Bornland info (Theater Knights)

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Re: Bornland info (Theater Knights)

Postby Bosper » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:31 am

Morgoth wrote:Yes so much great stuff still awaiting translation. US-U.S. were on track of being 1-1.5 yrs behind German releases until after releasing Warring Kingdoms, then started to slip behind more and more. Wasn't that noticeable when the Compendium & Armory pdf came out to backers, but it is now.

Aside from Magic I and the Blessed Ones book we still await Albernia & Windhag, the solo adventure starring the Guild Mage (would love to have this, Vampire of Havena was great and so useful for learning the rules in a fun and easy manner!) and other adventures like the Heroic Works (we have 7 of these translated and available thus far, not sure what number they are up to in German). Then we have Magic II, Compendium II, other Realm sourcebooks, etc.

While I'm happy for Torg players and WH40K players, I really wish US would focus more on TDE. Especially when FFG did a pretty good job on WH40K (unlike dropping the ball for WFRP 3e) and players of that game already have had enough material to last decades & decades of play. Thing is licensed properties come with their own hassles, pressures and distractions that are resource and time intensive. US are also working on Fading Suns, another property that will take up their resources.

Aside from translations of new books, we still await books like Compendium & Armory PDFs to be bookmarked, errata to be released or incorporated (iron ban translation error being a highlight here)

Quick question: Are Torg & WH40k owned by Ulisses US and only for the english market, or are they owned by the German parent company of Ulisses? Also, are they in process of being translated to German to be released there?

The Heroic Works are at #19 in Germany

Torg and WH40k are owned/licensed by the German parent. Ulisses Spiele created Wrath and Glory and bought Torg afaik
Yup they are in translation. As is WFRP 4th

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Re: Bornland info (Theater Knights)

Postby HEX the Dark » Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:08 pm

MadBeard wrote:
Can you tell me a good order of running those adventures you mentioned for Warring Kingdoms?
I didn't read all of published adventures. Just couple of them.
I'm brainstorming how to approach my GM-ing because I'm not sure if I'll have regular players. So maybe will be better to have more players and then run adventures based on players availability.

Unfortunately not, they're basically at the same time and I have only read one of them.
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