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Re: The Godnet

Postby PrinceEarwig » Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:15 pm

Rendghast wrote:Not in the slightest. If you remember classic, on day 1 the papacy was exactly what i described, "Protestant Reformation Gone WIld". AL Malruex was coming down the maelstrom bridge, he ran into storm knights (from tharkudu i think) and came pretty close to getting whooped by them. His darkness device goes "Hey, this tech stuff is neat, i'm grabbing that!" and does, changing axioms to those of the technician in the storm knights.

Here is the problem...the reason the knights where on the maelstrom bridge was they had just stopped the Tharkold invasion.

In short, cybernetics was never central to Magna Verita, it was an add on, like the joker travelling to japan and studying karate for a week. Religion was central to Magna Verita, but they never had the axiom to support it.

Actually they had just used the Dreamtime, powered by a native Australian shaman, to travel quickly away from Orrorsh IIRC.
It was a Kadandran uber tech Prodigy (Hachi Mara Two) who slapped her Jaz chip onto Malraux while he and Uthorion were crossing the maelstrom bridge to arrive in France.
It was actually Malraux's decision to accept and adopt the tech, he had an epiphany. Of course the Darkness device "capitulated" to its masters wishes.
The only Axiom that was bumped was the Tech axiom as the imagery of Mara Two's homeworld revealed the holy chrome made flesh to Malraux.
The other axioms were what made Cyberpapacy playable, the social axiom of a medieval church kept the realm from becoming an unstoppable power-house
It is arguable that rather than religion being the central trope of Magna Verita it was actually the dogmatic adherence to the religion that was more core. If the religion was the absolute central key then Malraux's failure to follow his own laws, his hypocritical application of "warped" tenets of his own religion would be more of a limiter on his hold on to absolute power.

Also, the OTorg Malraux only got his hands on Cybertech, as you say, in the first days of the war.
Torg:E Malraux has had the tech for quite a bit longer, hence the GodNet's more pervasive aspects and the tactics which actually "use" CyberTech as a weapon of war.

OTorg might have been able to go with a removal of the Cyber, but I think you'll find it will be a lot harder to achieve the same with Torg:E Cyberchurch.

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Re: The Godnet

Postby Rendghast » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:19 am

ok, question then. In TorgO the godnet was always a nightmare to run in game, becouse 80% of any multi axiom party had nothing to do. You usually had 1, maybe 2 people who had netware, and the rest of the party was sitting there for a whole session while they did net stuff, particularly if there was net combat involved. This made from some exceedingly boring sessions, or required the Aylish mage, Orrorsh occultist, or nile hero to get cyberware and risk 4 point disconnect when they left realm.

That is actually the core of my objection, if the god net was a spiritual construct, a simple ritual gets the whole party into the net (which is how i adlibbed things in torgO.) Does torgE have a similar mechanic, and would people object to it being added. You can log directly via cyberware, or if you have any decent priest handy jump the whole party in with cyber ware or without.

and my dreamtime reference was for White Wolf Mage/Werewolf spirit realm, not Orrorsh. Sorry, should have been clearer.

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Re: The Godnet

Postby PrinceEarwig » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:27 am

I think that the "Hardlight interface" that someone else mentioned earlier was the God net entry method of choice.
In OTorg it was a little hand wavy throughout with the Godnet as it was presented as a pocket dimension that you accessed through a tech interface rather than an entirely virtual environment.

If it still remains that way in TORG: E then having a miracle to jump the gap is perfectly appropriate.
Until we know for certain I say go for it. Even then I'll still say go for it! It is your game after all.

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Re: The Godnet

Postby ZorValachan » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:26 am

There is nothing "official" yet on running the Godnet. Other than everything is connected to it. TVs, cameras, even toasters are like spying Alexas. Hardlight constructs can exit the Godnet and interact with characters in the real world.

Unofficially, I have a product that introduces holoports which can get the whole party into the Godnet. Also spell and miracle that do it as well. It has been very effective in keeping the party together in Godnet runs. Others have used it or ideas from it successfully as told in this thread.
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Re: The Godnet

Postby Savioronedge » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:29 am

oTORG had temptrodes to.get the un-jacked in. I fully expect the TORG Eternity Cyberpapicy sourcebook to include them as well.

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Re: The Godnet

Postby hawaiianbrian » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:22 pm

I didn't read much of this thread when it was first posted, but I just looked through it and saw lots of ideas to which I'd like to lend support.

• I see the GodNet as a thing designed to enhance the religious fervor of the populace by making it inherently better than the real world. Walking around the real streets of the Cyberpapacy should be a dreary, scary thing, and not just for Storm Knights. Citizens should loathe every hour they spend in meatspace, yearning to get back to the GodNet so they can be "one with God."

• Having it be similar to the Matrix (or, more appropriately, Oasis from Ready Player One) is a good idea. A total virtual world that is better than the real one in every way.

• It is accessible via plugs installed in the body for free, though of course for those without 'trodes there's some other way of accessing it. When I ran the GodNet in my Savage Worlds conversion, I had cheap communion-style wafers you place on your tongue, providing access for about an hour, but anything would work. I'd be less interested in a holodeck-style access, simply because it's harder to be mobile and I love the visual of a hacker doing his or her work while on the back of a motorcycle fleeing Church police through the night streets of Versailles.

• I like the idea of people creating a virtual version of themselves while in the GodNet. Having them just their same character (minus non-Perk equipment) is a lot easier than having to deal with new stats, though I like the idea that people don't have to be their same selves in the GodNet. Perhaps you could have everyone pick from a small list of pre-programmed avatars (i.e. pregens) to represent them. Then again, the GodNet is not a democratic place; I could see it simply making everyone equal. Not sure I have any answers here. But I do like the idea of rewarding characters with high Computers skill and/or a high Faith skill by letting them be better in the GodNet.

• Building on the idea of certain characters being better, letting people with a high Faith or Computers skill "hack" the virtual world in small ways would be really neat. Like creating a doorway where there is none, performing amazing (virtual) physical feats which otherwise defy the coded rules of the GodNet, etc.

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Re: The Godnet

Postby Greymarch2000 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:22 pm

One thing that I've been mulling over is the fact that we still approach it from a Tech 23 standpoint with references to things like WiFi, it makes sense so that people know what you're talking about but I doubt people in the Cyberpapacy would refer to it as such. I think I prefer the term "Grace" to refer to ones connection to the GodNet instead. Though I'm not married to it yet.

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