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Postby Flash » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:00 pm

bluedragon7 wrote:To me, since I have been playing since 1st edition, someone with only 7 spells is not a fully educated mage. 20-30 (though quite a few of them not necessarily at high levels) is what we had the last few editions and what makes sense to me. If anyone can’t bear to have a single AP less add the following to the approach I presented in my previous post:

Well they did reign in the Guild Mages with 5E. In 4E they had the reputation of being over powered. Can't really comment on that because TDE 4E and me don't lock eye to eye if you get my meaning. :lol:

Imho they overshot somewhat in that regard with magic in general but for the Guild Mages a pruning was long overdue,

In 1E they had had 25 spells when you played with the Abenteuer Ausbau Spiel but they had them all at the beginning and never gained new ones. Only the AE increased with level. (Yes TDE 1E was strange...but I still love) As a Druid back then you felt like an idiot.

In 2E/3E you might have had that 20-30 spells but back then we still had negative skill/spell numbers. So you had the spells as you could try them at -5 but you sucked with most of them.

If I want to recreate that feeling I just would waiver the maximum number of spell at the beginning from page 39 and buy a ton of spell at crappy 1 or 2 level. Easily done. For beginners the 5E approach makes a lot more sense as the seven or so spells are much easier to handle for someone who just starts with the system. You can increase the number of spell that only cost A or B category rather fast after the game starts.

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