Nile Empire Kickstarter

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Re: Nile Empire Kickstarter

Postby mystic101 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:03 pm

Congratulations, Deanna. I hope we get to see your religion supplement soon, too.

Zackzenobi wrote:I love that the Backer Archetype Luchadore made the Cosm Card, Inevitable Return!!!

This gives me hope that my Ruins Seeker or future Archetypes might be seen in the future!

I feel very, very honored that this was included. It's actually something of an Easter egg. There's a hidden bit of story behind it.

I played the Luchador archetype during the special Gen Con game. I haven't told anyone what happened yet because they're going to be releasing it later for everyone to play, and there are some exciting twists and reveals in the final scene that I didn't want to spoil for anyone until they'd read through the adventure for themselves.

Suffice it to say that the final confrontation at the story's climax is an extremely daunting challenge to face, and I had to play a Martyr card in order for the team to fully succeed. It was up there as perhaps my finest hour as a Torg player, out of several years' worth of playing Torg past and present. It was especially touching to me because I'd made the archetype as a tribute to my dad, who died during the LL kickstarter. It was as if I was getting to let go of him all over again, only this time in a super-heroic way that any son would've been proud of. I almost got a little teary-eyed after it was over, it was quite the send off.

Anyway, they hinted that the character might come back someday, in some fashion. Such is the nature of the Nile! So I'm pretty tickled that he's shown up on the Inevitable Return card. Looking forward to whatever happens, and to seeing how TorgE grows and prospers as it keeps on bringing joy to people.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Re: Nile Empire Kickstarter

Postby Gargoyle » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:09 am

That's so cool! This game is very special to many of us for different reasons. I know for me it was oTorg that gave me something to look forward to during a very dark time in my life, and TorgE did the same over the last year which has been very challenging for me personally. Thanks for sharing that.
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