Does anyone have any plans for Babylon in the Nile Empire?

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Re: Does anyone have any plans for Babylon in the Nile Empire?

Postby QuarrelBlue » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:19 am

I'm not sure about Babylon(or overall Nile Empire in TorgE) amd how it can be more interesting than Arabian Nights-styled pulp Baghdad, but some imagery that came to my mind...

*)City of Skyscrapers and godless materialism
*)One of the tallest building is rumored to be owned by a real Daemon, who people secretly call the Evil Twin of War Goddess Ishtar
*)A mysterious flying pulp vigilante "The Blue Bat of Hammurabi"
*)A villain with Black Cobra mask who is mistakenly dubbed(with a blurry photo) as "The Hopping Tadpole"
*)Cyberpapal agents being very hostile about amoral prosperity of the city, while Kanawa agents doing their business quite comfortably here

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Re: Does anyone have any plans for Babylon in the Nile Empire?

Postby Wakshani » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:03 pm

Considering it's Babel, it needs to have a ton of people from all of the invading empires there. Mobious showing his "Magnanimous nature" by allowing Cyberpapal priests to openly seek converts, have a small Aylish embassy with Ulthorian's lordlings there who gripe about Ardinay and plot over alchoholic beverages, Orrorshian nobles who marvel at "the treasures of the Orient!" while guffawing over the natives, and so on.

Of course, since Mobious doesn't have his capital there, it's a bit of a backhanded slap... any of them who want to seek an audience with him have to arrange things via post, then take a train, leaving plenty of opportunities for things to be lost or delayed (with or without Storm Knight help!) sp everyone knows that it's essentially a sham but no one wants to tell their own High Lord that, so they spend their time glumly or taking it out on the locals, building some resentment, which Mo will use down the line when he turns on the others (because that's just how villain team-ups are done in the Nile, donchaknow!)

Plus, you get an awesome theme song that you can play at the start of each adventure, holding up title cards of each ambassador as "opening credits" for the mission.

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