Any bonuses for flanking in combat?

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Any bonuses for flanking in combat?

Postby Morgoth » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:44 am

So does flanking in combat provide any bonuses, such as when two or three PCs surround a bandit? I couldn't find anything in the core rules about this, nor in the companion. What I did find was a bonus for Advantageous Positioning, but that doesn't include flanking as an example and it requires rolling for Body Control (Combat Maneuvers).

There is also a bonus for Attack from Behind, which could apply to flanking...BUT I do not know if it applies if the victim knows he has another opponent on the other side of him or only if attacking from stealth/when the victim doesn't know the attacker is there.

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Re: Any bonuses for flanking in combat?

Postby Bosper » Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:39 pm

there is none. Advantageous Position and Backstab is all one could need. The Body Controll is not always required but depends on the situation (GMs Choice), ") requires at least one action and, depending on the situation, a successful check with Body Control (Combat Maneuvers). "
The biggest advantage of attacking the same target is that his defensive actions are limited, or get a penalty after the first attacker. This already depicts the difficulty of focusing on more than one opponent

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