Cyberpapacy Preview #5 - Miracles

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Re: Cyberpapacy Preview #5 - Miracles

Postby Wakshani » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:05 am

Well, there we go. Remember kids! Always play it safe. :D

Back to the topic at large, I *do* like how sympathetic the Cyberpapacy miracles are to Core Earth... that is to say, while the Living Land has big flashy LANALA IS HERE stuf, what the Cyberpapacy does is largely (but if you look at the list, obviously not entirely) aligned with what people tednd to think of as Christian-ish miracles. They don't "feel" alien like the Living land does, or like the Nile Empire does, so they can gain converts a bit easier. Core Earth natives can look at Priests doing their thing and go, "Man … that just feels right. They really *are* on our side!"

And in Avignon, the Cyberpope steeples his fingers with a chuckle...

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