Where to set this?

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Where to set this?

Postby Nohwear » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:00 am

I am working on an open campaign where players are free to come and go between sessions. The basic premise is that the characters are associated with an organization that helps to connect the adventuring sorts with those who are hiring, for a cut of course. The main thing that I would like help with right now is where to set this. Is any part of Aventuria particularly suitable for such a game? Or at least the central head quarters for such a place.

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Re: Where to set this?

Postby Bosper » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:08 am

Mengbilla would be a good choice. There is no such organisation per se, but its got a free-city state slightly piraty feel. And there is always something up down there. Be it brigands, cultists, lizardmen, or political enemies from the horasian or al'anfanian sides.

The high north next to the svellt would be another choice, for more classical orcs and wyverns kind of threads. even though the orcs are everything but savage up there. The City of Phexcaer, city of thieves, would be a possibility.

The freshly liberated parts of the shadowlands. Like the city of warunk would be another candidate. just a bit darker.

And my favourite is the new Arivor. basically a crater filled with ruins, creatures, danger and the treasures of a city that was destroyed in a single moment. Think Mordheim in Aventuria. Great for spontaneous adventuring. Monsters from the deep caves below the city that suddenly became open rifts, plundering bands of mercenaries and brigants, a few officials trying to maintain the least amount of order and former citizens trying to reclaim their posessions.

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