Gadget Limitations in the Nile Empire Sourcebook

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Gadget Limitations in the Nile Empire Sourcebook

Postby TorgHacker » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:23 am

Matthew Petruzzelli asked the following question on the Kickstarter comments:

I noticed the Nile Empire book narrows the scope of the gadget limitation. The core book includes costumes and similar worn things ("that might occasionally be inaccessible), but the Nile book says that limitation should only be used for things that can be disarmed with some frequency and not for worn items.

Should it be a minor limitation for worn things and major limitation for hand held things?

Costumes are fine, because being in costume is extremely conspicuous and can cause significant problems. The clarification in the Sourcebook is that 'worn' items aren't worth even a Minor Limitation since the number of times that they wouldn't be worn is miniscule.

If it's not limiting, it's not a Limitation.

Things that can be disarmed would still be worth a Minor Limitation.
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