Greetings from Czech Republic!

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Re: Greetings from Czech Republic!

Postby Thales » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:37 pm

We finally got to play the game with our friends in a group of D&D/Pathfinder veterans. Me and our GM are aware of DSA for years and we both backed TDE campaigns. Others don't really know the system and this is their first taste of it. After short tutorial session with pregenerated characters we started a series of adventures with The Witch's Dance being the first one.

I'm happy with the game and how it handles different situations but other players found some aspects of the system strange when compared to what they are used to from other d20 systems. Character creation with adventure points was a new concept for most of them but they learned it fast. They don't like rolling three dice for skill checks because it seems too slow and unnecessary for them. This might be caused by using skills too much like in D&D where you roll for perception all the time. We talked about that with our GM that in TDE checks should be probably used less when it really matters.

Another issue is the combat. While I appreciate how TDE represents it (I'm fencing for many years and I like a "simulation" style of this system) other players do prefer D&D style. Hitting isn't as easy as in other systems (we're playing heroes at ordinary experience level) and possibility of canceling the hit by parrying or dodging it makes the combat more difficult. We found no ways how to improve the numbers we're trying to beat so most of our rolls are misses anyway. On the other hand when you really manage to hit wounds are painful. I have a feeling that this impression is caused by not being very solid in all modificators that influence the combat.

Overal me and GM really like the game and we definitely want to spend more time in Aventuria. Not sure if it will happen with this group but we'll see after few more sessions. If you have ideas or suggestions on rules or game concepts we might be missing, let me know and I will double check the rules. ;)

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