Asyle Faith perks are available in other cosms?

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Re: Asyle Faith perks are available in other cosms?

Postby Wakshani » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:45 pm

TiaMaster wrote:I am assuming this is straight from the Aysle book which I don't have. Because the CRB specifies "Aysle" for Light and Darkness.


While the Darkness and Light perk trees *do* require you to be from Aysle, there're two Faith perks, Exemplar of Darkness and Exemplar of Light, which allow them to be taken even if *not* from Aysle, giving you access to a selection of miracles in a way that no other Faith perks in other books do, thus the conversation.

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Re: Asyle Faith perks are available in other cosms?

Postby utsukushi » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:32 pm

Spatula wrote:Well... that's not consistently true. The miracle-granting perks in the Living Land and Nile Empire book are cosm-limited. And the Yonders perk in the Aysle book is as well.

You can still be an Aamatist or Jakatt, just not an Aamatist Hem-Netjer, or an Optant or Gotak.

Though after I posted I got curious about the idea of, say, an ex-CyberPriest who had converted to Lanala without Transforming, which feels like an entirely plausible idea to me, but you're right - I can't make it work it the rules. There's the point that any Miracle that makes sense for your religion is supposed to be available, but since all of the new Miracles in Living Land are specifically tied to the "enhanced", cosm-locked, Faith Perks, that seems to pretty specifically shut them out of the base Keta Kalles list, meaning they're all effectively cosm-locked as well. I'm not actually sure that was even the intent, but it sure seems to work that way, and I admit that's a bit disappointing. I like the way Aysle expands Magic for everyone, because it is, in part, the magic sourcebook. I'd kind of assumed Living Land did the same for Miracles until I looked closely.

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Re: Asyle Faith perks are available in other cosms?

Postby Atama » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:29 am

You can’t even be an Optant if you’re from the LL unless you’re either an Edeinos or you get the Favored of Lanala Perk. It’s pretty restricted.
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