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Few questions

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:39 am
by MadBeard
Last time we played a couple of questions appeared. Here they are:

1. Thorwallian Warrior deck
First of all, shouldn't it be Thorwaler Warrior? According to new errata for TDE Core book.

Card Stunning Blow
Discard an opponent's skill or advantage of your choice

Skill card do not exists. I presume it should be talent instead of skill.

2. Maraskan Buskur deck

Card Provocate
Increase the cost of an opponent's card by 1 as it is played. If your opponent does not pay the additional cost, that card is discarded without effect.

This increase in cost are only for card played from hand (to the table) or for all of the cards? Attacks, effects for action cards already on the table etc?

3. What exactly means term "Play an action card"?
Can't remember now on what card it was mentioned but I know that this issue appeared several times.
I couldn't find in rules what this exactly means. Is playing action cards only cards from the hand to the table or also playing any action card that is already on the table?

New expansion is awesome. Heroes are really interesting.
Btw next saturday, my friend and I are organizing introduction and local tournament to help spread the word about this game. I'll post pictures after the event :)

Re: Few questions

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:30 am
by MadBeard
Found another error:

Card Warhorse in Amazon Warrior deck, it is categorized as an Item. Item is not a category. It should be categorized as Equipment.

So no answers to my questions! Is there some other place I should ask this? I tried to find an English group on facebook but there is only German one.

Re: Few questions

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:11 pm
by photon
1. It should be Thorwalian (one l) as the adjective is used on p. 80 for the Thorwalian Sailor.

I have dived a bit more into this logic and compared it to Elves and Dwarves. For example: "Elf bow" and "Dwarf cudgel" and also on p. 365 "Dwarf and elf weapons are rarely found". The adjectives dwarven and elven are also used throughout the text. To me it appears as if the shorter demonyms have been used in combination with equipment specifically. see for more of that kind.
Following this logic the other way round, "Thorwaler shield" from the errata does not (automatically) imply "Thorwaler Warrior".

Talent instead of skill? - yes

2.+3. Playing an (action) card is explained on p. 4:
"After paying the endurance cost, place the action card face up in front of you. Read the card’s effect aloud. Some cards have an effect that comes into play as soon as they are played, while others take effect later in the game."

This is meant with "Provocate".

Re: Few questions

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:41 am
by MadBeard

Thank you for the clarification. If I find any more "mistakes" or have questions, I'll let you know.