die till one is higher than the other players result. Possibly I might implement another rule that allows the highest rolled player to switch initiative with another of the team mates if they so choose so, just to strengthen the players turn order.

    Besides that issue, I am really loving the system so far for skills and attacks. This comic is helping me prep for the quick start guide which I am going to run at my FLGS for Free RPG Day. Certainly it looks like this is going to be my go to sci-fi roleplay system in the future and I am looking forward to the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum supplements in the future.

    1. RipOffProductions says:

      agree, not only does having such a system leave opening for conflicts among players, but such a high level of control over how combat goes can also be abused by MinMaxers or killer DMs; and I have to wonder how fair such a system works if there is a large disparity in the number of players vs enemies; does the DM get to pick 2 guys to go between each player, or is he going to get 7 dudes going in a row at the ‘end’ of each round? or is the game not meant to be played with your PCs fighting large groups? is the GM expected to add friendly NPCs to counter the tide of foes?

    2. MitchellTF says:

      I confess, I tend to go alphabetically….I will state that the ‘one player, one gm’ thing can get a bit…boring. I tended to use that, and it caused complaints. At the same time? Having GM characters clustered can break the system.

  5. Random_Interrupt says:

    Foolish, foolish, *always* gank the mage first.

  6. Bill E. says:

    I assume the game uses some variant on hit point? While it doesn’t say why 10 damage killed the mutant, it suggests a standard hit point tally. How does armor come into play? Is it part of Defense?

  7. David "HockeyHyper" Jarrett says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  8. Ciech says:

    I wonder how Close Combat will work. I guess Hitting will be WS+Dexterity and damage Strength+Weapon Mod.+Dice based on weapon type. I also wonder how defence will work and how armour and Toughness will contribute.

  9. steve says:

    Will there be an opportunity to use models in the game like D&D? Using my existing 40k collection would be great.

    1. Korvalus says:

      If not, it doesn’t matter much. Surely position, cover, map location and all that matters and miniatures are easy markers for that, has always been.

      But I don’t think that a precise positioning system like D&D has will be included or it would have been be mentioned already.

  10. Halon says:

    Yikes I don’t like that initiative system. Doesn’t seem to be any scope for quick thinking characters to get an advantage if you have to alternate between sides. Makes much more sense to me that each individual (friend or foe) should be placed in order of their initiative – modified appropriately by the situation, such as an ambush.

    1. Denchfeng says:

      Totally agree with you here. I really like this as it lets the players build a plan of attack and can help prevent the huge swings you can see in combat from initiative based systems. Huge fan already and plan on pre-ordering everything I can.

  11. Dex says:

    I love the initiative system! Empowering players to choose based on the situation is very interesting and a change from the usual stuff.

  12. HeresyBegetsDoubt says:

    The initiative system looks like crap to be honest. At least if this is all there is to it. What happens if the GM controls twice as much characters as the PCs? Why doesn’t agility or perception or whatever enable a character to react faster to threats? It also invalidates squad tactics like going for a good initiative to deliver a powerful alpha strike to take enemies our of commission before they can take cover or retailate.
    Looks like generic “cinematic” narrativist garbage IF there is not more to it. If there is, or if alternate rules exist I will have to reconsider.

  13. Suiced says:

    I quite like that Initiative system. The whole game seems to be focused on simple mechanics and speed of play. I remember combats in Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader taking a while because there was so many steps involved in combat resolution.

    This Initiative system seems to allow a group to coordinate as a team, choosing an engagement order that best suits the situation. It gives players agency and removes a dice based resolution mechanic (which can slow the game down).

    That being said, I do have questions about issues that can arise from this system. How will it work if one side greatly outnumbers the other? I’d assume each character/NPC acts, and thus being outnumbered is something you want to avoid. What if players cannot agree on an order? I’d personally have them roll off only if they can’t agree, but I’d like to see how the game handles it.

  14. Nicholas Valencia says:

    Ehh… not loving the look of this initiative system. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen a system like this before, but it just seems dumbed down and basic. I can see plenty of issues arising from it too, compared to a normal initiative system. It takes away from faster characters/races. If I build a quick, agile character, shouldnt I get an initiative advantage over the slow, brute slugger? Then there could be player infighting to go first. What happens in fights with a large difference in numbers? It feels like it removes some strategy, you’ll never be able to kill off an enemy to prevent someone from acting next if it just goes back and forth automatically.
    I also don’t know how I feel about damage.. the high base seems like it could be nice.. maybe.. but you won’t ever get much variation. You can only get bonus dice on the damage, besides the first, by getting 6s above your difficulty to hit. On average with a dice pool of twelve dice, you’ll only get two 6s. That’s at most adding 3 dice to damage, but then you have to succeed again to add damage. It just seems like most of the time it will be pretty static.

    1. Fishtail says:

      I really don’t like that Initiative System. It seems too abstract and kind of breaks immersion. It’s a level of abstraction that reminds everyone they are playing a game. I mean If a group of Agility specced Eldar Corsairs have to take turns at the same speed as one legged orcs it feels wrong.

  15. Really like the combat system, seem pretty simple, id love to see manuvers in combat rather than plain dice addition, but this could be awsome specially if it has enemy swarms and waves.

  16. Caimheul says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the initiative system as presented, but I’ll wait to change it until after using/seeing it more in action. The “popcorn” initiative might be an interesting alteration, or something similar to the “Slot” (PC slot vs NPC slot) system of other RPGs.

  17. Ben says:

    The text for the attack result mentions a 4 and 6 but the art has a 5 and 6! Thatโ€™s my only complaint. Not really…I just noticed it. I dig the combat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Thales says:

    Quite happy what was revealed so far in the comics. I believe it explains basics and there will be many factors that can change things. I don’t really see a problem in initiative system. But it’s good to ask how fighting against larger group of enemies work – is it solved similar to for example Star Wars? Meaning that some low-tier enemies are gathered in some sort of a group that acts like a single character but the strenght is based on the number of creatures in group?

    I have played with some similary simplified ones (Star Wars, Mutant, Nemenera/Cypher) and never encountered a problem. If your players are unable to agree on the order maybe the problem is more on the side of non-functional group than the system itself. Plus you can always house rule this – even in the so often mentioned D&D is a whole ton of optional ways how to handle initiative order.

    I actually like the simple system and lack of precise positioning known from D&D and Pathfinder – not only for narrative reasons but for Warhammer it could work great for presenting fast and bloody combat with piles of corpses at the end. Fighting a hoard of monsters in a complex system can drag for a long time and can easily become a chore more than a fun.

    1. Thales says:

      Oh, just watching BoLS gameplay and it is shown how players can fight whole mobs and damaging a lot of enemies with a single attack. I think our worries can be calmed a little. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Sean Abel says:

    What a great way to introduce the game to new players! Good art work standard story, but a wealth of knowledge. Hope there is more to this in the future. Maybe character generation building a campaign ect. I think having a graphic novel to introduce play would be wonderful.

  20. Fixed says:

    *Rolls 1 die

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