Corruption Perks

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Re: Corruption Perks

Postby jhosmer1 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:34 pm

Count Thalim wrote:I was assuming the GM would make a ruling as to if it was a full moon.

As you say it is a thematic game so it is only a full moon if the game would be enhanced by it being so.

You could also House Rule that some Cosm Cards, like “Sunset?!” or “Lights Out!” Could mean a full moon has risen, granting possibilities and the complication of a mad werewolf

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Re: Corruption Perks

Postby johntfs » Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:51 pm

GeniusCodeMonkey wrote:
johntfs wrote:
Count Thalim wrote:
I had two reasons I left the corruption check out of this perk.
The first is that I saw this as a Perk that the player has to take, the others are options. A player could decide to simply not use them at all. This one they have to roll at full moon, no choice.
The second is that the player is already penalised by losing control of their character. To add a corruption check on top of that feels a bit too harsh. A double penalty for failing the roll as it were.

How about if they have to make a corruption if they lose control after voluntarily shifting form? However let the difficulty start at 14 with "werewolf time" lasting for a scene. For every scene after the first in an adventure that the person shifts form add +1 to the difficulty of maintaining control. Meanwhile, during the full moon, let the loss of control be automatic or just having the difficulty by an 18. Basically this is where having a team/friends to lock you up for a scene will come in handy.

I like it. But a scene being out of the action is a long time; but then if the bonuses are worth it...

Who says they're out of the action. It's a werewolf. In this case the scene will be the players trying to keep their friend locked up. Meanwhile, let the werewolf player play the werewolf attempting to break out of captivity. Of course, you don't have to do this for every adventure. But it's something to consider if you decided to have the full moon (or perhaps some effective facsimile of it) pop up during an adventure.

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