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Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 7:41 pm
by Gargoyle
Staffan wrote:
keltheos wrote:What would eventually negate a Glory result? A comparable action by the invading Cosm within that area? Suppression/Oppression/Overthrow...

I started to write an explanation for why the results of a Glory would eventually run out, but I realized it kind of doesn't - at least not the way you'd think.

I don't think there's anything that negates the result, per se. But consider the mechanics behind the whole thing.

First, a High Lord places/activates a stela, enforcing their own reality on an invaded area. Over time, people there transform - and doing so drains them of possibility energy.

If you then remove the stela, or remove the transformed people from the area, they will then again be exposed to a foreign reality. Over time, they will transform again. But this time they don't have any possibility energy to fuel the transformation - so instead they go poof. The point of a Glory result (or three) is to refill those ords with possibility energy so they can survive another transformation.

So, my first thought was that "Sure, you refill the ords, but eventually they will be drained again." But that's not the case - they've already been transformed, so the Everlaws aren't gunning for them anymore. However, it does make sense that the direct effects of the Glory are limited in time - there will be new people transforming after the Glory is spread.

Let's say Alice, Bengt, and Cecilia live in Växjö which gets invaded by Aysle. After a while, Alice transforms, and is now devoid of possibilities. Bengt and Cecilia still hold on to their Core Earth reality. Then one day, they hear word of a group of foreigners who slew the mighty troll of Fylleryd Woods. Alice is reinvigorated. Bob and Cecilia still think it's a cool story, but since they already have the miniscule levels of possibility energy ords are capable of holding, they're not affected by it. At this point, if someone tears up the stela on Öland or Jutland, they will be fine. Alice will eventually retransform to Core Earth, leaving her once again devoid of possibilities.

But let's say our group of foreigners are dragging their feet after infusing the area with their Glory. They wait a month, then another, and then a third. By now, Bob has also transformed to Aysle, and he did so after word of their Glorious deed spread. So he's emptied out. If they pull the stela now, Alice and Cecilia are safe, but Bob will eventually go poof.

I'm thinking that there should probably be a grace period of some sort in which the Glory is still "echoing" in the zone, refilling any ords that get drained, but I'm not sure how long that period should be.

I think you're right about how it "goes away" more by attrition, and while I was thinking that the oppression of the invaders would drain them, and still think it does...that may be the least significant factor, and attrition may come in second to the stelae. The whole point of setting up stelae is not primarily to transform, it's to drain Possibility Energy. So while the explanation for what if's makes sense, they lose their energy when they transform and don't have enough to survive another axiom wash, I think over time those stelae would be the biggest factor in draining away energy they receive from a Glory. Ironically this helps the invaders in the long run, and is the sort of thing that the Darkness Devices count on, so a single Glory may actually be welcome now and then, as long as the Storm Knights don't follow up with pulling a stela. This could make the seemingly stupid tactic of the High Lords sending out lieutenants to get defeated by Storm Knights as very clever in the long run, lose the battle, win the war.

As far as how long it takes for stelae, attrition, and oppression to drain them, I'd say it boils down to the "speed of plot". I'm going to play it by ear. It should probably take a while in game time for the effects to be negligible, I think a year feels right to me. But it really depends on when I want it to as a GM to set up adventure hooks, etc and convey a sense of desperation and/or achievement.

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:38 pm
by Darth Mauno
Mike McCall wrote:- Cyberpapacy - Le Mans Zone: Rescued a Resistance leader from GodNet interrogation in Nantes.

Would you happen to remember about what point in the timeline did this Glory occur? My group just got a Glory on day 121 in the Paris zone when trashing a hardpoint the Cyberchurch had set up on Place de la Concorde for the Paris Fashion Week. They would be interested in trying to uproot a nearby stela, if the opportunity is present.

