Underlying Reality Metaphysics Deep Dive

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Underlying Reality Metaphysics Deep Dive

Postby Synarchist » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:03 pm

Hey, cool kids! One of the things I love most in life is baseless speculation, and while we're told pretty clearly *how* reality works in Torg Eternity, *why* it works that way is only hinted at. Those hints are perhaps more plentiful than a first read-through would suggest though, so it seems like a good time to examine what we know and see if we can't start to unravel the fundamental, unifying metaphysics of the Infiniverse! Hopefully the group mind will be able to spot flaws and new perspectives on it all!

Theory One: Reality is Consensual

This one's never *expressly* stated, but I think it's pretty well spelled out. The beliefs of the sentient beings in a cosm shape what is and is not possible there. Ords are part of the natural flow of Possibilities, and while they can't deliberately manipluate it like Stormers billions of people *unconsciously* influencing things with the energy moving through them shapes what a Cosm is.

Our first hint to this comes from a few lines of text in how Axioms work - they don't actually represent a cosm's laws of physics, etc, but rather how sentient beings can interact with those laws. The fundamental mechanics of gunpowder that work for a flintlock pistol don't stop working when it's an Uzi - many of the same principles apply after all. When you fire an Uzi in Aysle the reason it doesn't work isn't because physics suddenly is different, it's because the majority of people don't understand that science can do that - their belief and disbelief set the Axiom which determines contradictions.

World Laws likewise represent the collective understanding of "how things are" in a cosm, which is why they can supercede the more general understanding represented by Axioms. World Laws can be changed too, as we see the High Lords doing or trying to do, but it's much more difficult because World Laws represent very deeply ingrained identity concepts for a cosm.

Further evidence of this can be seen with Hardpoints. We know that Hardpoints tend to form around places (and occasionally objects) with a great deal of significance to the population. Lots and lots of people investing lots of Possibility energy into a symbol that has meaning to them over time.

Theory Two: Why Core Earth is "Core," and Why the Invading Cosms Are What They Are:

So, we know that Core Earth has WAY more Possibility energy than anyplace else the High Lords have ever come across. This raises a simple question - *why?"

I suggest the reason is right there in the name "Core Earth." Every Cosmverse has a "Core Earth." And what makes it "core" is that it was the first Earth in each Cosmverse. The literal core and metaphorical center. Core Earth has so much Possibility energy because when it first formed, it had *all* of the Possibility energy in that Cosmverse. It *was* that Cosmverse. It's the "seed" Aperios/Eternity planted. Further, if you think about Theory One, it also explains something else. Namely, why are all the Invading realities parallels to existing human fiction genres?

I suggest the answer is because our dreams and imagination - our collective unconscious - created them. As the "core" Earth, choking on Possibilities, we affected not just our own Cosm but created and shaped other Cosms as well. Those cosms got their own time and space, their own history, and eventually their own people to manipulate the Possibility energy there. Thus a system was eventually created... The cosms we imagined, imagined their own, in endless expanding circles, with the Possibility energy spreading out in all directions from each Cosm. An eternal, expanding feedback loop.

I've got more, but that's plenty for now. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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