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How do I build a good GodNet hacker?

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:06 am
by mystic101
Hi, everyone. I have a character that I'd like to be a decent hacker, but I wanted to get feedback about what exactly goes into that. Having a good Computers skill, and the Custom Cyberdeck perk, seems like a good start. However, upon perusing the rules for the GodNet, I'm wondering if having a good Lockpicking skill is actually way more important.

It sounds like entering the GodNet takes a Stealth roll to do it unobserved, if not using a holy exchange. Then, entering a construct takes a multi-action Computers + Lockpicking roll, to open the access node and also not get noticed by net security. But then, when making one's way through the construct, it sounds like all Lockpicking rolls. There's a node in between each and every cell, that takes Lockpicking to get past. Then after x number of cells, you reach the data vault. This is another Lockpicking roll to open, and then a Computers roll to download the data. After that, it might be another x number of lockpicking rolls to get back through all of the cells, if an alert has reset them to need re-hacking.

So, barring any Dramatic Skill Resolutions that come up, it sounds like a generic GodNet run requires only 1 Stealth roll, only 2 Computer rolls, but then a metric crap-ton of Lockpicking rolls. Is that right? If so, focusing on the Lockpicking skill sounds waaayyy more important than actually being good with Computers. Which sounds a little odd to me.

Also, are the Lockpicking tests done with Dex + Lockpicking? Things in the GodNet are supposed to work pretty much like they do in the real world, and Dex is the usual attribute to pair with lockpicking; but that sounds odd as well. Someone who's super-smart, and also super-good with computers, may only have a so-so chance of getting past the nodes in the GodNet if their Dex is only average . . . even if they have good adds in Lockpicking. So I was wondering, would pairing Lockpicking with Mind ever make sense, when hacking node encryption? When I think of getting past computer encryption, I think mainly about how smart someone is, not necessarily how dexterous they are.

Part of me hopes the applicable attribute is flexible, because I built my potential hacker character before the CP sourcebook came out, and so had to guess on how things would eventually work in the GodNet. I gave him adds in Computer, of course; and also in Stealth, for sneaking around in there; and Tracking, for tracing things. The Stealth add turned out to be a good guess, but not the Tracking. And I completely whiffed on predicting how important Lockpicking would be. The character only has 8 Dex. I can build up his Lockpicking adds over time with xp, but being held back by the base Dex score on most GodNet rolls would be disappointing.

What are other people's thoughts on this?

Re: How do I build a good GodNet hacker?

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:17 am
by Kuildeous
The big takeaway I get from this is that hacking is not a lone-wolf operation anymore. It takes a group effort, so it may be that you have a really good computer jockey, but that jockey is unlikely to do everything himself against GodNet security. That hacker needs to make some friends, which of course is more difficult with the Law of Suspicion, which may explain why the GodNet is so hard to hack.

That’s the impression I got on my first read-through. I will need to study the book in more depth, but I’m pretty certain that the idea is that one person cannot go it alone (I’m sure there are some exceptions), nor should a Storm Knight try it.

Re: How do I build a good GodNet hacker?

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:31 pm
by TorgHacker
Just an FYI, I changed all the lockpicking to computers skills BUT you could use lockpicking with a -4 penalty if you don't have it.

Re: How do I build a good GodNet hacker?

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:37 pm
by mystic101
Oh, awesome! That's such good news. I think I can make my current character work just as-is, then. No rebuilding or rebooting necessary. Hurray!