FADING SUNS to Join the Ulisses Spiele English Product Line

WALDEMS, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – German game publisher Ulisses Spiele GmbH announced today it has acquired the publishing rights to the award-winning Fading Suns roleplaying game from Holistic Design, Inc. (HDI)

“Fading Suns has always been one of my favorite RPGs – especially in the SciFi sector – it is hard to find such a deep and rich universe,” said Ulisses CEO and owner Markus Plötz. “We are excited about the chance to bring this jewel back to the market in a completely updated and gorgeous new edition. Look forward to the upcoming announcements and sneak previews!”

Fading Suns was originally published by HDI in 1996. Since then the game has been updated with several editions and translated into six languages. Ulisses Spiele will publish its new Fading Suns products in both English and German.

“We at HDI are excited to announce that the 20-year-old wonder that is Fading Suns is about to be re-born! Ulisses Spiele will now be creating a brand new direction for the product line,” said HDI President Chris Wiese. “It is a tremendous business relationship opportunity. HDI will continue to own and develop the Noble Armada miniature and software games in conjunction with Ulisses Spiele’s new Fading Suns line.”

Andrew Greenberg, HDI’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “Fading Suns fans deserve the game getting more attention and resources than HDI has recently been able to provide. All of us at HDI look forward to seeing what Ulisses does with this classic game.”

Ross Babcock, Chairman and CFO of FASA Games Inc. said, “While it is sad that FASA Games will no longer continue as a Fading Suns licensee, we know that the property is going to a great company that will do great things for Fading Suns.” Babcock also said, “FASA Games will continue to produce products and miniatures for Noble Armada under license with Holistic Design Inc., and we look forward to working with Ulisses Spiele in the telling of the Fading Suns story. Look for the release of the new edition of Noble Armada, previewed at this year’s Gen Con, in the coming months.”



Holistic Design is an Atlanta-based game design company. Since 1995, Holistic Design has developed, produced, licensed and sold IP related to roleplaying game products such as Fading Suns and Real Life Roleplaying; tabletop miniature games such as Noble Armada and Carnage; computer games such as Emperor of the Fading Suns, Mall Tycoon and Warhammer 40K Final Liberation; and is currently developing cross-platform video games. Holistic Design was originally founded as Several Dudes Holistic Gaming in 1992.



Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH is based in Waldems (Germany) and was founded in 1997. Originally a distributor in the Hobby Games market, Ulisses started with its own publishing department in 2005 and acquired the rights for Germanys biggest RPG IP “Das Schwarze Auge” in 2010. Since then the company established itself as the premiere publisher of RPGs in the German market. 2016 saw the release of the English version of “The Dark Eye” and with TORG in 2017, more English RPG lines are about follow.


Chris Wiese, president, Holistic Design Inc., hdi@holistic-design.com, 770-592-1718


Markus Plotz, General Manager, Ulisses Spiele GmbH, feedback@ulisses-spiele.de, 0049 (0) 60 87 / 9 88 70 0


Ross Babcock, Chairman and CFO of FASA Games Inc. ross@fasagames.com, 503-593-6458

3 thoughts on “FADING SUNS to Join the Ulisses Spiele English Product Line”

  1. David Connell says:

    I have worked on several failed editions of this game. I am SO happy to see it going somewhere that it might be treated properly. Is there some sort of mailing list or something so that I can keep up with this new line?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      When we have news, we’ll start up forums for Fading suns along with the rest of our lines at ulisses-us.com/forum, but right now everything is too new for us to have much information. For now, just check back here every couple of months. Things are not ready to move fast yet. 🙂

  2. I am excited to hear about the return of Fading Suns. This is my favorite setting and I consider myself an uberfan. If you need volunteer help for anything related to this, I would be happy to to pitch in.

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