Skill Specialization and Prerequisites

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Skill Specialization and Prerequisites

Postby Gavril » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:19 pm

Can Special Abilities with prerequisites be taken for use with a specific use of a skill, when Skill Specialization is used to meet the prerequisites?

As a specific example, the Trade Secrets for working Magical Metals all require minimum skill levels. So, do these prerequisites include or exclude Skill Specialization? A starting smith with Exceptional Skill (Metalworking); Weaponsmith; and Skill Specialization (Metalworking: Weaponsmith) can have a Metalworking SR of 12 and a Metalworking:Weaponsmith SR of 14. The former allows Mindorium. So the question is, can the same smith use Arkanium in weapons he forges? The SR 14 would seem to indicate he can in fact forge weapons using this material. However any other use of the metal would fall to a 12, meaning he wouldn't be competent to use it for other purposes. In effect he would only know "part" of the Trade Secret until such time as he became for proficient generally.

Similar situations come up in Trade Secrets in most crafts, so it would be nice if there were "official" positions to be found on the issue.


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Re: Skill Specialization and Prerequisites

Postby tempest13 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:55 pm

The skill specialization is just that a specialization. The requirements for the special abilities are specifically on the base skill. If it was meant to be otherwise it would have been spelled out in the Skill Specialization special ability.

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