New Reality Perk: Realm Explorer

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New Reality Perk: Realm Explorer

Postby johntfs » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:28 pm

Realm Explorer

Prerequisite: Realm Runner, Adaptable

Yes, they've murdered and enslaved millions of people. Yes, they're trying to drain the planet of its possibility energy. Sure, they're an existential threat to Earth, but gosh darn it, some of those realms and are really freakin' cool and interesting, especially... one of them.

This Perk allows the taker to designate one Cosm as "Explored." This means that the "Explorer" may take Perks from that Cosm as though he were a native of it. So, a Core Earth "Explorer" of the Cyberpapacy could obtain "clean" Cyberware or even gain Spells/Miracles specific to that cosms assuming all other prerequisites are otherwise met. So, somebody taking Aylse as "Explored" could not gain Elf or Dwarf Perks unless they were somehow an Elf or Dwarf (though with Transformations, it would be possible). Note that "Explored Perks" used outside the realm still suffer Contradiction and the Explorer is not treated as a Cosm native for those purposes (ie, a Nile Explorer with the Pulp Power, Flight would suffer a 4-case Contradiction outside the Nile Empire (or a Living Land Wonder area), included Core Earth, since Flight would be a contradiction under the user's axioms/world laws (those of Core Earth) as well as that of the Cosm, ie, Core Earth). So, a Core Earth Explorer of the Cyberpapacy could learn the Lightning spell, but would suffer a 4-case contradiction attempting to use it outside the Cyberpapacy or anywhere that Lightning was not an accepted spell (included Orrorsh, despite the fact that Orrorsh's Magic axiom of 16 would normally be high enough to support Lightning).

This Perk must be taken separately for each realm and GMs would be perfectly within their rights to limit players to taking it (and especially the "Gone Native version) only once.

For the truly impatient/adventurous, when this Perk is chosen, it may be taken with the Limitation: Gone Native. This allows the Explorer to immediately choose a Explored Perk at no additional costs. However, when under the axioms and world laws of the Explored Cosm, the Explorer is considered to be Very Stymied (-4 to skill roll) and Confused (may not play Cards from their Pool or, in this case, Hand) when using the Reality skill within the Explored cosm or against natives/artifacts/etc of it. So, if a Gone Native Explorer of the Nile is also a Storm Caller go against a Reality-rated Nile character, she suffer -4 to the use of her Reality skills and also cannot play cards. Finally, a Gone Native Explorer risks Transformation on a 1-4 instead of simply a 1 and they do not have the option to sacrifice a Reality add to prevent this (you like this place so damn much, now you get to be part of it).

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Re: New Reality Perk: Realm Explorer

Postby Morgoth Feuerklinge » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:53 pm

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