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Re: oTorg adventure Before the Dawn - lots of spoilers

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:10 pm
by Doc Gordon
Here you go, my friend... I apologize about not getting back to you. Hopefully, this comes out to be to your liking... ... y+Blackout

Re: oTorg adventure Before the Dawn - lots of spoilers

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:20 pm
by johntfs
Hobbes wrote:Okay, just finished reading the Day one Adventures, overall good stuff! Proceeding to yank out the good bits and re-purpose.

I'm going to start Before the Dawn with "The Lost World" Act 2; Scene 2 of the Living Land Day One adventure. I'll use the handouts and let the players poke around with the weirdness of Ukhaan. Once they reach the Top Floor, I'll set up the start of Before the Dawn. They'll spot the clearing with the Incredible Digging Machine, and then Hildy running from ... something. Run the rest of Before the Dawn Act one with the change of Gun Crates to Living Land Reality Bombs.

Act 2. The Incredible Digging Machine returns to Nile, and pops up at the Giza Pyramids. Run the Day one Nile adventure... Narrate the opening scene of the Incredible Digging Machine being surrounded by Nile Troops, Mobius makes a distant appearance, rocks fall, Incredible Digging Machine is destroyed. Run Scene 2 and Scene 3; add the PBY to Scene 3. Basically run it as a blend of "The Airbase" from Before the Dawn and Scene 3 "Escape from Giza". Scene 4 Dramatic Scene/Chase Scene as the PCs flee.

Act 3. Crash PBY in Orrorish. Somehow, shouldn't be hard. Give Maps to Chokmalli, have PCs find a vehicle, run the Day one Orrorish adventure. Edward Gant is not only secretly a monster, but a Nile double agent waiting for Professor Shariff. Plant Clues, notably, Edward has a boat nearby. Next day PCs get to Ocean, find Edward's boat, last two scenes of Before the Dawn with Gibberfat and the Machine.

Thanks for the Day One stuff! Even if not being used as written, many of the Scenes and NPCs lift out well enough. I can see some of the Living Land Day One stuff being worked into The Relics of Power when I get around to running that.

Aysle, Tharkhold, and Cyberpapacy will be raided for NPCs and gear for sure.

If nothing else, that does give me some ideas for running "Week One" in which a group of PCs experience all or most of the Day One Adventures.

So, basically for me, I think it'll be Living Land to Aylse to Cyberpapacy to Nile to Pan-Pacifica to Orrorsh. Given the nature of the situation in Russia I can't really see how a bunch of foreigners would be able to participate in that one.

Basically, run the LL adventure as is but the Holland Tunnel leads to an airstrip and the PCs take the "last plane out" to London. They experience the Aylse adventure and the backlash at the end teleports them into the Cyberpapacy for that one. The train brings them to Paris and the Nile digging machine (Mobius planned to raid the Louve for Eternity Shards under Malraux's nose). Taking the digger brings them to the Nile and a plane or maybe the zepplin if they're especially badass gets them to Pan-Pacifica . Winning there gets them the Kanawa helicopter and thus to Orrorsh to complete their Week One "reality tour."