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:08 pm
by Greymarch2000
Nov 3rd - Tharkold in what would be the second zone to the right of the Saratov Zone shown on the map (unnamed in the Beta Guide). Glory was played from a ridiculous mind control done on the head of a group of Thralls that were guarding a Gladiator Arena/Reality Television Studio that was broadcasting deathfights to the population. I kinda spun it more it was the broadcast video of the SKs defeating all comers in the arena that really gave the glory more than that, but it still fit. :)

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:38 pm
by fougerec
Awesome. My PCs are going to Tharkold on Sunday so I'll totally have some of tales of such a thing happen as background buzz :)

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:44 pm
by Big Lurker
Day 3 of the Delphi Misson known as the 'God Box' affair (not sure of point in timeline). Agent's defense of refugees during edeinos attack on National Mall results in a wash of Possibilities that reinforces Fort Washington and rejuvenates transformed humans, making it safe for them to stay within the hardpoint...

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:55 am
by Gargoyle
Glory played while negotiating with a pair of ravagons in the Temple of the Eight Immortals while preparing to uproot the invading Nile Empire's key stela. The ravagons wanted the location of another Storm Knight, an NPC who carried the mark of the Tombstorm on him. Hank, a hard boiled detective from Pan-Pacifica lied, telling them that he was in Macau, and they were able to thwart the invasion of Hong Kong by the Insidious Wu Han, saving the Hong Kong hardpoint and making personal enemies of him and one of the Gaunt Man's lieutenants.

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 1:11 pm
by fougerec
Stories are filtering through Pan Pacifica about a group that destroyed a Kanawa research facility about 20km off the west coast of Japan. This same group was sighted in London and was involved in a glorious chase with a terrorist cell that had attacked Sothebys and stolen several historical relics.

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:30 pm
by fougerec
Tales spread through Asyle, around Cahir Ireland, of a brave elvish warrior who gave his life to destroy a giant that was in league with the town mayor who had made deals with Uthorion. His comrades donated the gold they had found in pursuit of this evil to rebuild the local tavern (destroyed by the mayor's allies as a distraction) and rename it The Giant Slayer. His bow and the arrow that slew the giant are on prominent display and he was given a heroes funeral.

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:46 pm
by Big Lurker
It seems Pan-Pacifica has been having poor luck with their off shore facilities; a lab several kilometers outside of Tokyo Bay suffered a catastrophic failure following double Possibility washes. Both occurred during a running battle between lab security, undercover Delphi agents, and the primary lab specimens; Infected edeinos! Fortunately, the agents rescued a powerful psionic and her telepathic allies and escaped before the containment on the hidden Land Below entrance failed, destroying the base. Analysis on stolen hard drives has yet to confirm whether or not the infection of the edeinos was deliberate or not...

Re: [Glory Locations] In case folks are interested in sharing

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:31 pm
by FrankG
As you will see, I think I need to do some house ruling to reduce the rate of Glory Card appearances.

"The Taming of Strach Tem" - The Edeinos warrior is subdued by a glorious strike to the head with an impact hammer. (Melee Weapons test)
Date: June 26th (Day 90)
Location: Cape May, NJ (38.93539, -74.95916)
Shameless plug: The Cape May Tribe

"The Rescue of Dumas" - A Storm Knight is brought back from the grips of death after drowning. (First Aid test)
Date: June 28th (Day 92)
Location: The New Jersey Pine Barrens (39.34243, -74.84627)

"Decimation of Avatar of Aphrodite" - A living statue of Aphrodite is destroyed by the firepower of a GWI GodMeeter. (Fire Combat test)
Date: June 29th (Day 93)
Location: The Lost World of Paridicus (unknown underground location)

"The Slaying of Cerberus" - Cerberus is killed with after a lengthy battle with a final shot through the head with a compound bow (Missile Weapons test)
Date: June 30th (Day 94)
Location: The Lost World of Paridicus (unknown underground location)

"The Saviors of Philadelphia" - A Storm Knight defending Philadelphia defeats one of the leaders of a Redjaw army attacking Philadelphia with a fatal kick to the head. (Unarmed Combat test)
Day: July 1st (Day 95)
Location: Pennsauken, NJ (39.97169, -75.03979)

"The 5th Street Tornado" - A Storm Knight dispatches 10 Gospog in mere seconds in hand to hand combat. (Melee Weapons test)
Day: July 2nd (Day 96)
Location: Philadelphia, PA (39.95059, -75.14892)