Campaign idea - please help/review

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Re: Campaign idea - please help/review

Postby QuarrelBlue » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:37 am

oTorg had an Eternity Shard called the Pestel of Baba Yaga, which exists to facilitate spellcasters in casting magic spells in defence of Mother Russia.
(Infiniverse Campaign Game Update Volume 3, page 13)
This sounds like suggesting that Baba Yaga of Core Earth is dangerous but not necessarily evil.
(She is a variety, or an aspect, of Mother Earth in cold and harsh Russian winter, and as Anton Haegar The Scrapper says, It is very cold in Russia.)

And oTorg had many Eternity Shards which had "Create Hardpoint" power, but TorgE seemed to have abolished that. We should be careful to see if it is specially intended or not.
On the other hand, TorgE still has Talismans, altough time-consuming to recharge and seemingly quite rare. An Eternity Shard functions as a hut-sized Talisman can be powerful, but dulation and recharging time can limit its use.

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Re: Campaign idea - please help/review

Postby thateffendude » Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:57 am

This is exactly the stuff I was thinking of. I got the idea of Baba Yaga not being purely evil but selfish. Her folklore is rife with both helping, usually in harsh ways, and hindering those who cross her path. But I could see her setting up a few 'challenges' of which if she is bested, allowing that group to use the hut to help save Core Earth. I think I will probably have to tie that Tharkhold since that would be the one she is most interested in getting rid of.

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Re: Campaign idea - please help/review

Postby jhosmer1 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:10 am

You could insert a twist to help explain why the "mobile hardpoint" is so overpowered.

Tell the players it will need to be place somewhere permanently before it runs out of possibilities. They have some adventures, and something seems off about it, in a very creepy way. Then they learn the truth either before or after they settle it down... the "mobile hardpoint" is actually the seed of a Nightmare Tree. By planting it, they've expanded the hold of Orrorsh.

You have several options at that point... perhaps they can "redeem" the tree somehow, or maybe they have to uproot it. Either way, your players thought you were bending the rules in their favor but it turns out that the Gaunt Man was playing them. It's the sort of irony he loves to play on Storm Knights. :)

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